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How to structure a content strategy that works


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Nick and Sandi Batik led the April 18, 2016 Austin WordPress Meetup discussion — How to Structure a Winning Content Strategy. We reviewed a few tools to help you get the most from your pages and posts. We demonstrated some navigation tips and tricks and how an internal linking structure helps you build effective information architecture. We concluded with a 5-step system to write copy that consistently attracts your target clients and organically build SEO.

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How to structure a content strategy that works

  1. 1. @nick_batik@sandi_batik How to Structure a Content Strategy That Works Austin WordPress Meetup April18, 2016 Presented By Sandi Batik & Nick Batik
  2. 2. @nick_batik@sandi_batik WordPress Beginner Question Do you understand the difference between a Page and a Post?
  3. 3. @nick_batik@sandi_batik Do you understand how to use Categories to guide your Content Strategy?
  4. 4. @nick_batik@sandi_batik Do you understand the purpose of WordPress Tags?
  5. 5. @nick_batik@sandi_batik 5-step System to Write Copy That Consistently Attracts Your Target Clients and Organically Build SEO
  6. 6. @nick_batik@sandi_batik STEP 1 Take the time to analyze what information your target market is looking for and why. What problems are they trying to solve?
  7. 7. @nick_batik@sandi_batik STEP 2 Set your Categories to those high-level topics that represent the topics your clients are seeking
  8. 8. @nick_batik@sandi_batik STEP 3 Turn on the Idea machine - look for ongoing topic conversations-online & off - Use your blog and Cornerstone pages to express your unique value as an industry expert
  9. 9. @nick_batik@sandi_batik STEP 4 Tune Your Idea Machine Feedly Goggle Alerts
  10. 10. @nick_batik@sandi_batik STEP 5 • Use a Content Framework • Every thing I know about writing I owe to: • Mother Mary Gerald • Copyblogger • & Troy Dean
  11. 11. @nick_batik@sandi_batik The WordPress Blogger Six Step Framework
  12. 12. @nick_batik@sandi_batik THE PROMISE Your blog introduction should outline the promise of what you will deliver The 'Big Why' someone invest their time with you How will they benefit?
  13. 13. @nick_batik@sandi_batik THE PROBLEM Next your content needs to outline the problem your readers are facing - which reinforces why they need read your article
  14. 14. @nick_batik@sandi_batik MYTH BUSTING This is the part of the blog or Cornerstone copy you position yourself as an expert by busting a common myth your readers are likely to believe.
  15. 15. @nick_batik@sandi_batik THE METHOD In this section of your content you actually teach your 3 to 7 teaching points.
  16. 16. @nick_batik@sandi_batik THE DO’S & DON’TS In this section you outline the some of the tips for advanced users and the mistakes that newcomers make.
  17. 17. @nick_batik@sandi_batik NEXT STEPS Finish off your piece of content with a call to action or an action step. Give your readers something to do and they are far more likely to remember you
  18. 18. @nick_batik@sandi_batik Cool Tools To Help Build Your Content Strategy
  19. 19. @nick_batik@sandi_batik Edit Flow An editorial workflow management system
  20. 20. @nick_batik@sandi_batik Table Press allows you to add tables into your WordPress posts and pages without writing any HTML or CSS.
  21. 21. @nick_batik@sandi_batik Canva intuitive drag and drop interface creates beautiful graphic designs edit images easy to use even for beginners
  22. 22. @nick_batik@sandi_batik PictoChart create beautiful infographics charts and presentations
  23. 23. @nick_batik@sandi_batik Navigation Tips and Tricks What issues are tripping you up?
  24. 24. @nick_batik@sandi_batik Navigation Resources WordPress Mega Cheat Sheet "Working the "404 Error" Page
  25. 25. @nick_batik@sandi_batik FREE RESOURCES Nick and I are working on adding new resources to the Hands On WordPress Free library every week, so check in often. For a free copy of the freelance resources and places to find freelance projects go to: GET CONNECTED — Join and contribute to the Austin WordPress Tribe at We look forward to seeing you at a #WPATX meetup soon
  26. 26. @nick_batik@sandi_batik Sandi Batik WordPress evangelist, consultant, trainer, curricula developer, author, unapologetic geek, unrepentant capitalist, lucky enough to do what I love everyday. I’ve served as Austin WordPress Meetup co-organizer since 2010. With my husband Nick Batik, co-founded Pleiades Publishing Services in 1992 and Hands-On WordPress Training in 2010. Follow me @sandi_batik / @WPATX Contact me at: Presenter
  27. 27. @nick_batik@sandi_batik Nick Batik Started in web development in 1994 and have been a WordPress consultant, and web developer since 2007. A WordPress evangelist, I’ve served as Austin WordPress Meetup co-organizer since 2010. With my partner, co-founded Pleiades Publishing Services in 1992 and Hands-On WordPress Training in 2010. Follow me @nick_batik / @WPATX Contact me at: Presenter