Sporting apparel & footwear segment         ReeFit Zone                   -Fitness ReeDefinedSayan AdityaIMT Ghaziabad7503...
Reebok               Brand Positioning                                               Brand Offerings•Reebok is positioned ...
ReeFit Zone-Service Idea               Service Idea                                                  Brand connect• Reebok...
ReeFit Zone-Service Positioning                 Positioning                                             Merchandising•ReeF...
ReeFit Zone-Business Model•The ReeFit Zone chain of gyms will start off from leading metros : Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai , Che...
Promoting ReeFit Zone                                             Three modes of                                          ...
ReeFit Zone-Cricket Events                                                                             •Maximum brand conn...
ReeFit Zone-Marathon & Music          Marathon Events                                                 Music Events•A total...
ReeFit Zone- MTV                                      ReeFit Zone                                                      -Fi...
ReeFit Zone- Online modes         Facebook promos                                       Online communities•Online promotio...
Reebok              ReeFit Zone: Summary   Fitness                       Fun                Fitness                    Fun...
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Lms sayan aditya_imt ghaziabad

  1. 1. Sporting apparel & footwear segment ReeFit Zone -Fitness ReeDefinedSayan AdityaIMT Ghaziabad7503527856
  2. 2. Reebok Brand Positioning Brand Offerings•Reebok is positioned as a premium sports and lifestyle •Reebok offers products in footwear and apparel primarilybrand with a focus on fitness and training. in three segments for both men and women•It targets three segments : Own women’s sport, challenge •Toning (2009)- Footwear collection (EasyTone) andin Men’s sport and revive classics. apparel launched in 2010•Reebok aims to make fitness fun through offering toning, •Conditioning(2010)-Zigtech footwear collection andconditioning and flexibility products. apparel collection for men, women and kids.•Successful launches includes EasyTone ,Zigtech, •Flexibilty-2011-RealFlex footwear collectionRealFlex. •Reebok Classics: primarily for the lifestyle segment•The Brand aims to contemporize itself with the youth by aimed to look trendy and fashionable. Marketed underleveraging associations like fitness, fun, stylish and good Reebok Lite brand Brand Associations Event sponsorships•Reebok primarily associated with Fitness and Fun with acombined message of Fitness through Fun •Reebok sponsors sports events and is associated as•Its primary associations with sports athletes-Lewis official apparel partner for a number of events like-NHLHamilton, Peyton manning, MS Dhoni helps the brand ,NLL,MLB, NFL (USA) , hockey world cup 2011connect to its customers through sports. •Official apparel sponsors for Zimbabwe cricket, and a lot•Associations with Bipasha Basu promotes the lifestyle of football teams(Reebok stadium, Bolton).brand through imagery of style, fashion, trendy ,modern. •Already promoting fitness through partnership with CROSSFIT games. A huge success in the US.•These strong associations give Reebok ample •Reebok lends support to events that promotes fitnessroom for expansion in the fitness category to drive through fun.further growth ReeFit Zone
  3. 3. ReeFit Zone-Service Idea Service Idea Brand connect• Reeboks strong fitness association gives it adequatescope for category extension into something thatprovides fitness through fun and for a modern trendylifestyle.• Staying fit has become a rage with Indian youth as theyget more cautious about how they look and about how fitthey are.•The fitness and health industry is growing at 12% CAGRand the size is Rs 800 cr. With male: female spending of70:30 and up market penetration of only 35%•This gives ample opportunity for Reebok to launchits fitness and health club “ReeFit Zone” at mediumpricing range targeting SEC A1 ,A2 ,B1 , B2 youth tomiddle aged people(18-45) who aspire to stay healthyand fit.•The fitness club will tap the nascent and growing market • The past 3-4 years Reeboks brand proposition hasof staying fit through exercises and at the same time be centered around providing fitness solutions.the propeller for Reeboks frontline product sales of •ReeFit Zone –the health and fitness club fromfootwear and apparel collection. Reebok will not only complement its current offerings• Reebok’s partnership with CrossFit will also help in but will bring in a new set of customers likely fromproviding inputs to further enhance its service through competitors (Nike) which will bolster sale in mediumReeFit Zone. run and further build brand equity in long run. ReeFit Zone
