Chosen Location Idea


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Chosen Location Idea

  1. 1. Chosen location idea Once we found that we were unable to get to the location of the beach as It was in an inconvenient place, and the project was very time consuming, we had a back up place to find somewhere closer, convenient and in which would still present the music video with its full potential. Near college is a little nature park, I personally went down and took pictures to show my teams mates to consider this location as it is so near to us. Again, I visited Heaton Park as I thought, too this would be a suitable place to shoot the music video and with the images I took of the park portrayed the ideas we had in mind for the music video. We thought these locations weren’t more convenient. Within this PowerPoint I have enclosed images from the internet which inspired us to find a similar location, and the similarities in the parks we found. By Sarah Gaffey - 0854 Centre Number - 33751
  2. 2. This image on the left, I found on the internet. As you can see it is a magnificent view, with the snow and the bright leaves. As we would be filming in the winter, the leaves and weather would hopefully have a similar effect, however, if the weather isn’t what we want we don’t mind it being cold, and a bit murky. The image on the right is an image I took in Dam House, to show the brightness of the leaves we will be working with in the winter. The leaves are significant to the music video as they are going to be thrown into the air, and when they fall to the ground they turn into colour, standing out on the black and white screen. Conveying the “seasons changing.”
  3. 3. On the left are images we found on the internet, theses mages are taken from New York, Central Park, as the band is called New York Summer, I thought it would be useful to see the images that represent New York, in order for us to possible try and capture to represent ‘New York Summer.’ Below is an original image I took from Heaton Park. As you can see the images are very similar with the trees from either side creating an arch way. Obviously the image from Heaton Park isn’t as outstanding as the sites you get from New York, but we are limited to were we can go, and with the golden crispy leaves the image below is the style we were looking for, for the music video. In terms of the storyboard we will use this area of Heaton Park, to show the girl running away from all the heart breaks she has had.
  4. 4. The image on the left, again is an image taken from an American park. As you can see the tree that is curved is a unique shape for a tree, this would be good for the CD cover, with the name of the album written up the tree. This is too an attractive scene, which would come in handy in incorporating into the music video. The two images below, again, I took from Heaton Park and Dm House. What made me take this picture was because the tree was standing on its own and the colours on the tree were outstanding, I thought it was a beautiful image. The two images are slightly similar, that with a tree standing on its own, even though there were no bridges like in the background of the top image, the tree below is slightly curved and could be used within the music video. For still shots to put into split screens. I personally want to use these images for a photo-shoot to use for the CD cover and advertisement.