Detective project


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Detective project

  1. 1. Detective Sandra Beltran April 10,2012 Advisory
  2. 2. Basically, what a detective does is conduct the investigations, interviews, f, and prepares cases presented to the prosecutor to bring to court. What is the average salary ?- The average salary is 30,995 - $103,650
  3. 3. John Jay College of Criminal Justice John Jay College is a public school that gives students non-traditional & traditional education , criminal justice is studied there and tries to prepare students to become a detective. What are the admission requirements?- A nonrefundable fee of $125- Three letters of recommendation- A essay that contains 250-300 words- Etc.
  4. 4. What is the prerequisites?- a Degree is the most required for this college because they are conferred three times a year What is the tuition?-In-state tuition and fees: $4,329-Out-of-state tuition and fees: $11,129-Books and supplies: $875
  5. 5. WestWood College Westwood college is a private school to prepare students for their career. The college programs is to pursue students on their careers goals. What are the admission requirements?-Complete your enrollment process-Complete the student financing process-Meet with additional Westwood Success Team members-Register for classes
  6. 6. What is the tuition?- The tuition is $35,805 in total What is the prerequisites?-Providing documentation of prior education-Demonstrating proficiency in basic college-level skills-Demonstrating English language proficiency
  7. 7. New Paltz Sate University of New York This university is state is all about criminal justice and help students become a detective. What are the admission requirements?-.50 GPA or higher in all course work-2.50 GPA or higher in all content course work prior to student teaching semester-a letter of recommendation
  8. 8. Whats the tuition ?- In total its $16,408 What is the prerequisites?-A 2.75 or a better GPA-Unofficial copy of a transcript from each college you attended-Meeting with the education advisor
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