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HnyB Incubations


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HnyB Incubations

  2. 2. WHAT IS HNYB Next generation of innovators and inventors to build Successful Technology Companies by creating entrepreneurial environment that facilitate collaboration and provides ecosystem required to take ideas from concept to reality. HnyB intends to be a platform helping
  3. 3. WHAT IS HNYB Universities & Academic Institutions Entrepreneurs & Innovators Corporates & Industry Associations Government Bodies & Facilitators Venture Capital & Investors Mentors & Experts HnyB is an Ecosystem to Nurture Innovation
  4. 4. SNAPSHOT • Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud Segment • Start Ups Orientation • 10,000 to 15,000 Sq Feet Center at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India and 5 Extension Centers (1500 to 2000 Sq Feet Each) at Partner Academic Institution Location • 15 Start-Ups Per Batch @Center, 15 Start-Ups per Batch @Extension Centers, 30 Start- Ups @Virtual Incubation Size • 18 Months Incubation – 6 Month Exit Planning - Extension of 12 Months (Conditional) Cycle Period
  5. 5. WHY HNYB – INCUBATEES AND START-UPS End to End facilitation from Idea to Market Fit to Prototype to Go to Market to Growth Support on Technology Identification and Implementation for Most Optimum Products Gain from a community of advisors, experts, mentors, institutions, corporates and investors Access state of the art business and research infrastructure including two CoE TechLabs Receive complete business services including Strategy, Technology, Marketing, HR, Legal from in-house team Collaborate with like minded founders from across the world build a strong A - team with passionate professionals Learn critical skills thru customized interactive training sessions, grooming and nurturing along with International Exposure Hand holding in leveraging Government support for Start-Ups Find trusted service providers to fill the gaps Get seed/angle funding or raise venture capital Empowering You to Focus on Innovations.
  6. 6. WHY HNYB – INVESTORS Supported (up to 50% subsidy) by State Govt. and Central Government (Approval Expected). Letter of Intent received from two private institution and efforts are underway to get many more on board. Multiple Revenue Streams including Exit in Equity of Incubatees, Consulting to Corporates & Institutions, Fees from Partner Academic Institutions, Use of CoE by Corporates. Break-Even expected by 5th Year (Amongst best in the Industry). Valuation of 3X to 6X in 3 Years. Great Returns while Doing Good.
  7. 7. INCUBATEE JOURNEY - KEY STAGES Idea Prototype Product Market Validate Idea based on Best Practices with support of Industry Experts and Real- Time Market Intelligence Create Awesome Prototype using most effective advance cutting edge Technology under guidance of best in the Industry, get Prototype validated by Target Audience, Usability Experts and Technology Leaders Build a Product Strategy, assisted by team of Strategists, Marketing Wizards, Growth Hackers Go to Market empowered by Resources, Support and Expertise
  8. 8. INCUBATEE JOURNEY Idea Start- Up Prototype Product Roll Out Break- Even Growth Expansion Maturity Incubation Acceleration Exit
  9. 9. HNYB JOURNEY Incorporation • 25th March 2014 Planning & Research • 25th March 2014 to 1st July 2016 • Study of Incubation/Funding Models, Business Model Finalization, Policy Facilitation, Roll Out Planning Execution & Launch • 1st July 2016 to 1st November 2016 • Application to Govt. of India (Approval expected by 1st October 2016) • Application to Govt. of Gujarat (Approval expected by 15th September 2016) • MoUs with 10 Academic Institution by 15th November 2016 • Identification of 10 Incubatees by 15th November 2016 • Center Operational by 15th November 2016 • Launch of Activities with Academic Institutions, Funding Bodies and Incubatees 1st Batch • 1st January 2017 to 31st December 2018 • 15 Incubatees @ Center • 15 Incubatees @ Extension Center • 30 Incubatees @ Virtual
  10. 10. HNYB REVENUE STREAM Consulting & Advisory • Institutions • Incubation Center setup and management • Course Design and Entrepreneurship Development • Corporates • Innovation Mindset & Center development Center of Excellence & Tech Lab • Big Data & Cloud Computing • Problem Solving, Idea Validation, Infrastructure Access • Mobility & Internet of Things • Problem Solving, Idea Validation, Infrastructure Access, Product Development Facilitation Fees • Academic Institutions – Mentoring, Nurturing, Training (Trainers & Student), Events, Workshops, Internship Equity Sales • Series A – 30% of Batch (3rd Year Exit) • Series B – 20% of Batch (4th Year Exit) • Series C/IPO – 10% of Batch (5th Year Exit)
  11. 11. THANK YOU For Info please contact – Deepak Pareek, Co-Founder HNYB TECH-INCUBATIONS PRIVATE LIMITED +91 9898269489