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Overdrive overview

  1. 1. v.10012010 | © OverDrive, Inc. 2010 | Page 1v.11012010 | © OverDrive, Inc. 2010 | Page 1v.04022012 | © OverDrive, Inc. 2012 | Page 1 Browse, Check Out, Download Learn how to browse, check out, and download OverDrive media from our school library website.
  2. 2. v.04022012 | © OverDrive, Inc. 2012 | Page 2 Elementary Handbook EReader Device Policy Please read the district policy concerning EREADERS. •The District is NOT responsible for any damage or theft to a personal device. •The District is NOT responsible for providing support to use personal devises. •The Students will NOT be allowed to connect to the LSR7 network during school hours. •Ereaders shall be used solely for instructional purposes in the classroom. •Devices that have WiFi capability may not be used for internet purposes during the school day. •All devices should be used ONLY in designated areas: ie: not in the bathroom, café, or playground.
  3. 3. v.04022012 | © OverDrive, Inc. 2012 | Page 3 Elementary Users Elementary Students shall be able to access their overdrive account during the school day from a district owned computer. However, transfer to a device will need to take place at home. Elementary students have access to only Elementary Designated titles. When they browse they will be able to see the entire collection that LSR7 owns but they will only be allowed to check out titles selected by Elementary Librarians.
  4. 4. v.04022012 | © OverDrive, Inc. 2012 | Page 4 eBooks http://ls.lib.overdrive.com
  5. 5. v.04022012 | © OverDrive, Inc. 2012 | Page 5 What is the OverDrive service? Browse Check Out Download How does it work?  Browse, check out, and download with a log in… anytime, anywhere!  Download to a computer or a mobile device.  Download books on to devices like the Apple® iPod and Sony Reader
  6. 6. v.04022012 | © OverDrive, Inc. 2012 | Page 6 Here's what you need … 1 2 3 Your school log in. Library card: Lunch number Password: First initial Last initial Lunch number Type in this address: http://ls.lib.overdrive.com The first time you download a book, you will need to create an Adobe registration, as some of the titles are adobe format.
  7. 7. v.04022012 | © OverDrive, Inc. 2012 | Page 7 OverDrive Media Console Mobile Android™, BlackBerry®, iPhone / iPad® / iPod® touch, Windows Phone Audiobooks (MP3) and eBooks (EPUB)  Download titles to a device.  Browse to a library with 'Get Books'. Save the site as a favorite.  Listen / read on the device.  Return titles.
  8. 8. v.04022012 | © OverDrive, Inc. 2012 | Page 8 Adobe Digital Editions Desktop / laptop Windows and Mac EPUB and PDF eBooks  Download eBooks from an OverDrive-powered site.  Read eBooks.  Transfer to eBook readers.  Add bookmarks, highlights, and notes.  Print pages when permissions included.  Return eBooks.  This will require you to create an Adobe registration, which will only need to be entered when you download a book for the first time.
  9. 9. v.04022012 | © OverDrive, Inc. 2012 | Page 9 How do I download titles to a mobile device?
  10. 10. v.04022012 | © OverDrive, Inc. 2012 | Page 10 Reservations / holds  If all copies of a title are checked out, place a hold.  Receive an email notification when the title is available.
  11. 11. v.04022012 | © OverDrive, Inc. 2012 | Page 11 Digital rights  Digital Rights Management technology helps protect titles from unlawful sharing.  Every digital title has digital rights – or permissions – set by the publisher.  The permissions outline what a user can do with the title after download. Shiver Digital Rights Information Burn to CD: Permitted Transfer to device: Permitted Transfer to Apple device: Permitted Public performance: Not permitted File-sharing: Not permitted Peer-to-peer usage: Not permitted All copies of this title, including those transferred to portable devices and other media, must be deleted or destroyed at the end of the lending period. This title can be transferred to iPods®/iPhones™ using OverDrive Media Console (v3.2 or newer) for Windows. Sample Audiobook Sample eBook
  12. 12. v.04022012 | © OverDrive, Inc. 2012 | Page 12 How do I complete Adobe Activation? The first time you download an EPUB or PDF eBook, you will be prompted to activate your computer or device.  Authorize the computer or device with an Adobe ID.  If you do not have an Adobe ID: 1. Create one on Adobe.com. 2. Return to the software and authorize the computer or device with the new ID. Authorizing with an Adobe ID allows you to download eBooks to your computer(s) or mobile device(s) and transfer to eBook reader(s) when registered with the same Adobe ID.
  13. 13. v.04022012 | © OverDrive, Inc. 2012 | Page 13 And finally… After authenticating your Overdrive account with your Adobe registration, you can now download your book. You can read it in your browser. You can have it downloaded in your device. Once you finish reading it, you can return it. When the lending period is over, the device will automatically be deleted from your device. If you have any questions, please contact your school library media specialist.