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  1. 1. LogoParent Company TataCategory Mobile service providerSector TelecommunicationTagline/ Slogans Do the New; Because Life changes in secondsUSP Pioneer to introduce Per second pulseSTPSegment Middle and upper middle classTarget Group Students; senior citizensPositioning Pay only as per use by the Simplicity of plansSWOT AnalysisStrength 1.Flexible plans 2.Good advertising 3.High brand visibility 4.Youth appeal, assistance/ JV from NTT Docomo (Japan), VAS 5.Ability to attract customers with various plansWeakness 1.Price competition from BSNL and MTNL 2.Service centre issues
  2. 2. 3.Untapped Rural Market 4.Price Higher than BSNL and MTNL 5.Simlar and monotonous plans schemesOpportunity 1.Fast expanding cellular market 2.Latest and low cost technology 3.Untapped rural market 4.Value added servicesThreats 1.Competitors low price offering 2. Saturation point in Basic telephony service 3.Mobile Number PortabilityCompetitionCompetitors 1.Reliance 2.Idea 3.Vodafone 4.Airtel 5.Aircel 6.MTNL 7.BSNL 8.Uninor 9.Tata Indicom 10.Virgin
  3. 3. VISIONWe will leverage our strength in executing complex global- scale projects tomake leading edge information and communication services affordable by allindividual consumers and business in india. We will offer unparalleled value tocreate customer delight and enhance business productivity. We will also generatevalue for our capabilities beyond indian borders while enabling millions ofIndia‘s knowledge workers to deliver their services globallyOpportunityHave a great opportunity to expand its servicesTo introduce any new plans for internet usersIntroduce 3g compatible service.To introduce new combined plans like sms ,internet,calling integrated offersTATA DOCOMO PRICING STRATEGY Tata DoCoMo appears to bebanking heavily on its tariff plans – the companyoffers a 1 secondpulse instead of the usual 1 minute pulse that othertelecomoperators were offering. This means that consumers are chargedon a persecond basis, instead of a per minute basis, and end upsaving money on unusedseconds. A nifty little application ―Howmuch can you really save
  4. 4. ‖ on DoCoMo‘s website explains howthis works. Rs. 0.01/second is a markedchange from the Re 1/minandRs. 0.49/min charges that usually apply.Now whilethis plan might sound unique, it isn‘t that it hasn‘t beentried before: back in2004, Tata Indicom had launched 1 secondpulse plans, which going by theircurrent plans, appears to have beenshelved. At present, Tata DoCoMo haslaunched voice portals, 24-hourmusic, cricket commentary and voice chat, apartfrom offering free Missed Call Alerts and Voicemail. Interestingly, voice basedservices are also being priced with aper-second-pulse: 24 hour music and voicechat are priced at Rs.0.02/second. Caller Tune search service ‗Genie‘ is alsobeing priced at Rs. 0.02/second. This is a marked change, again, from the perminute pricing, and can offer consumers cheaper optionsTata DoCoMo launched ‗Keep it Simple‘ campaign withRabirKapoor!Cutting through the clutter that the Indian telecom landscapefinds itself in—with customers forced to jostleComplicated products, services and tariff plans—Tata DOCOMO is ‗Doing theNew‘ again, with the launch of its new brand campaign, aptly titled ‗Keep ItSimple‘. Tata DOCOMO‘s uniqueKeep It SimpleCampaign is in a form of a stand-up comedy show with many episodes, whichwill be aired during the course of this IPL season. It focuses largely on how TataDOCOMO simplifies the telecom experience, and hence the consumer‘s life, byproviding differentiated products and services. Each individual advertisementstarts by illustrating a complexity in the category, and presents the TataDOCOMO product and/or service as a means of simplifying things. Thiscampaign is simple, captures the various moods of Ranbir—depicting those ofTata DOCOMOSelf Analysis
  5. 5. differentiate themselves on VAS platform. In the VAS space also we would replicate the payper second model, which is in line with our strategy to simplify.