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Jeff Krongaard - RAYTHEON


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Jeff Krongaard - RAYTHEON

  1. 1. Doing Business With Raytheon FEOB/Supplier Diversity Jeff Krongaard Missile SystemsSCM Mentor-Protégé & SBIR Mgr October 4, 2012
  2. 2. Raytheon Company Business Content Raytheon Company Bill Swanson Chairman and CEOMissile Systems Space & Airborne Integrated Defense Network Centric Intelligence & Raytheon Technical Systems Systems Systems Information Systems Services Company Taylor Rick Tom Daniel Lynn John Lawrence Yuse Kennedy Crowley Dugle Harris
  3. 3. Missile Systems Leadership Taylor W. Lawrence Andrew R. Amaro Staff Executive PresidentAir & & Missile Defense Air Missile Defense Air Warfare Systems Air Warfare Systems Business Development Business Development Communications Communications Contracts Contracts Engineering EngineeringSystems Systems & & External Affairs External Affairs Wes Harry E. James Robert C. John G. Bernie Kremer Schulte Wolf Koch Brauneis MerwaldNaval and Area Mission Naval and Area Mission Finance Finance Human Resources & & Human Resources Information Technology Information Technology Legal LegalDefense Defense Security Security Rick M. Stephen G. Darren Wyllstyne D. Scott L. Nelson Eggen Burton Hill JonesAdvanced Security and Advanced Security and Advanced Missile Systems Advanced Missile Systems Operations Operations Program Management Program Management Quality & & Mission Quality MissionDirected Energy Systems Directed Energy Systems Excellence Excellence Assurance Assurance Michael W. Thomas Jason A. Wade Paul Booen Bussing Elwood Smith (Acting) Hoff Supply Chain Supply Chain Technology Technology Management Management Mike Bob Jarrett Francois
  4. 4. Raytheon Missile Systems – Who We Are2011 sales: $5.6 billion11,900 employeesHeadquartered in Tucson, ArizonaWorld’s largest developer, producer and integrator of weapon systems – More than 1 million missiles produced since 1954Broad weapons portfolio – Missiles – Smart munitions – Projectiles – Kinetic kill vehicles – Directed energy weaponsCustomers: All U.S. military services; allied forces of more than 50 countries
  5. 5. Missile Systems International ProgramsInternational Military Sales Cooperative AgreementsAMRAAM – Phalanx – ESSM – Standard Missile – 35 Countries 21 Countries Australia GermanyCenturion LPWS – RAM – Canada Japan 1 Country 7 Countries Denmark Netherlands Germany SpainESSM – Sidewinder – Greece Stinger – 12 Countries 53 Countries Japan GermanyExcalibur – Sparrow – Netherlands Greece 3 Countries 20 Countries Norway NetherlandsHARM – Standard Missile – Spain NATO 8 Countries 15 Countries Turkey SwitzerlandJavelin – Stinger – Excalibur – Turkey 12 Countries 18 Countries Sweden Talon –Maverick – Tomahawk – I-SAAM – UAE 33 Countries 2 Countries Korea TOW –Paveway – TOW – NASAMS – Spain 40 Countries 43 Countries Norway Switzerland RAM – Germany Korea Continuing to grow our international business
  6. 6. Missile Systems Footprint
  7. 7. Missile Systems Programs Advanced Advanced Security Air & Missile Air Warfare Naval and Area Land Missile Systems & Directed Energy Defense Systems Systems Mission Defense Combat Systems Wes Harry E. Rick M. Michelle J. Thomas Michael W. Kremer Schulte Nelson Lohmeier Bussing Booen• Advanced Missile • Advanced Cruise • Centurion™ • Excalibur • Advanced Tactical • Active Denial System Defense Missile • Evolved • Javelin Targeting • David’s Sling• European Missile • AMRAAM SeaSparrow Missile • Laser Guided Technology Weapon System Defense • AIM-9 Sidewinder • Phalanx Rocket • Loitering Weapons • Laser Area Defense• Exoatmospheric family • Rolling Airframe • Serpent • Long Endurance System Kill Vehicle • HARM Targeting Missile • Stinger Vehicles • Quiet Eyes™• Missile Defense System • SeaRAM • TOW • Unmanned Systems • Silent Guardian™ Targets • High Speed Anti- • • Urban Warfare and • SeaSparrow Space• Net Centric Airborne Radiation Missile Small Weapons • Vigilant Eagle Defense Element • Joint Standoff• Standard Missile Weapon Family (SM-1,SM-2, • Maverick SM-3, SM-6) • Miniature Air Launched Decoy • Paveway™ Guided Munitions • Small Diameter Bomb II • Tomahawk
  8. 8. Performance - Relationships - SolutionsDirect Commodity Agreements Indirect Commodity Agreements Castings Microwave Devices Chemicals & Gases Optics Connectors Outside Services Electrical Products Passive Devices Guidance and Controls Power Supplies Hardware and Bearings Propulsion Warheads & Machining Pyrotechnics Major Assemblies PWBs / CCAs Manufacturing Lab Supplies Semiconductors Packaging Suppliers Test Equipment Wire & Cable Identify Gaps – Variance in Supply Chain
  9. 9. Missile Systems Business Mix (2012) Customers Development and Production Navy 28% Army 15% Engineering 41% Other 7% International 11% Missile Defense Agency 18% Production 59% Air Force 21% Domestic and International Products Withheld/ Other 13% SM6 4% AM&US 2% Tomahawk 4% AS&DES 2% Phalanx 5% Domestic 74% Stinger 1% Excalibur 3% Griffin 1% MALD 2% Standard Missile (SM) 4% SDBII 2% Paveway 5% Direct SM3 14%International TOW 7% 11% Javelin 3% JSOW 2% RAM 4% EKV 3% ESSM 3% Foreign Military AIM-9X/ AMRAAM 12% Sales 15% AIM-9M 4%
