Open Source Technologies for Engg Students


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Opportunities in learning OST

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Open Source Technologies for Engg Students

  1. 1. Workshop on Open Source & Web Technologies at PCMT by Brainware Baguiati
  2. 2. Why Open Source      Huge Market , Can work from home. Unlimited Job Opportunities still exist today in Kolkata Top IT companies also moving into Open Source In a turbulent economy and regardless of the health of the overall IT job market, open source jobs remain a consistent source of career growth for technology. It certainly is a good time to have expertise in open source technologies. The jobs are out there.
  3. 3. Open Source Technologies  Easy to learn  Options of Job and Freelancing or both.  Freelancing an advantage for India - all work done from home online with Internet connection
  4. 4. LIMITED JOB OPPORTUNITIES IN CORPORATES  Number of IT Jobs in corporate companies have not grown much  Campus placements in Kolkata colleges is decreasing gradually.  Open source technologies are an alternative and has enjoyed exponential growth.
  5. 5. Growth of Freelance Opportunities Growth in online freelance work has grown exponentially over last three years  Corporate computing has not grown much as compared  Rapid shifts in technology 
  6. 6. Platforms  HTML/CSS  Javascript / JQuery  LAMP–Linux,Apache,MySQL,PHP  Ajax  Wordpress/Joomla/Drupal/Magento
  7. 7. Freelance Websites
  8. 8. How to Start Freelancing with No Experience Choose Your Craft  Just about everything can be outsourced these days. Create a Brand  Create a strong brand that sets you apart from the competition. Your brand is your identity (i.e. your website, blog and social media accounts) Build a Portfolio and Source Testimonials  Prospective clients are not concerned with qualifications; they simply want to see what you have done in the past and judge whether it is the right fit for them. Start Pitching  You should only seek paying clients when you are able to demonstrate your abilities and your reputation with a quality portfolio and testimonials. Play the Odds  Ultimately, securing freelance work is a numbers game — the more prospective clients you contact, the more likely you are to find work.
  9. 9. Frustration everywhere Job Applicants: Sending resumes and no response Tech Companies: Can’t hire the people they need Recruiters: Can’t present best potential employees to the tech companies
  10. 10. Not all “doom & gloom”  There ARE open source technology jobs if you have certain specific skills!  You can prepare to compete!  and You can get a JOB ! “The rise of open source jobs is part of a broader trend. We’re seeing tremendous tech job growth everywhere.” - NASSCOM
  11. 11. Things to consider  What do you want to do?  What are your skills ?  What kind of company “fits” you ?  What do they want you to do ?  What skills are they expecting ?  What is their company culture ?
  12. 12. Can you do it?  Self evaluation  Acquire skills in tune with market trends  Analyze the job descriptions  Look for fits with your own skills
  13. 13. Questions ?
  14. 14. Please register online at : SHOUBHIK ROY / SANDEEP BAJORIA Email : M : +91 98319 28362 / +91 98309 36993 web :