8051 microcontroller and embedded system


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8051 microcontroller and embedded system

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION TO MICROCONTROLLERSAND EMBEDDED SYSTEMS Created By: Sachin Bhalavat (Elect. & Comm. Engg.)
  2. 2. AGENDA What are embedded systems? How do we implement them? What is a microcontroller? Developing embedded applications using MCU’s.
  3. 3. EMBEDDED SYSTEMS An embedded system is a special purpose system that is used to perform one or few dedicated functions. Simply, we can call any electronic device that has a computer system embedded inside it an embedded system.
  4. 4. EMBEDDED SYSTEMS (CONT.) Embedded systems are made to perform few tasks only, after implementation you can’t use them for another purposes. Ex. You can’t watch movies using the microprocessor of your microwave oven!!
  5. 5. EMBEDDED SYSTEMSEXAMPLES Digital and analog televisions Set-top boxes (DVDs, VCRs, Cable boxes) Personal digital assistants (PDAs) MP3’s and iPods Kitchen appliances (refrigerators ,microwave ovens) Telephones/cell phones Cameras Global Positioning Systems And many others.
  6. 6. WHAT IS A MICROCONTROLLER? It’s a full computer system on a chip, even if its resources are far more limited than of a desktop personal computer. Designed for stand alone operations.
  7. 7. WHAT IS A MICROCONTROLLER?(CONT.) A microcontroller has a processor and many peripherals integrated with it on the same chip, like a flash memory, RAM, I/O ports, serial communication ports, ADC …Etc. A Timer Module to allow the MCU to perform tasks for certain time periods. A Serial I/O Port to allow data to flow between the MC and other devices such as a PC or another MCU. An ADC to allow the MCU to accept analog inputs for processing. But a microprocessor can’t do all the functions of a computer system on its own, and needs another circuits to support it like: I/O devices, RAM, ROM, DMA controllers, Timers,
  8. 8. So.. What’s the difference betweena microcontroller and amicroprocessor system?
  9. 9. COMPARISON :Sr.NO Microprocessor Microcontroller .1. A microprocessor is a chip that A microcontroller is a single chip micro dependent on the chip of many computer that has everything in-built function.2. A mp contain ALU register and A contains the circuitry of a MP and control circuit has built in RAM, ROM, I/O devices, timers and counter3. It has few bit manipulation It has many bit manipulation instruction instruction.4. It has less number of It has more number of multifunctional multifunctional pins pins.5. They have large memory address They have small memory address space. space.6. Design is very flexible. Design is less flexible.7. MP based system required more MC based system required less hardware hardware
  10. 10. POPULARMICROCONTROLLERS 8051 (Intel and others) 80386 EX (Intel) PIC (Microchip) 68HC05 (Motorola) Z8 (Zilog)