Original Material Of Dam House And Heaton Park Completed


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Original Material Of Dam House And Heaton Park Completed

  1. 1. Original Material of Dam House and Heaton Park Images taken by myself By Sarah Gaffey - 0854 Centre Number - 33751 The images in this PowerPoint are original proof material of the images taken by myself at Dam House and Heaton Park. Clearly showing everything we use throughout the brief is our own material, and evidence that I myself have taken the images, showing it is our own work.
  2. 2. Here I was taking pictures of the pond, to show the surrounding we would be working with. The images aren’t very visible due to technical mishaps. These three images shows my photography skills and media, knowing that I need to capture an image from several different angles to capture the full surroundings and from different angles. Dam House
  3. 3. As I visited Dam House without the rest of my team members, to show my own research and my participation towards the group. Here I have two long shots and a medium shot which clearly captures most of the surroundings behind me to prove I personally took the images of Dam House.
  4. 4. Dam House is a small area, so to be on the safe side, I had a lot of pictures taken, also from different angles of myself, to show constant evidence of the original images taken. The images show pictures of the pond again and the trees surrounding the area, as we could use this in close ups with the cast in the music video.
  5. 5. Finally, more images of myself taking pictures of Dam House. I personally thought it was better to take as many pictures of myself as possible, to show throughout the photo shoot session that I was the permanent photography. The evidence is not only proof of the original images, but also evidence of my input to the research for the whole group.
  6. 6. Heaton Park Like Dam House, I visited Heaton Park without my team mates to help them out by getting evidence of the locations. Here are two long shots, a side view and a frontal view, to show proof that myself have taken the images of the location myself, to show there are no copyrighted images.
  7. 7. Here, are three images from different angles to show evidence of original imaging, matching the images I took with the camera. Also, proving that once again, throughout the shoot I am taking the images. As you can see I do not only have me in the images but also a double of what I am taking a picture of and other surroundings.
  8. 8. Here, are more images of myself taking pictures of the Heaton Hall. As Heaton Park is a large place, I took a range of original images, however, I have evidence of several images of my taking pictures just to give an over view that the images are not copyrighted. I personally, think I could use this area to show flashbacks in the music video.
  9. 9. Thank you for watching. Apologies if any images weren’t very clear, yet the whole point of the PowerPoint is proof of my input with the media product, also, to show all the images are original, proving this by showing I am taking the pictures.