  4. 4. ReeFit Zone-Service Positioning Positioning Merchandising•ReeFit Zone to be positioned as a fitness and health •ReeFit Zone is conceptualized to drive the originalsolution provider with focus on weight loss training , brand and to complement the fitness offering .fitness increase programs, and weight training. •Hence every club will house a mini ReeStore housing the various brand offerings both footwear and apparel.•To enroll customers have to subscribe in membership •Interested members can check the catalogue for newformat of 1,3,6,12 or 36 months. arrivals and get discounts on multiple purchases.•The club will be the main spot for promotion of •This has the potential to drive apparel and footwearReebok products with posters and wall paper sales further up.decorations promoting fitness products like ReeZig, •Members with 3 year membership will be given specialRealFlex etc. Reebok cards with which they can shop at Reebok outlets and get special privileges.•It has to be priced in the range that it becomes •All this will better connect the customer with theaffordable to SEC B2 brand and will entrench the fitness factor into•Our target group is age group (18-45) SEC Reebok’s brand equity.A1,A2,B1,B2. ReeFit Zone
  5. 5. ReeFit Zone-Business Model•The ReeFit Zone chain of gyms will start off from leading metros : Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai , Chennai•The cost of each ReeFit Zone centre will be around 1.5-1.75 crores with the latest instruments forfitness. At first the company will operate through wholly owned units then as the business expands itcan go through the franchisee route.•During the first year 2 clubs per city will be launched . And in subsequent years the clubs will extend toother Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities.•For Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities a simplified fitness centre can be launched with less cost of equipments(around 75-85 lacs) and hence suit the lesser income but fitness aspiring young groups of tier 2 and tier3 cities.• Reebok’s future plans of introducing good quality footwear for middle income groups will be bolsteredby the presence of Reeboks fitness zone in these lesser populated towns and cities 2-3 years 4-5 years ReeFit Zone Centers ReeFit Zone
  6. 6. Promoting ReeFit Zone Three modes of promotion-Enhancing customer connect Leveraging Cricketing Events Leveraging Marathon and Music Events Dedicated Television Program•Reebok already associated with IPL •36 marathon events in 1 year in India •Dedicated TV program basedteams , Indian Cricket team •With Mumbai ,Goa ,Bangalore and on fitness and tips to stay fit.•IPL 2012 and ICC champions trophy Delhi Marathon being very popular •Show on MTV –ReeFit Zone-towill be leveraged to promote ReeFit •ReeFit Zone to leverage this events reach to Indian youth.Zone •Music shows and band performance •Fitness, Fun, Style ,Modern-to•Also Reebok sponsors MS Dhoni now a rage with youth. be the buzzwords in the show.and Yuvraj Singh. They will be roped •ReeFit Zone-fitness redefined with •Show to replicate the successin as promoters of ReeFit Zone music will associate with such events mantra of Pulsar Stuntmania. to tap the youth ReeFit Zone
  7. 7. ReeFit Zone-Cricket Events •Maximum brand connect Association with IPL 2012 with Youth •Fitness attribute clearly•Both team wise and event wise promotion will be communicateddone. Reebok sponsors KKR,CSK , RCB •Maximum visibility•Event wise ReeFit super sixes will buy the rightswhenever a six is hit during an IPL game. ReeFit zonewill award prizes to the maximum six hitter in the game.