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Ama style

  1. 1. American Medical Association Style
  2. 2. AMA Style• Used in many medical publications – Including Physical Therapy, the journal of the American Physical Therapy Association• Required for all submissions in Misericordia DPT program
  3. 3. Within Text• Cited works are numbered in order of initial appearance in the text.• Use arabic superscript numerals outside periods and commas, and inside colons and semicolons.• Example: The sky is blue.1 The earth is round,2 but we won’t fall off.3
  4. 4. Within Text (continued)• If a citation is repeated, use the number of the original citation when it is repeated in the text.
  5. 5. Reference List• Cited references appear in the Reference List in numerical order.• Example: 1. Pheasant 2. Barker 3. Pascal
  6. 6. Reference List (contd)• Authors’ names are inverted, and use only initials for first and middle names. No periods between initials.• Example: 1. Barker SP 2. Pascal MR
  7. 7. Reference List (contd)• In article titles only the first word and proper nouns and abbreviations that are ordinarily capitalized are capitalized.• Example: Differences between the family- centered “COPCA” program and traditional infant physical therapy based on neurodevelopmental treatment principles
  8. 8. Reference List (contd)• Use accepted Index Medicus abbreviations of journal names.• To find journal name abbreviations, go to nals• Enter the name of the journal in the search box.
  9. 9. Enter journal name here.
  10. 10. Finding Journal Abbreviations• Click “Search” to obtain complete journal listing, including abbreviation.• A list of abbreviations for core clinical journals list is found as an appendix to AMA Stat (.pdf file)
  11. 11. Journal nameabbreviation
  12. 12. Reference List (contd)• For journals use issue numbers in parentheses after the volume number. If there is no issue number specify month before the year.• Example: Masley PM, Havrilko C- L, Mahnensmith MR, et al. Physical therapist practice in the acute care setting: a qualitative study. Phys Ther. 2011;91(8):906-919.
  13. 13. Referencing Books & Chapters• Entire Book: – McKenzie BC. Medicine and the Internet: Introducing Online Resources and Terminology. 2nd ed. New York, NY: Oxford University Press; 1997.• Book Chapter: – Guyton JL, Crockarell JR. Fractures of acetabulum and pelvis. In: Canale ST, ed.Campbells Operative Orthopaedics. 10th ed. Philadelphia, PA: Mosby, Inc; 2003:2939-2984.
  14. 14. Other References• Refer to AMA Stat (.pdf file) or the AMA Manual of Style for instructions as to citing other types of references: – Newspapers & magazines – Monographs & proceedings – Web pages & electronic resources – Personal communication• Check Physical Therapy or other journals that use AMA style for further examples.