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This document gives basic information about SCSI and its types and their limitations. It is supportive document for the iSCSI presentation uploaded with this document.

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  1. 1. 1) Parallel SCSI: - Parallel SCSI bus gives very High Bandwidth. - Limitation of Parallel SCSI: Limitations of Parallel SCSI Restrictive Distance Capability (few meters only) No. of Connected Devices (8-16) Bandwidth Limitations when more than 1 device Acceptable considering a Workstation or small server
  2. 2. 2) Serial SCSI: - SCSI Architecture Model (SAM) defines a Layered Model. - Serial SCSI Protocols were: 1) Fiber Channel 2) Fire Wire 3) SSA 1) Fiber Channel: -Provides Point to Point connectivity - Connect up to 127 devices - Fiber Channel Limitations: Limitations of FC Price is too high Limited Distance (10-50 km) Interoperability Another Network to maintain