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Revitalization of Texas Strawberry Industry


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2014 National Sustainable Strawberry Initiative Project Leader Meeting

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Revitalization of Texas Strawberry Industry

  1. 1. National Strawberry Sustainability Initiative Texas Strawberry Project: Russ Wallace (Project Director) Revitalization of Texas Strawberry Industry through Identification of Production Constraints and Introduction of New Technologies
  2. 2. Texas Strawberry Project Objectives To revitalize the strawberry industry through: • Designating five strawberry production centers in Texas. • Creating strawberry extension and research-led teams to address specific geographically-based needs. • Identifying current and potential growers to participate and assist with project development and demonstrations. • Developing production models for each production region based on grower/specialist trials (heat, soils, wind, high/low tunnels, salinity, irrigation, pest management, etc. • Providing training and collaboration opportunities through meetings, conferences and field days. • Developing and producing a DVD project documentary, as well as a ‘Production Guide for Texas-Grown Strawberries’.
  3. 3. TEXAS STRAWBERRY PROJECT TEAM Texas A&M AgriLife Prairie View A&M Collaborating Growers Russ Wallace Billy Lawton Debbie Cline Juan Anciso Justin Duncan James Moss Larry Stein Peter Ampim Milton & Diane Woods Joe Masabni Russell Prince Mengmeng Gu Bekki Callaway Monte Nesbitt George Millard Genhua Niu Industry Lynn Remsing Daniel Leskovar G&W Nurseries Ronnie Wheeler Marco Palma Franklin Wagner Pat Porter Larry Jollisant Erfan Vafaie Joseph Mehzer Karl Steddom Bridgette Watson Holly Jarvis Billy & Sue Weaver Angel Fattorini Mary Basinger Molly Giesbrecht Kyle Barnett Kevin Ong Steve Young Alma Solis-Perez
  4. 4. Texas Strawberry Project (multi-disciplinary) Texas A&M AgriLife Research & Extension 12 Specialists 4 Research Scientists 2 Student Workers 2 Graduate Students Growers 5 Current 11 New Prairie View A&M 1 Extension Director 1 Research Scientist 2 Student Workers Industry 1 Plug Producer Total Participants 41
  5. 5. Outputs
  6. 6. Meetings & Conferences 1st Annual Texas High Tunnel Conference Texas Strawberry Project Team Meeting
  7. 7. Demonstration & Research Trials
  8. 8. Graduate Student Research & Publications Albion Chandler G. Niu, 2014. Texas A&M AgriLife Research El Paso EC 4.4EC 3.3EC 2.2EC 1.1
  9. 9. Statewide Field Days & Tours
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Consumer Preferences (Tasting & Purchasing)
  12. 12. DVD Documentary & Production Guide
  13. 13. Media Exposure Texas A&M AgriLife Communications Facebook TV Radio Online News Newspaper Press Releases
  14. 14. Major Outcomes: Stakeholders No. of Stakeholders Influenced by the Texas Strawberry Project Outputs No. Events No. of Contacts Project Facebook Page 1 176 likes, >5,000 views Research & Demonstration Trials 22 41 Project Team Meeting 1 30 Texas High Tunnel Conference 1 65 Statewide Field Days & Tours 9 300 Presentations (MG meetings, etc.) 20 500 Consumer Purchasing Auction 1 200 Documentary DVD & Production Guide 2 TBD Media (Newspaper, TV, Radio, Press Releases, Online Articles, Print Articles 20 >75,000 Est. MS Thesis/Peer-Review Articles 2/3 TBD Estimated Total 82 >81,000
  15. 15. Impacts • Significantly increased the awareness of sustainable strawberry production in the state through both social and professional media. • Successfully introduced Texas A&M AgriLife and Prairie View A&M extension horticulture specialists and agents to sustainable strawberry production. • Increased the awareness of high tunnel production techniques and strawberries to many of our small acreage growers.
  16. 16. Impacts • Through our statewide field days and consumer preference testing we have increased the knowledge and desire of Texas consumers for locally-grown strawberries. • Exposure of the project through the media has increased the awareness of our small acreage growers to the potential for successful strawberry production in many parts of Texas, even in our semi-arid regions.
  17. 17. Impacts • Our NSSI production guide will benefit Texas by providing a significant resource for producers and for specialists/agent to teach sustainable strawberry production methods. • Our project has demonstrated the best methodologies whereby strawberry production in Texas can be increased through soil pH modification, heat and salinity tolerance, pest management, planting times, high & low tunnel production, and increased quality.
  18. 18. Impacts • Through our research and demonstration trials we have taught many growers and provided them with skills, knowledge and the confidence to continue to grow strawberries. • The Texas Strawberry Project has influenced many stakeholders including growers, consumers, retailers, media, extension horticulturists and Prairie View A&M and Texas A&M AgriLife Extension administration.
  19. 19. National Strawberry Sustainability Initiative We sincerely appreciate and thank the University of Arkansas for this opportunity and for the funding from the Walmart Foundation!