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  1. 1. BATTLE OF THE BULGE Jared Daskal
  2. 2. D-DAY Allied forces invade Normandy, France. Axis powers are pushed back towards Paris Paris is liberated in August, Axis Forces Retreat further towards Germany
  3. 3. HITLER’S FINAL STAND Germans create an 85 mile long bulge stretching from the North Sea To Switzerland. Hitlers plan is to create a wedge in the south and force the allied forces to retreat. Retake the city of Antwerp
  4. 4. WEATHER Foggy, -20*F, Snow waist deep Poor weather conditions restricted Allied observation planes. Germans surprise the Allied forces. Allied intelligence says that the last place Germans will attack is the Ardennes mountain Range.
  5. 5. THE BATTLE BEGINS Hitler’s Blitzkrieg bombards Allied troops moving through the Ardenne The Germans plan to take the town of Murrigen, a town which houses allied supplies The american troops hold Germans from advancement.
  6. 6. ELSENBORN RIDGE Germans must pass over the ridge to reach Antwerp and allied storage facilities Allied forces set up rifle platoons with machine gunners on each flank, Mortar pits are set up behind riflemen. Howitzers and 3 anti aircraft guns are located at the rear 300 Germans reach the summit unaware of the allied defense. Germans are terminated and the ridge is held
  7. 7. ELSENBORN RIDGE foxhole.jpg
  8. 8. COUNTER ATTACK On January 3rd 1945. General Eisenhower mounts a counter attack to the enemy back to where they started.
  9. 9. THE LAST ASSAULT Allies break through Northern bulge. Germans must retreat back to where they began. The battle is won on January 25th 1945.
  10. 10. TOTAL CASUALTIES Allied forces-80,ooo Axis forces-100,000