color forecasting - cowboy sunset


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color forecasting book for color workshop | pratt graduate communications design | spring 2010

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color forecasting - cowboy sunset

  2. 2. RED-ORANGE is one of the few colors that is slate blues with only a tiny area of immediately clear to the mind’s eye application. A little bit of red-orange just from the name. Unlike blue, or can serve as a small glimmer of hope green, or purple, which can each in a time dominated by doubt and embody a great deal of variation in darkness. tint or shade or tone, red-orange is platonically bold, carrying a Perhaps this is a good way to start great deal of energy and weight thinking about this color in terms of of presence. It is a color of fire, of forecasting. Our world today is full warning, of exuberance; it calls out of insecurity and tenuousness. We to be noticed in any context. As no longer are sure of our footing such, red-orange tends to dominate in anything. We cling to patterns, any area in which it is used, whether shades, and relics of eras past—the a website, a canvas, a physical bygone days of mad men, the glam space, or a wardrobe. It is a color & lux 80s—but now, in 2010, we have that is effectively used as contrast, yet to define a true sense of style paired with muted blues or greens, for our era. It seems possible to me or even with monotone greys. that this bold, bright, energetic color with its own form of dominance and t’s a cheerful color, able to break leadership is the best candidate to up the muted dullness of greys and lead us to a secure future. 1
  3. 3. THE LONESOME COWBOY COWBOY SUNSET follows his outstretched arm through Color Information the louvered doors and pours himself a whisky. Aside him sits a varmint. The R:223 G:64 B:38 varmint drinks with evil in his thoughts. C:0 M:85 Y:100 K:0 Behind them is a lovely lady lovely to Hex: #DF4025 behold. Her petticoats are torn but her Color-Aid: RO-EX face is rosy and bright. The varmint leers real dirty. It behooves him to stop and PMS 7417 he does not. The lonesome cotwboy (best Pantone match) spins around and shoots the varmint’s dirty leers and evil thoughts right off the top of his head. The floor and the sun look the same color and move toward each other slow as can be. The lonesome cowboy stands up and gives the lovely lady a look she can keep in a locket. He walks himself out the door and throws himself onto his pale horse. Together they ride off into the friscalating sunset. 2
  4. 4. Color + Tints Color + Tones Color + Shades 3
  5. 5. Complementary Colors OLD BRONZE The statue in the middle of town used to shine, once. Now its bald head gleams verdigris bright in the blaze of high noon. PMS 563 This slightly grey shade of blue-green provides a cool complement to the bright red-orange Cowboy Sunset. 4
  6. 6. Neutrals Neutral Painted Study 5
  7. 7. Split Complementary 1 Split Complementary 2 Split Complementary 3 BLUE DENIM Steel and deep and steadfast. Unwavering and true. PMS 647 STRAW Golden and shining, like the loveliest ladies’ locks of hair. PMS 1355 6
  8. 8. Warm Complementary Cool Complementary RUST They’re everywhere, these dull blood-colored PMS 484 flakes. We pray for rain. VAST SKY Every day we wonder if today it will finally fall. PMS 278 7
  9. 9. Monotone Triad Signature Palette 8
  10. 10. SILVER BIRCH Trees as bare as everything else out here. PMS Warm Grey 7 BONE Hope it’s no one you know basking in the sun. PMS Cool Grey 1 WORN SADDLE The tanned leather hide is all that separates you from raw animal power. PMS 715 9
  11. 11. Color Textures 10
  12. 12. Analogous Warm Complementary 11
  13. 13. 12
  14. 14. WEARING THE WESTERN FRONT While Cowboy Sunset might seem too bold to be used in your everyday wardrobe, think again. Take inspiration from the cowboys themselves. Wear a button-down or a jacket in Cowboy Sunset, or accessorize with a bright red- orange bandana around your neck. 13
  15. 15. BRINGING THE WILD WEST INDOORS Cowboy Sunset lends itself incredibly well to interiors and home decorating. Consider painting corner rooms that receive a lot of light in Cowboy Sunset, or covering a couch or chair in an open room in red-orange fabric. Bright pops of Cowboy Sunset in the form of appliances or furnishings can help tie a room together. Placing pieces of artwork that use Cowboy Sunset on the wall is a great way to add visual interest in a space. 14