Honor project


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Honor project

  1. 1. Honor project Andria Gomez, Marina Paganessi, Liz Faraca, Kassi Espinosa
  2. 2. “ Knock, Knock” here comes the house keeper Lolita Fernandez.
  3. 3. She has been the Jones’s house cleaner for about a month now and is struggling to take care of her two children at home. She needs this job and the Jones’s need her.
  4. 4. She began vacuuming just like any other day cleaning at the Jones’s. Listening to her music and dancing around the house.
  5. 5. In the midst of her dancing and vacuuming she gets a little too close to the antique lamp Mrs. Jones’s great-great-great-grandmother passed down to her.
  6. 6. “ OH NO, what have I done?”
  7. 7. “ Why me, Mrs. Jones’s is going to be so upset!”
  8. 8. At this point, Lolita has a decision to make. Will she do the honorable thing and tell Mrs. Jones’s when she arrives home? Or will she do the dishonorable thing in this scenario and get herself out of this tight spot?
  9. 9. “ What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. I need to find a place to hide this”
  10. 10. “ I’m totally going to get away with this, Mrs. Jones’s won’t be upset and I won’t get in trouble. WIN, WIN”
  11. 11. “ Ah a closet, the perfect hiding place.”
  12. 13. Lolita closed the door and carried on with cleaning. She had nearly forgotten about the broken lamp when months later…
  13. 14. Mrs. Jones’s finally realized her lamp was missing and wondered where it could have gone. She thought of all the people who have been in her house and decided to ask Lolita, on a whim
  14. 15. “ I don’t know anything about it, what did it look like?” Again, Lolita had the opportunity to tell the truth and decided to do the dishonorable thing and lie to her employer about the broken lamp.
  15. 16. “ HA that was close, piece of cake.” Just when Lolita thought that she was off the hook with Mrs. Jones’s…
  16. 17. Mrs. Jones’s was in the closet looking for her foldable chairs she came upon her broken antique lamp!
  17. 18. She was devastated that that a lamp that had such value to her was now worthless. The last remaining memory from her great-great-great-grandmother. “ RIP grandma’s lamp, who could do this to me.”
  18. 19. “ YOU’RE FIRED LOLITA HOW COULD YOU LIE TO ME, HOW DISHONORABLE.” Poor Mrs. Jones’s had no other choice than to fire Lolita, she couldn’t have an untrustworthy person working for her in her home.
  19. 20. How would Lolita provide for her two children now? This is a lesson to always tell the truth and do the honorable thing, even if it has consequences. Now Lolita is out of work and has been unable to get a job because of Mrs. Jones’s bad reference. “ I’m so sorry Señora Jones, I should have told you about the lamp when it happened. If I could do it over I would.”