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Counter By Wututu + Soft + Sdk Eng


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Measuring technologies of the impact of out-of-home advertising & communication media

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Counter By Wututu + Soft + Sdk Eng

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Have you ever seen… … out-of-home billboards and displays? • … digital media (digital signage, interactive • screens,)? … shops windows or in-store promotional • media? … people flow? •
  3. 3. The question is... How many prospects have been reached by them? What is more… When? For how long? Time? Who? Gender? Age group? Do we know what we DO NOT measure?
  4. 4. The problem is… There is no way of measuring the true impact of out-of-home advertising & communication media Such advertising channels decrease in value since they cannot be measured
  5. 5. Solutions Person Counter by Wututu is an audience measurement system for out-of-home advertising & communication media in point of sale (PoS) InOut Counter by Wututu is a people flow measurement system that allows to know the number of people inside a point of sale
  6. 6. Our solutions allows… 1. Valuing the media effectiveness 1. Estimating their ROI (return on investment) 1. Target your audience and redirect your strategies 1. Justifying decision-making from registered data
  7. 7. Features By detecting people’s facial geometry, the device registers: • – Total number of viewers – Watching time – Gender Classification – Age group Classification – N viewers simultaneously Distance: up to 10m • Viewing angle: 70º • Reliability: • -Impacts: 90% -Gender: 85% -Age: 80%
  8. 8. Versions Person Counter: Standard 1. Person Counter STANDARD WututuCam Person Counter Device Counter Reports Shop Windows Display Stands End-cap displays Product Promotions MUPIs
  9. 9. How does it work? Wireless solution
  10. 10. Versiones Person Counter: Software 2. Person Counter SOFTWARE Camera Software Counter Reports Specially designed for DIGITAL SIGNAGE
  11. 11. Versiones Person Counter: SDK 3. Person Counter SDK – Application Development Kit base on the audience measurement system Person Counter by Wututu. – This solution allows to add an audience module to the Content management software of the Digital Signage – It is possible to develop interactive applications from the data provided by the audience measurement system *Audience data not reported to Wututu’s web application(Counter Reports)
  12. 12. Versions Comparison PERSON COUNTER RECOMMENDED CAMERAS COUNTER REPORTS OPERATING SYSTEM Device Wututu Cam Logitec Philips 1030 Philips 1330 Person Counter Standard Windows Person Counter Software Linux 2QT 2009 2QT 2009 2QT 2009 2QT 2009 Windows Person Counter SDK Linux 2QT 2009 2QT 2009 2QT 2009
  13. 13. Technical Specifications Able to register exclusively people traffic in close areas: • • Total number of entrances and exits independently • N entrances or exits simultaneously Reliability: 90% •
  14. 14. Counter Reports Consider the data in real time online, by comparison variables and get motion graphics LOGIN PASSWORD ¿ Forgot your password?    Todos los derechos reservados © 2007 Wututu  S.L. Fast and easy tool
  15. 15. Counter Reports •Impacts •Detection Time (Avg) •Entries •People inside •Ratio impacts per person •Gender •Age Four graphics format, all of them export to pdf, excel or jpeg in one click
  16. 16. Counter Reports  Allows comparison and analysis of data from all your shops around the world  Market segmentation: access to the impact number by gender and age  Temporal filter, analyze the year, month, day or hour you are interested in
  17. 17. Success stories Sony Style
  18. 18. Success stories GFK – Repsol YPF Banc Sabadell
  19. 19. Success stories La Caixa Arbora Ausonia
  20. 20. Company We develop cut-through technological solutions directed to the marketing market and the publicity at the point of sale – New promotional 3D Screens without glasses:  Scr3enD and Content Generation Suite – Audience Measurement Solutions:  Person Counter by Wututu  InOut Counter by Wututu Socios financieros Partners
  21. 21. Contact BARCELONA HEADQUARTERS +34 931 623 448 París, 162-164, 2-3 08036 · Barcelona PAMPLONA OFFICE +34 984 34 65 60 Polígono Mocholí, Pza. Cein, 5 Nave R2 31110 · Noain (Navarra)