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Michigan WERC - Mtg 09/12/12


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Meeting minutes of Michigan WERCouncil Leadership Meeting held on September 12, 2012. Please email with any questions, comments or concerns.

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Michigan WERC - Mtg 09/12/12

  1. 1. Michigan WERCouncil Leadership Meeting Minutes September 12, 2012Present:Randy Gilbert Jim LaRue Steve ValentinePhil Roy Dawn Reichert Marc GordonDonna Randall Amanda RogalskiAbsent:Jim Lesarge Bob Jones12:00 – GoToMeeting SessionUpdates:Leadership Additions:  Do we need to solicit additional leadership for the East Side of the State? o Jim LaRue building support structure for east side of the State. Jim and Bob are getting together on Friday to discuss.  Introductions o Steve Valentine, considering joining our leadership team o Amanda Rogalski, exploring student liaison opportunityAlliances: APICS / CSCMP (Detroit), APICS (GR, Kalamazoo & SW MI)  APICS Kalamazoo has published our current event schedule and has committed to doing an email blast to their membership as the dates draw near. o GR APICS – BOD invited to Graydon’s Crossing. Offer to bring program guide. o Randy met with APICS President and Education Head. They now have us on their webpage.  APICS Grand Rapids – tougher to crack. Randy has event he is going to tonight.Discussion: 1. Student Engagement Program(s) – Amanda Rogalski a. Amanda ran through the document “LOCAL WERC CHAPTER_Students.doc”. Discussed high level concepts reviewed in the document. b. Feedback / Questions… i. What has Amanda had success with in the past? 1. Open house / Educational Open House 2. Mock Interviews / Resume Review 3. Co-op set-up, etc. ii. Jim LaRue – advisor for Baker College. iii. Donna to reach out to Zac Williams for UPS tour iv. Donna has contacts into First RoboticsWednesday, September 12, 2012 1 of 4
  2. 2. v. Randy has contacts at MSU through Logistics Department vi. Randy has email from Logistics Professor at Ohio State who has interest in seeing one of our tours. Looking at doing educational event in future. vii. Collaborate with APICS student groups for quick ramp up. viii. Can Amanda talk about some of these ideas at an upcoming event? Maybe the Classic Tour Event? ix. Use our LinkedIn page to get general interest and let community know what we are doing in this area. x. Use our LinkedIn page to solicit volunteers to help with this area. xi. Steve Valentine has deep ties into MSU programs. c. Go ahead and move forward with forming a committee. d. Post on LinkedIn to get volunteers – Amanda to start the thread. e. Gauge interest from member companies to get perceived need before engaging the student population. f. Randy to start conversation with companies that come to Graydon’s Crossing event. g. Make an agenda item to gauge progress at the next monthly meeting. h. Form sub-team after getting interest. 2. Event Promotion – We need more/better communication channels to promote our events. Ideas? Contacts?Wednesday, September 12, 2012 2 of 4
  3. 3. Events: - Unchanged / #8 is newConfirmed: 1. Doug Hicks (East Side) Activity based costing – author (3 books) and consultant (Detroit) - September TBD, 5:30 – 8:00. There is a venue. a. WERC National is working to find an appropriate venue for the event - Done b. Can’t market w/o venue – cost? $25 c. Once set, we should market hard and , if possible, all register/attend – Soon d. As of Monday 6 attendee’s signed up. 2. Classic Transportation & Warehousing, (Wayland) September 18 @ 5:30 a. Review Outline? b. Marketing plan – we need to have a ‘standard’ marketing plan to ensure that we get the word out c. Registration – having challenge with getting going on folks signing up. Current number signed up is 8 attendee’s. Guessing for right now maybe 15 to 18 total folks attending. d. Have several direct competitors to Classic that are signed up. The folks at Classic are good with this for now. 3. Box on Demand, October 9 @ 5:30 4. Bob Jones (East Side) Date TBD (Oct. ?); “Changing your warehouse from a cost center to a profit center” 5. UPS, (Wyoming)November 7 @ 5:30 – Limit of 25 people a. Attendee’s = 10 to 12 students from CMU that are thinking of making the trip. b. If we reach the 25 people limit they are open to doing a second tour. 6. Capital Regional Airport FTZ, (Lansing) March 19, 2013 5:30 PM – They will get refreshments & invoice us 7. GFS distribution center – for April/May timeframe; we are to pick a couple of dates & GFS will confirm. We must have a process to keep their competitors from joining the tour. They want to review the list of participants 7 to 10 prior to the event. GFS provided a list of competitors to exclude. Cannot have refreshments/no space in the facility. Limit 25 a. Tour date set for May 7th. 8. Technology Demo – VAI, ’Improve Overall Warehouse Efficiency with Warehouse Management Software’, September 20, 2:00 – 3:00 PM; warehouse-management-software.html a. Webinar format that we are going to funnel people into their existing event. 9. Possible RedPrairie webinar as well.Wednesday, September 12, 2012 3 of 4
  4. 4. Pending: 1. Health & Safety / Ergonomics – J. Henry, January 2013 (Grand Rapids) – Need to confirm 2. Technology Webinars – idea sent to WERC for comment; no reply a. Should we do it anyway? Ideas – Lean Logistics, RedPrairie, SAP Business 1, etc.Discussion: 1. Token of Thanks to event host? What? Who prepares and presents? a. Free coupons for future events – Randy to get certificates printed. Need to coordinate with WERC b. WERC is sending Donna cooler for Classic Event. 2. Linkedin sub-group; inviting contacts to join sub-group – 257 as of this morning. Second to Chicago as largest group. 3. Pat Dockins – Will try to Attend 4. Venues for regional events? We should work now to qualify locations – build a ‘short list’ 5. Article submissions to WERC a. Professional article for WERC’s magazine 6. Should we reach out to other WERCouncils to collaborate on Regional events? a. Update – Indianapolis group is very interested in doing something. They want to discuss in October (work commitments). Texas group says WERC national prevents this. 7. Count for Thursday at Greydon’s Crossing a. Casual event – literature will be there on WERC with meet & greet. b. Guessing 20 to 25 attendee’s c. Randy to have name tags at event.Meeting is set for Wednesday 10/17 at Noon – will be a GoToMeeting sessionSubmitted by Marc GordonWednesday, September 12, 2012 4 of 4