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Math resources

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Math resources

  1. 1. Math ResourcesAvailable at the DRC
  2. 2. Search Kim Sutton in catalogue for these excellent resources.
  3. 3. More Kim Sutton Resources
  4. 4. Power of Ten resources from math guru Trevor Calkins. Search Trevor Calkins.Learn more at
  5. 5. Teaching fractions?Consider thisMarilyn Burnsfraction kit. P9481.Read articles byBurns and find somefree lessons at
  6. 6. Deluxe fraction kit! Make fractions concrete for kids. P9303.
  7. 7. Need manipulatives? We have kits available. Search the catalogue for "manipulatives."
  8. 8. Search measurement for wonderful resources
  9. 9. Are you teaching volume, rations, fractions, surface area, length.Try geoblocks: P9263
  10. 10. Cool math games for secondary to teach decimals and fractions.And dont forget the Fibonacci Kit: P9658
  11. 11. Math readers for early readers.
  12. 12. Make algebra easy with Alge-tiles: P9304
  13. 13. Sing along math! Search "Ron Brown" to find the titles
  14. 14. More manipulatives. Activities with interlocking cubes: P9651 .
  15. 15. The polygons power pack encourages students to discover theproperties ad characteristics of polygons and circles. P9398
  16. 16. Digiblocks: Very very cool manipulatives for teaching numbersense: Primary P9545; Intermediate + P9407