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Weather proof homes paper presentation


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Housing for the future when the climate is constantly changing along with increase in sea levels and ever-increasing population.

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Weather proof homes paper presentation

  1. 1. Weather Proof Homes Living With the Change… A Presentation by Shadaab Sayyed
  2. 2. Introduction The weather today is changing due to human activities and there is urgent need of building structures that are safe and that can respond to the change in environment There are people all over the globe working to provide solution to this constantly growing problem of Housing and land shortage Weather Proof Homes
  3. 3. Since the beginning of universe there are always calamities and disasters that have engulfed the living organism. Even the creation of earth was a result of disaster that the Sun underwent Disasters like The 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami and a series of calamities that make us work so that future doesn’t experience what past went through.
  4. 4. Ideology Working against the nature is a very difficult task We humans can build tall sky scrapers but without the normal reaction from the earth they won’t stand a chance. Like for an instance during floods water is considered to be a problem instead we can design structures that can take benefit from it. Working With Nature and Not Against it!
  5. 5. Forces Of Nature Wind Can nurture life but at times can blow away civilizations. Water Life is said to be evolved from water but instances arrive when water is the cause of disaster And a lot more…
  6. 6. Wind Wind is a vital part of our environment and is essential for our existence. Wind has a violent potential that has ruined the life of many people Tornados, Hurricanes and storms are problems that have destructed the structures and winds with high velocity posses the potential to destroy cities
  7. 7. Wind Problems
  8. 8. Wind Solution Aerodynamic models are been worked upon for area like open fields, grasslands and deserts. Just according to our ideology Working with nature These models instead of resisting the air provide them a direction to pass through The two designs in the slide are designs of an American Architect Ted Givens, 10 Design. The models proposed by Ted Givens are based on the Turtle Mentality where the turtle withdraws his head into its shell when a threat is sighted. These models were subjected to a number of Computer analysis and some flaws were found the model is being revised to eliminate those drawbacks. Building these structures is costly so cheaper alternatives are being explored
  9. 9. Covers about 70.8% of the total area of the earth. It is a very important constituent of our life without which life cannot be sustained. Being an important constituent there are many times when water has became the problem like the floods, Tsunami and destroyed cities and towns. Currently the greatest problem that people on the earth, that is we are facing is the rising sea levels. The land available for use is shrinking day by day…
  10. 10. Water Problems Water posses a major surface area of the earth and hence also poses a major threat to us. Coastal regions are always affected due to change in sea levels and tides. Tsunami’s that took place a few years age were devastative and destroyed a life and property of many people. Due to global warming there is rise in sea levels and the coastal areas are subjected to submergence. Some islands like Maldives are already being submerged. So the land available to us is shrinking day by day and we need to develop a counter measure to this problem
  11. 11. Water is not the Problem but a part of solution. Float houses are very good solution to problems we face during floods. Boats don’t sink in water even during floods so why not build houses that work on the same principle as that of the boats. House built on this concept posses the ability to float over water instead of sinking into water. There area townships built in many countries which have floating houses. These houses can raise or lower to about 5m from their level to respond to change in water levels
  12. 12. Floating Structures Innovation The floating stadium design is having volume equal to that of an Olympic stadium and can be move from one place to another just by pulling it through the ropes or chains Just image a football match in the midst of an ocean.
  13. 13. This benefit wasn’t planned or calculated but came as an add-on or to say a free package with the design of floating structures. The floating structures don’t have a fixed base so instead of being stiff and resisting the winds they move and transfer the vibrations to the water. Hence the fracture in structure is avoided. These structures thus serve two purposes.
  14. 14. More Space… As seen from the pie chart about 70% of the surface of earth is covered with water. The Land available is just about 30% that we haven’t used half of the world. There are positions on the sea that are yet unexplored. By using the concept of floating structure can be used to utilize the surface of the earth which can to some extent relax our problems regarding availability of space for housing and other utilities.
  15. 15. S These Structures can prove to be safe dwelling for the future The problem for area can be solved to some extent by using the concept of float houses The concept of float houses can provide a one time solution to countries which are seasonally submerged into water Countries having barren lands, grasslands or open fields can have safe houses even when strong winds are subjected to these areas if aerodynamic structures are used
  16. 16. Disadvantages Cost is high as material used is costly Skilled Labour is required Regular maintenance is required Improper designing can lead to failure of entire structure
  17. 17. These structures can be used to great extent but there are certain parameters that restrain its use. Use of these structures can be of a great aid to the problems that we’re observing now and are being predicted for the future.