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Blink - Let your ideas Blink - EdTech & New Media - Student Project


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Presentation of a student idea in New Media class. How to use New Media to enhance education. Creators agreed to let me share their slides online. Thanks for that! Hope it inspires.

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Blink - Let your ideas Blink - EdTech & New Media - Student Project

  4. 4. is L, C _i O: 1 I t 1. <¢'n-(I x
  5. 5. /“GD Satisfaction level for Thai education system? 15 - 6 H 11 13 Best: 5 4 7;; A I : 2. 4 5 _
  6. 6. What is BECAN K?
  7. 7. Strengths CJHCI ° Weaknesses
  8. 8. :-. ... Q@ ~ fire. C. L/ >jIecTive
  9. 9. If there is an application that provides you free tutoring, will you be interested? Yes 50 ‘E 3 '3‘ ; No 5 ' 9OPercen’r said Yes Do you think this application should be accessed anytime and anywhere? Yes 50 '32 #3‘; NO 4 -1‘: I:
  10. 10. L F TI TI. ” Application
  11. 11. CD T/ PAT GUIDELINES (2010-2013 TESTS) UPDATE: GA 5 tumult: .go What's going on? NEW! Indiana University Scholarship 2015: Undergraduate scholarships New! 2015 Undergratuate Quotas: Faculty of Food Technology, KMITL HOT! SWU Direct Admission 2015 Calender non CU Open house 2015: 1547 November HOTI TU Direct Admission 2015 (7 programs) HOT! 2016-2017 AFS Candidates Final Annoucement ‘l'Ips&Tricks: GAT (Analyzing skill) Test survival skill: 100 items in 2 hours! ? Admission lst time: Are a pencil and an eraser are enough? International students What if I want to study Medicine In Thailand’?
  12. 12. I lome Annoucement Live stream tutoring classes Videos liitiwiction Maths Science Social Language Health Arts Creativity Life skills lOl Blackboard Quiz Annoucement Live stream tutoring classes Videos I’ iujl mi Maths Science Biology Chemistry Physics Astronomy Geoscience Creativity Life skills I01 Blackboard Quiz
  13. 13. Latest Recommended Max361 BPA VS. Non BPA: What's better? Sara95 Polyatomic lons You Need To Know Faiiza678 Don't give your dog a chocolate! BLINKME Easy Way To Grow Borax Crystal Snowflakes Sponsored Home Chemicals To De-Ice Your Windshield 012Jean What Is a Pure Substance? Definition and Examples BLINKME Over 20 Fun Kltchen Science Experiments tor Klds Noonamph How Much Does a cloud weigh? Sponsored This is the reason why turkey has white and dark meat BLINKME what Alcohol Proof Means Polntcuriy What Are the Three Primes of Alchemy? Newke Easy Ways To Remove Fluoride from Tap Water FUYTI 0 T. Auralwan is online I'm curious. What is BPA and why is it better to use BPA-tree food containers? '3: Pimthepig: Yes. I've seen lots of them in supermarket and it's quite expensive to get one. Is it worth to have BPA water bottles instead of disposable water bottles? 3, n Jeaniya: Disposable bottles are made lrom plastic that cannot be reusable because subsatnces in this type of plastic may harm you it you reuse it. P‘ T. Auraiwan Good job Jeaniya! That substance is called BPA stands for bisphenol A. is found in polycarbonate plastics which are often used in food and beverages containers including water bottles. Some reserchers say that BPA can leak into containing food can effects brain and reproductive function. The reserch about BPA is still ongoing so for protection, using a BPA-tree containers is the best solution we have now. + Wow. Thank you! Now I have to be careful.
  14. 14. B|3Q3'NK on Insiragrom
  15. 15. Today gr‘; ,4; blinkmeof-ficial pcisi . 'B; gN'K blinkmeofficial The establishment of the Laos xs People's Democratic Republic 5‘ A n‘ “ "t? H ME
  16. 16. ‘w‘ . '1:li'iI"“ gtégg blinkmeofficial J] s1;@ -1.. . T at OPEN A Boilleg 0- an elasllcbqnd -'-Q-‘ Q a Let iitoughts (D_ WWI‘ qh © 3 [ON K . 213:3‘; “Ell = [-? '—‘] ‘JP 0 E -Q: . -1(5): wnkyoill
  17. 17. I capnuttaphol, careyhhh neweeklz when you flmsli a paragraph, you ll qetl gummy bear‘ Thrs‘ll make your studying more tastier n tzblllwkiseverywhere an (_D| failprst Mlfid rnapping lb 3 gsaar way to rel; ym; remember ideas. ronccpfi. actails. are their relation to each other in a quid. arc :35, may. ubiinkiscvcrymkcrc #b| ini<iseverywhere
  18. 18. B| _'3§'NK On VouTube
  19. 19. Let your thoughts B | iQ'N K BLINK HQ‘/5 ul: Ec v-: v_ls‘ CHA‘. r.E_ #3007 Let your brain thought GAY by P Lookgolf -. ~ Chemistry by Ajarn Au _ . >' . . } | ..= : Bl INK Tensor (ntficml) «if > €1Il‘u: lolii’ci; (on Let your thoughts B L9-‘N K BLINK (-
  20. 20. Q Uolond | _'3C>'3'N K iwritma ’*b*"““ji 3 R o '9 ERROR » rws"3:. ms‘mu E P t°or° f‘maysfs De/ TootWOrL_ '. ‘.‘e ave Mu Samar t l3 easy I: understand _ ig Tl'*5r~Ay: i.lBl pk Eecognxt- j ; - § to Arvazmg 3 l ‘ 'ham; t<: rw: te: s . . '9 English by Kru Somsri GAT by P Loakgolf s A in Math by Sun k fl Lulu " About *1 $ _ _ Started on Aug 3. 2013 , y Chemistry by Ajarn Au 31-. 4 . Inn Show move
  21. 21. BL5C73N K on Fcicebook
  22. 22. -«I Timeline . ‘ Download or use this app. Let your thoughts B | iQ"N K _-. -.; ._ 5 BJIWK EL l'. i '-3 12 MOST MISUNDERSTOOD WORDS IN ENGLISH LHISTORICAL . 2.NOVEL 3.LESS
  23. 23. —-E. LET YOUR THOUGHTS
  24. 24. Satisfaction level for Thai education system? Least 1 7 2 21 i 3 16 - l‘ 4 6 ll l Best 5 74 ll ro 4- iii