Make Me Whole: Cost-effective Guerilla UX to Unify Experience


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World Usability Day 2010: With an ever-growing number communication devices and channels, it’s challenging to focus on an appropriate and relevant customer experience – especially with tight project budgets & timelines. With so much input, you can be as overwhelmed as your users. This discussion offers creative tactics for unifying experience in our fragmented world without breaking the bank.

Instantaneous, multi-device communications are shifting expectations and necessitating new approaches. Thus we must envision innovative ways to design great experiences with real people in real-world contexts through adaptive “guerilla” UX practices such as audience ethnography, contextual field research, co-design and mobile device testing.

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Make Me Whole: Cost-effective Guerilla UX to Unify Experience

  1. 1. Make Me Whole :: Cost-Effective Ways to Unify Experience presented 11/11/10 at World Usability Day, Memphis
  2. 2. #WUD
  3. 3. Lokion is a boutique interactive agency. The depth of our services in strategy, design and technology outweighs our size, as do our clients and partners. passion :: purpose :: practicality
  4. 4. Creativity is messy
  5. 5. and who are YOU?
  6. 6. checking / posting to Facebook / Twitter talking on mobile phone watching VOD / TiVo / Hulu / YouTube online at work & home listening to music – car, work, home, travel, entertainment reading online reviews /reviewing products general internet search / research /recreational shopping absorbing online content /entertainment SMS / chat online on smartphone eCommerce /mCommerce watching TV / going to see movies using smartphone apps Wii / Playstation / video games /online gaming professional multi-taskers with many faces
  7. 7. • 82% of Americans own a BlackBerry, iPhone or other “smart” cellular device • Two-thirds of American adults sleep with cell phones on or next to their beds • 90% of Americans ages 18 to 29 sleep with them on or next to their beds our lives are changing
  8. 8. We are surrounded by strangers Out of sight is out of mind Design good experience requires empathy Empathy requires intimacy Intimacy requires proximity We may not always like what we learn But who amongst us is allergic to money? designing for reality, not mythology
  9. 9. Toolbox :: By any means necessary 12
  10. 10. Thinkfactory Lokion's unique multi-disciplinary approach for creating new ways to use digital (and other) media to build relationships between you and your audience. Thinkfactory is an idea workshop, a brainstorm on steroids. You emerge with fresh new ideas, ready to deploy - within a set amount of time and for a set price. Sudden. Messy. Chaotic. Causes flooding and sometimes irreversible change. There’s a reason they call it a brainstorm.
  11. 11. “It never ceases to amaze me how you always come up with new approaches to engage and how much new information we get out of this process every time.” – Tammy Pilgreen, VP of Operational Strategy, Varsity Spirit Corp.
  12. 12. • Audience ethnography • Contextual field studies • Co-design • Mobile device usability testing To name only a few…. a bit of “guerilla” UX
  13. 13. Audience Ethnography
  14. 14. 19 Persona spectrum board
  15. 15. 10% Creator 35% Socialite 10% Self-promoter 10% Connector 35% Spectator
  16. 16. Contextual field research
  17. 17. 23
  18. 18. Co-design
  19. 19. crowdsourcing
  20. 20. Mobile device usability testing
  21. 21. Size matters. Lighting matters. It’s all in the angle. Any testing is better than no testing. mobile testing tips
  22. 22. Real people’s lives are changing. Good design requires empathy. We need to understand contexts and orbits… …by any means necessary. Keep it light, tight and right. make me whole