Original Material Of The Motorway Completed


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Original Material Of The Motorway Completed

  1. 1. Original material of the motorway Within this PowerPoint, I have enclosed images of the motorway me and Amanda took, while we were filming, also, images of myself and Amanda taking the images. This is further evidential proof that the images are original and not copyrighted, as the brief we were given specifically stated that we have to use original material. I have only included a couple of still images of the motorway as we mainly filmed the cars, however, it is a little proof to show what we were filming. By Sarah Gaffey - 0854 Centre Number - 33751
  2. 2. Motorway Above, is two images of proof of the motorway, myself and Amanda were stood on a bridge over the motorway so we could capture the material we needed and not dazzle any drivers.
  3. 3. Here are two images of the motorway from both sides of the bridge. Using the editing software, I could use two images and transparent them together. As we have filmed the cars, I could make them go faster or slower, therefore, conveying the girl in the video running away.
  4. 4. Myself Here is a long side shot of myself filming the cars on the motorway and a close up, over the shoulder shot to show myself and what I am filming. This is to show proof of myself taking original material.
  5. 5. I have only a couple of proof images of myself filming the motorway. On the left you can see I am looking through the video camera to see exactly what I am filming and the angles and shots I want to capture. On the right you can see from a different angle myself on the bridge filming the cars.
  6. 6. Amanda Here, I have taken pictures of Amanda filming the motorway. An over the shoulder shot to show what Amanda is filming and a side shot to prove it is Amanda who is filming the original material.
  7. 7. Here, is to final shots of Amanda, I have only included a couple of images as I am only proving we took the images. Here are two shots of Amanda on the bridge.
  8. 8. Thank you for watching. I hope it was a clear evidential PowerPoint of original material. These images are proof to show both me and Amanda took part in contributing into the media production.