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On-Demand WMS Case Study - Markley

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  1. 1. RedPrairie > On-Demand WMS > Case Study“While an installed on-premise inventorymanagement system provides a high-level offunctionality, the IT responsibility required of acompany our size would have been more than wecould handle. However, RedPrairie’s On-DemandWMS provides an easy-to-deploy, full-featuredWMS without any of the heavy lifting.”Tim Markley, PresidentMarkley Enterprise, Inc. CS_ONDWMS_0110–MARKLEY
  2. 2. RedPrairie > On-Demand WMS > Case Study 2 “Once we decided to be a distributor, we quickly“The ability to see the usage, schedule realized how very different manufacturing and production and carry the proper distribution were from each other,” said Markley. amount of inventory allowed us to “But providing distribution services gave us a competitive advantage because we were connected make strategic decisions we couldn’t to the inventory. The ability to see the usage, have envisioned before.” schedule production and carry the proper amount ofTim Markley, President inventory allowed us to make strategic decisions weMarkley Enterprise, Inc. couldn’t have envisioned before.”Markley Enterprises The Challenge – Visibility and AccessibilityBased in Elkhart, Indiana, Markley Enterprise is With an increasing number of its larger customersa manufacturer of sales and marketing support taking advantage of its distribution services, Markleyproducts with product specialties in areas including Enterprise created separate operations to handle thatpoint-of-purchase displays, trade show displays and side of its business. To run the distribution operation, thelarge format graphics. Operating a 20,000-square- company initially extended its proprietary manufacturingfoot warehouse facility, the company also provides system and adapted it to do distribution, a solution thatdistribution services to complement the company’s worked for a time. But eventually, the limitations of themanufacturing operation helping customers better system became apparent. With the growing appetite ofmanage their inventory and consequently provide customers wanting advanced capabilities in inventoryimproved service to their dealers and distributors. visibility, access to orders, and tracking functionality, the company sought out a more specialized solution thatFounded in 1962, Markley Enterprise initially focused was scalable with its business yet affordable.on the design, production and distribution of salesand marketing support products. From trade showdisplays and signage to display cases and folders,the full-service company provides a wide arrayof marketing products. In its quest to constantlyinnovate and expand its business, president andfounder Tim Markley made the decision to move intodistribution.At the inception of Markley Enterprise’s distributionoperation, the company added a “distribution”system to its existing manufacturing system. Thisproprietary system worked reasonably well for a fewyears but as technology evolved, Markley Enterprise’sexisting distribution system could not keep pace withthe needs of its customers. Customers wanted morevisibility of inventory and order status preferably viaan online format.
  3. 3. RedPrairie > On-Demand WMS > Case Study 3Always On with On-DemandFor an operation the size of Markley Enterprise,the accessibility of technology solutions is limitedby the demand on internal IT resources. Timeand costs from deployment and implementationwith traditional software can often be an obstaclefor smaller organizations. But, with increasedcompetition and growing requirements fromcustomers, any delay can be detrimental.With the need to move toward a more transparentsystem in a short period of time, Markley Enterprisecame upon the RedPrairie On-Demand WMS. Afterfully researching the capabilities of the system andfinding the pricing model in line with its budget, themanufacturer decided that RedPrairie’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) approach provided the ideal solutionthat met its internal requirements while meeting the “One of the best things about RedPrairie’sneeds of its customers. On-Demand WMS is that our corporate customers’ dealers and distributors can order from our onlineThe RedPrairie On-Demand WMS provides a full store, while customers can log into RedPrairie to seerange of features including receiving and put-away, their inventory and their orders,” stated Markley. “Soinventory control, order fulfillment, shipping and if they get customer service inquiries on their end,purchasing among others which is fully accessible they’re able to answer those questions most of thethrough a Web browser connected to the Internet. time just by going into the system.”Also, because RedPrairie’s solution is a multi-tenantsystem, Markley Enterprise can handle multiple The iPad as a Warehouse Toolcustomers within a single facility, providing each Markley Enterprise’s marketing and sales supportcustomer with visibility to their inventory information business heavily involves graphic arts and high-res-while protecting other customers’ data. olution images so it’s no surprise that the company relies on Apple computers. By using an on-demand“Show Me What You Got” approach that is browser based, the company canMarkley Enterprise has seen increased control over access and transmit inventory data from any comput-its inventory and a significant boost in customer er, smartphone and mobile device regardless of thesatisfaction because of RedPrairie’s On-Demand platform. And, customers also have the same levelWMS. Integration between the online store and the of accessibility via the Internet whether they’re on anWMS allows orders to be sent out, within seconds of Apple or PC.being placed, to the warehouse floor for action. Sinceimplementing the system, the bustling manufacturer The financial and productivity benefits associatedhas experienced significant improvements in with mobile devices have been obvious as wellperformance in all the critical areas of its operation with namely with the Apple iPad. For example, typicallyinventory accuracy at 99+% and increased productivity when an order comes in from its online store, aby reducing the time spent picking orders. Markley employee would pick up the order from a workstation computer before going out into the warehouse to pick the necessary items. However, the company takes the functionality of the RedPrairie
  4. 4. RedPrairie > On-Demand WMS > Case Study 4On-Demand WMS one step further. Because theon-demand system is Web-based, information Key advantages to RedPrairie’s solutioncan be sent to and from wireless devices on the • CUSTOMER PROFILE:warehouse floor. Leveraging the convenience and • Company: Markley Enterpriselarge screen size of the iPad’s touch screen along • Industry: Manufacturerwith its Wi-Fi capabilities, Markley Enterprise can • Headquarters: Elkhart, Indianatransmit data in real time to and from anywherewhether to the back office or to the customer. • URL:“Using the iPad, we enter all locations and quantities THE CHALLENGE:instantly in real time into RedPrairie without walkingto a work station,” touts Markley. Since we also • Providing advanced capabilities to customers such inventory visibility and order trackingreceive email orders to each iPad and employees • Needed a fairly robust WMS that was quick to implementcan feed information directly from the device, we’veeliminated reams of paperwork and exponentially • Ability to handle multiple customers while protecting customer dataimproved employee productivity.” • Automating order entry by integrating with its online storeWith the mobile capabilities of RedPrairie, MarkleyEnterprise saves approximately 1,000 hours per year THE SOLUTION:in order entry time in comparison to the company’sprevious system. Because of the aforementioned • RedPrairie’s On-Demand Warehouse Managementimprovements in accuracy and service, the companynow experiences far fewer customer service THE RESULTS:inquiries, again saving it significant amounts of time. • Increased inventory accuracy to 99+%With the successful implementation, Markley • Saves approximately 1,000 hours in order entry time (comparedEnterprise is enthusiastic about finding new ways to the company’s previous system)to apply the RedPrairie On-Demand WMS in his • Inventory visibility specific to each customercompany. Already, the company plans to streamline • Increased employee productivity through mobile devices suchthe operations by eliminating data redundancy as the iPadand further improving employee production • Reduced costs by automating processestime—anything to further increase ROI.For more information1.877.733.7724info@RedPrairie.comRedPrairie.comRedPrairie Corporation has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information included in this document. This document is subject to change without notice. The information contained in thisdocument may not reflect the final design in some instances.Copyright © 2010 RedPrairie Corporation. All rights reserved. This publication contains proprietary information of RedPrairie Corporation. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrievalsystem, or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without the prior written permission of RedPrairie Corporation.RedPrairie and the RedPrairie logo are registered trademarks of RedPrairie Corporation. E 2 e is a trademark of RedPrairie Corporation.All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of theirrespective holders.