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Charismatic leadership post


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Charismatic leadership post

  2. 2. +The Charismatic Leadergathers followersthrough use ofpersonality and charm,rather than any form ofexternal power orauthority.
  3. 3. + What is Charisma?  Charismatic Leadership was first discussed by Max Weber – more than a century ago  Defined as: a certain quality of an individual personality, by virtue of which he/she is set apart from ordinary people and treated as endowed with supernatural, superhuman, or at least specifically exceptional powers or qualities. Such qualities are not accessible to the average person.
  4. 4. + What makes an charismatic leader?  Vision and Articulation  Personal risks to achieve the vision  Sensitive to the followers needs  Behaviors that are out of the ordinary
  5. 5. + Charismatic Leaders Are:  Extraverted  Self Confident  Achievement Oriented People can be trained to be charismatic:  Optimistic View  Communication with the whole body language  Create bonds which makes people want to follow you  Using passion and generating enthusiasm
  6. 6. + Charismatic Leaders pay a great deal of attention in scanning and reading their environment, and are good at picking up the moods and concerns of both individuals and larger audiences. They then will hone their actions and words to suit the situation.
  7. 7. + How to influence followers: 1. Articulate attractive vision:  Vision statement – a formal, long term strategy to attain goals  Links past, present, and future  Used to imprint on others goals and purposes 2. Communicated high performance expectations and confidence that the follower can achieve 3. New set of values by setting an example 4. Emotion-inducing and often unconventional behavior to demonstrate courage and convictions about the vision
  8. 8. + ADVANTAGES Selling the Vision: are able to sell the vision and get people to come along for the ride Inspiring:they are optimistic and positive which draws people to them Drive Results: they have their followers so committed to them, they will do anything to get results
  9. 9. + DISADVANTAGES  Followers rely too much on the leader: employees may associate the success of the company solely on the leader  Perception: many charismatic leaders find it hard to win over all their employees or followers based on the one quality, charisma.  Lack of Clarity: it may be hard to see the potential dangers of the company.  Lack of Successors and Visionaries: charismatic leaders often retain the majority of the control because they believe in themselves so much, leaving the company without successors
  10. 10. + CHARISMATIC LEADERS: PAST AND PRESENT  John F. Kennedy  Martin Luther King  Winston Churchill  Steve Jobs  Bill Gates