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What Wordpress Freelancers Need To Know About Customer Relationship Management Systems

There are some amazing new tools that can help WordPress Freelancers use technology to help them manage their business from their website. Nick and Sandi Batik will discuss customer relationship management tools. CRMs can help you manage your customer information, increase sales and offer better service to your WordPress Clients. CRM tools help you gather all your customer information in one location allow and provide valuable insights into your business’s history with that customer. We will look at some WordPress CRM plugins that offer you a better way to manage your WordPress freelance business.

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What Wordpress Freelancers Need To Know About Customer Relationship Management Systems

  2. 2. THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CRM AND ERP • CRM and ERP are important technology acronyms that WordPress FreeLancers need to know about. • Both are valuable solutions but used to manage and achieve very different business goals.
  3. 3. WHAT IS CRM? CRMs are customer relationship management tools that allow you to collect, document and manage customer information from your WordPress Admin Panel
  4. 4. CRM TOOLS • Help you track all aspects of your sales or service-related interactions with your clients • Help you to better understand your customer, retain customers, provide excellent customer service, win new clients and increase profitably • Provide valuable insights into the business history of specific customers
  6. 6. CRM WORDPRESS PLUGINS PROVIDE THESE FEATURESCustomer & Potential Customer Classifications • Leads • Contacts • Accounts • Opportunities • Custom
  7. 7. CRM WORDPRESS PLUGINS PROVIDE SOME VARIATION OF THESE FEATURES Data Management • Import Data (leads etc.) • Export Data • API for apps and other third parties • Data backup
  8. 8. CRM WORDPRESS PLUGINS PROVIDE SOME VARIATION OF THESE FEATURES Organization • Tasks • Calendar • Call Log • Call Reminders • Notes
  9. 9. CRM WORDPRESS PLUGINS PROVIDE SOME VARIATION OF THESE FEATURES Marketing • Email Integration • Email & Social Campaign Integration • Auto-Responders
  10. 10. CRM WORDPRESS PLUGINS PROVIDE SOME VARIATION OF THESE FEATURES Analytics • Pipeline Sales Reports • Trends Reporting • And much more
  11. 11. WHY USE WORDPRESS AS A CRM PLATFORM? Cost, Convenience & Eating Your Own Dog Food
  12. 12. WORDPRESS CRM SOLUTIONS• We will not be addressing existing dedicated platform services–such as Salesforce of Zoho–as these CRM services are notoriously expensive. • For this discussion we will focus on the CRM plugins that can be managed from your WordPress Admin Dashboard
  13. 13. • Excellent user organization, filter, and editing • Ability to easily add new user data attributes (i.e. company name) • Dynamic charts representing attributes with quantifiable data • Shortcode form creation and contact message management • User CSV exporting • User activity and note tracking
  14. 14. • Know what pages visitors viewed on your site • Learn where leads come from geographically • See past comments they made on your blog • Know what they searched for on your site • Learn where referral traffic is coming from • See social media profiles and sites they own • Gather demographic data • Learn their topical interest
  15. 15. Calls and emails can be logged Sends emails to your customers in bulk or individually right from within WordPress Allows you to filter through customers based on various attributes Allows you to assign statuses to customers such as lead, prospect, etc. Easily create a new customer Place calls from WordPress Manage customers in dynamic groups
  16. 16. • Creates integrated profiles for each customer • Opportunities allow you to manage sales from initial contact through qualification and close of sale • Content restriction allows you to make any content on your site specific to profile types/attributes • Integrated email campaigns and auto-responders • Dynamic user directories • Events, complete with ticket sales, calendar, and more • Smart search, brining layered queries to your WordPress backend • eCommerce
  17. 17. FINAL THOUGHTS ON CMR SOLUTIONS• Some platform specific customer management systems are sold as tools, but are really “consultant- ware” • As a WordPress Freelancer, if you have to invest not only financial resources, but mindshare away from marketing and building your business — its the wrong solution. • A good CRM solution serves you, not the other way around - it needs to be your business partner not a
  18. 18. WHAT IS AN ERP? • ERP is an abbreviation for enterprise resource planning • ERP software is used to manage your Freelance business from your WordPress Dashboard
  19. 19. ERP TOOLS • ERP plugins help you integrate most of your business processes into a single, efficient system to effectively manage and reach your business goals • ERP can improve the operational efficiency of business resources. • Freelancers can use ERP tools for product planning, project management, financial functions, tracking sales, process management, human resources, and marketing.
  20. 20. ERP TOOLS HELP YOU MANAGE YOUR FREELANCE BUSINESS FROM YOUR WORDPRESS DASHBOARD • standardize critical business procedures • reduce redundant tasks • improve accuracy of financial data to configure pricing models • manage cashflow cycle with more effectively • facilitate better project planning and management • improve business process management • automation of critical contract management processes • build a product / services knowledge base • manage human resources and payroll
  21. 21. WP ERP Lets You Manage Your Freelance Business From Your WordPress Dashboard • Is your lack of band-width slowing the growth of your Freelance business • Do you need to focus more on the way you manage your business and budget. • WP-ERP is a system designed to rectify the lack of efficiency that may be holding you back • It is Free and it is a powerful tool