  10. 10. Supply Chain Strategies In Global CompetitionTraditional Supplier Requirements Supply Chain Process Enablers Performance  E-Enabled business transactions Cost • Internet-based transactions Quality  Inventory Management Processes Schedule / Delivery • Barcode technologyContemporary Supplier Requirements • Just-in-time deliveries from suppliers Customer considerations • Supplier managed inventory Competitive market enablers • Warehouse management Supplier life cycle in the value chain outsourcing  Supplier performance management • Supplier scorecards • Web based supplier communications • Supplier consolidation and rationalization Supplier Diversity Integral to Supply Chain Strategy
  11. 11. Supplier Diversity = Business Strategy Taxpayer Small, Minority, Women Business Owners Taxpayer dollars a Congress Prime Contractors Source Contractors Congress Win Programs Approve Budget Prime Competitive Solutions Selection Programs Best Value Jobs Customer Requirements Decisions Votes a a DoD DoD and Other Gov Agencies Budget Program Funding Best Value Solutions Support the Customer - Support Growth
  12. 12. Supplier Diversity Focus Raytheon’s Supplier Diversity Program is designed to drive supplier source selection strategy and ensure compliance with:  Public Law  Federal Acquisition Regulations  Customer Requirements  Company Policy Concerning the utilization of businesses that are:  Small  Small Disadvantaged  Woman Owned – Small Businesses  Veteran Owned – Small Businesses (including Service Disabled)  Small Businesses meeting Hub Zone Criteria (historically under-utilized)  Historically Black Colleges, Universities and Minority Institutions  Minority and Women-Owned Businesses
  13. 13. Supplier Diversity Built in the Organization Organized to support supplier diversity objectives Supply Chain leadership team serves as RTN Supplier Diversity council
  14. 14. Supplier Diversity Leadership Team…andstaffed to develop andexecuteinitiatives andoutreach strategy– facilitatecollaboration …key players in local customer interface and developing goals
  15. 15. Performance - Relationships - SolutionsOutreach drives supplierdiversity performance National, regional and local events Focused outreach and networking within strategic business areas Raytheon business specific events Emphasis on service disabled veteran and HUBZone businesses
  16. 16. Supplier Diversity - Responsibilities Provide assistance for “focus businesses” who are interested in doing business with Raytheon. Assist in identifying potential sources for procurement opportunities and sourcing strategies. Ensure supplier diversity is addressed in all procurements and sourcing strategy activities including proposal support. Track supplier diversity performance and provide customer and industry reports. Conduct training to ensure that Raytheon personnel are aware of the Raytheon Supplier Diversity objectives. Provide outreach as a means of developing and counseling “focus businesses”.
  17. 17. Supplier Diversity Planning Process National Regional Teaming Area of Support Agreements Expertise Joint Ventures Determine Strategy Diversity Industry Leader/ Suppliers Competition Small Business Risk Advocate Assessment Work with Small Business advocate to clarify  Are you in the position to bid for prime contracts requirements. with the right Teaming Agreement? Determine significant supply strategies  Research industry competition. Am I a leader in (agreements/programs). this field? Who held the last contract? Identify/highlight your areas of expertise and map to  Can you afford (time, money, technology) to target company pursue this business? Utilize existing or develop strategic alliances/national and regional support requirements.
  18. 18. 2012 Vision, Strategy, Goals and ValuesMISSILE SYSTEMS Vision Strategy Goals Values Be a global leader in core Protect and grow core Customer Satisfaction Our customer and next-generation business with next- A trusted partner weapon and security generation innovation, Fulfilling commitments solutions to ensure value-focused solutions and Growth Quality and performance customer success. strong performance A global business excellence Leverage our domain People Open, direct and timely knowledge and A great place to work communication relationships to expand into adjacent and global Productivity Trustworthy, respectful and markets An improvement-driven ethical behavior culture Security, safety and Retain and attract a diverse and exceptionally talented environmental sustainability workforce and promote Innovative, informed and career growth empowered workforce
  19. 19. How We Want You to See Us We are responsive to our customers – Delivering the Warfighters high quality, proven products – Supporting customer’s urgent needs, we are a reliable, committed partner Proactive in helping shape the future and understanding requirements We provide innovative weapon system solutions – A full-service contractor; cradle-to-grave support We are looking to the future
  20. 20. Raytheon Supplier Diversity - Connect With Us The online supplier registration tool will aid in matching suppliers to opportunity. RTN Supplier Diversity Website
  21. 21. Do Your Homework Visit our website to learn about our programs Identify a few target businesses or programs Register Contact the Supplier Diversity Program for guidance – Jo Anne Arvizu, Mgr., Supplier Diversity – Diane Karl, Supplier Diversity Advocate – Jeff Krongaard, SCM Mentor-Protégé Manager & SBIR Manager – David Montgomery, SCM Manager, Louisville, KY
  22. 22. ITAR 120.10(5), Non-Technical Data 03/11/2010 VMGomez
  23. 23. Performance - Relationships - SolutionsBuild Relationships  Outreach to meet potential suppliers  Share Raytheon strategy and objectives  Respond to customer requests • Significant number of requests to support customer, industry and advocacy organization initiatives and events