•Two ways in which the brand will be highlighted:-a. When a six is hit : replays to promote ReeFit sixes.b. During award ceremony: highest six hitter award . ReeFit Super Sixes•Team wise whenever promo campaigns are done forindividual teams free membership plans for 3 monthswould be given to winners of a competition. Association with ICC Champions Trophy• The competition –” Whats your fitness mantra “ willinvolve the audience during KKR,RCB and CSK •Reebok can become apparel sponsors of two threepromos in their cities and outside. teams. So during the team matches it will get some free•The audience with the best insights gets free air time.membership plan of 3 months. •On the event Reebok will sponsor the super six•Team promos generally happen from team side as domain. Similar to the lines of IPL 2012.well from sponsor side. •Cricket bats of players like MS Dhoni , Yuvraj Singh can•So Reebok and ReeFit zone will organize contest and have ReeFit Zone stickers that will enhance brandwinner gets free ticket to IPL matches. familiarity and recall. ReeFit Zone
  8. 8. ReeFit Zone-Marathon & Music Marathon Events Music Events•A total of 36 marathon events are scheduled during •ReeFit Zone can become associated with Music concerts2011 season in India. of music stars in India like Atif Aslam, Sonu Nigam•Mumbai marathon, Delhi, Goa and Chennai marathon •The message that can be communicated through suchare one of the biggest in India. events – “Fitness ReeDefined with music”•Vodafone , Airtel etc sponsors this marathon events •Becoming title sponsors can give sufficient brandand have gained sufficient recall through it. acquaintance. Title sponsorship can be like this•ReeFit Zone to be the number plate sponsor of eachathlete and hence will gain high visibility ReeFit Zone-The fitness club from Reebok-presents•Also the association with a running event will promoteReebok sports and running footwear and apparel. Sonu Nigam Night at Kolkata stadium•Can go for the Title sponsorship of Mumbai marathon- On 24th October…8 pm onwards…supposed to be the largest marathon event in India Be there•Again the brand attribute Fitness will be underscoredby the association with the marathon
  9. 9. ReeFit Zone- MTV ReeFit Zone -Fitness Reedefined•Music Television or MTV is a rage with Indian youth these days. Afitness program will be hosted on MTV that has mutual benefitboth for the channel and the brand Better youth connect and•Customer engagement shows like this will highlight:- engagement1. MTV VJs working out on ReeFit Zone clubs and giving tips onvarious exercises every week2. Inviting trainers and fitness experts to share their fitness mantra Visualwith the audience experience of3. Inviting participants through a contest to spend a day at theReeFit zone and win exciting goodies from Reebok. actual service offering•For the channel TRP’s can be a huge lucrative offering for adspot.And for the brand ReeFit Zone customer connect and engagementcan be a huge promising factor. Win Win situation for both. Promotion of•Not only ReeFit Zone but the mother brand will also get mother brandhighlighted when work out sessions and tips are given out. Since at no extra costthe shoes apparel being used is of Reebok .•Hence with single expenditure we get double brandpromotion.. ReeFit Zone
  10. 10. ReeFit Zone- Online modes Facebook promos Online communities•Online promotions will be done through Facebook. •An online website to be designed for•A sample of Facebook advertisement has been information on Reebok’s health club.shown below. Estimated target reach of 11.7 million •The same platform to serve as an experience•Facebook pages also to be designed to better centre for the virtual gym. Where customersinform prospective customers on the social media can have a closer look at the equipments.platform. •An option for forming a community will be•Facebook pages to host videos and pictures of there where groups of ReeFit members canReeFit zone to give a visual impact to prospective share fitness tips as well as get advice fromcustomers. fitness expert from the industry.•Again the connect with the mother brand to be •A connect will be established to show howhighlighted –Reebok’s product enhances fitness Reebok’s products will enhance fitness alongtogether with regular exercise at ReeFit Zone. with regular workouts at ReeFit zone.
  11. 11. Reebok ReeFit Zone: Summary Fitness Fun Fitness Fun Category Extension Reebok ReeFit ZoneModern Trendy Health Will help Reebok in delivering a complete fitness solution Capitalize on a market worth 900 crs growing at 15% CAGR Serve as a platform to further promote sale of Reebok shoes and apparel. ReeFit Zone
  12. 12. Stay Fit with ReeFit Zone Thank You