Remote mentoring and advisory retainer - Compensation and Benefits


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An innovative retainer / coaching package.
The focus of the sessions is about specialised advice on Compensation, Benefits, Performance Management, International Mobility, Emiratisation / nationalisation, Remuneration Committees, Boards and Governance, and any other Hr or career related topic.
The feedback and advice I share is based on my extensive experience in International C&B, and is a bit like a "mini-capsule", a one-hour version of the guidance I offer in my traditional consulting services on a project basis.
Flexible, convenient, and hands-on : this is the ultimate solution for the busy Hr professional who doesn't need a consultant or advisor for a full day (and the related cost) but is looking for expert feedback with a quick turnaround.
Interested ? Contact me through !

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Remote mentoring and advisory retainer - Compensation and Benefits

  2. 2. Remote advisory services © Sandrine Bardot and - 2013  The Bardot Group offers an innovative online advisory service for HR and Compensation & Benefits professionals.  One-hour calls/web conferences can be booked as and when required for a one-on-one session with Sandrine Bardot.  You can buy a one-off call, or a series of calls on a retainer basis. Consider me your private advisor !  The calls will be recorded (if you agree) and the file will be made available to you for access at any time.  If you are based in Dubai, we might be able to arrange a face-to-face meeting if you prefer.
  3. 3. Examples of topics © Sandrine Bardot and - 2013  I have a situation with an employee, how could I handle it ? (complaint about pay, negotiation of high level executive package…)  I want to review my incentive program, but am not sure this is the right time or where to start from.  Which angle should I choose for my proposal to the CEO on our project of salary ranges ?  I want to ensure that the consultants will deliver what is right for my company on this big project.  What kind of development plan should I design for my C&B Analyst ?  Can you give me pointers on what to do to improve the Performance Management system in our organisation ?  What can we do to attract and retain more Nationals ?  Please revise my communication plan for the salary review !  Can we brainstorm ideas on this specific topic ?  I’d like to rehearse my next big presentation with you  What would you ask to these top 2 candidates for our position of XX in HR ?  Etc…
  4. 4. Why work with me ? 1. Multiple industries, multiple types of companies, in multiple countries 2. An in-house career of 20 years from young HR graduate to Global Head of C&B, with team management and Board exposure 3. An extensive network in the MEA region 4. Blogging, public speaking and coaching experience : I love supporting the HR community 5. We will sign a confidentiality agreement 1. High exposure to all sorts of situations. I’ve seen it all ! (almost) 2. A solid sense for internal dynamics and hands-on experience that will deliver advice that you can actually implement, not text-book answers 3. I can tap into a large knowledge pool to support you if needed 4. A dynamic, candid sharing of ideas and experience that will help you grow and solve your challenges 5. Peace of mind © Sandrine Bardot and - 2013 What I have … what you get from me
  5. 5. Online advisory services - fees © Sandrine Bardot and - 2013  One-hour personalized advisory call : 800 USD  Package of 5 one-hour calls to be used within 4 months of purchase : 3,500 USD  6 months retainer with 10 one-hour calls: 5,000 USD  Payment is due upfront and is not refundable if the hours are not used within the specified timeframe (5 or 10 calls packages).
  6. 6. Packages / retainer details © Sandrine Bardot and - 2013  Each call can address multiple subjects, or be focused on one in particular.  Calls in a package can be about the same topic, in full or in part, for example if you want on-going feedback on a project that you are working on. They may also be on different topics each time.  Calls may take place over a short amount of time, or they may be spaced evenly through their validity period, at your choice.
  7. 7. Sandrine Bardot – profile  I have over 19 years of corporate HR experience focused on International Compensation & Benefits. I have worked in Paris, Rome, London, Milan, Turin, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.  My areas of expertise include Performance Management Systems, Pay and Grading structures, Short term, Long term and Sales incentive plan design, pre-IPO work and M&A integration.  My last corporate role was with Mubadala, a UAE-based sovereign wealth conglomerate with over 25,000 employees and 78 assets worldwide, as their Senior Vice-President, Head of Performance & Reward.  I am now developing my portfolio as an International Compensation & Benefits consultant and trainer.  My blog Compensation Insider includes over 230 articles covering C&B, performance management, governance and international mobility. I am also a regular speaker for international HR and C&B conferences and HR groups and associations. Check my profile on LinkedIn for Recommendations, Expertise and more.
  8. 8. Thank you ! Sandrine Bardot Consultant, trainer, speaker, blogger +971 566 172 864 Twitter : @CompInsider The Bardot Group PO Box 487 177 Dubai - UAE