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Isi ppt


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The Institute for Scientific Information ( ISI ) - Thomson Reuters - Web of Science

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Isi ppt

  1. 1. The Institute for Scientific Information ( ISI ) Thomson Reuters – Web of Science 21-02-2016 1
  2. 2. ABOUT ISI Stands for The Institute for Scientific Information Founded by Eugene Garfield in 1960 to provide variety of services to scientists throughout the world Offered bibliographic database services especially citation indexing and analysis Acquired by Thomson Scientific & Healthcare in 1992 & become known as Thomson ISI Now part of the Intellectual Property & Science business of Thomson Reuters 21-02-2016 2
  3. 3. ISI OBJECTIVES To provide information requirements of scientist in many disciplines & at many levels of research To develop machine methods for handling information system Provide citation referenced & indexing in scientific material & scientist literature Production of contents-page services for journal literature To provide series of indexing statements for bibliography of each articles Allows a researcher to identify which articles have been cited most frequently, and who has cited them 21-02-2016 3
  4. 4. PRODUCTS & SERVICES Being a profit making organization sells approx 20 services around the world Provides bibliographic database services Databases: (Core Services ) Citation Index & Analysis Science Citation Index ( SCI ) Social Science Citation Index ( SSCI ) Arts & Humanities Citation Index ( AHCI ) Index Chemicals Registry System ( ICRS ) ISI Highly Cited Index Chemicus Conducted around 300 information –science seminars annually for government, industrial & academic groups continued….. 21-02-2016 4
  5. 5. PRODUCTS & SERVICES Writes average 25 papers a year for professional journals Presentation of various papers at professional meetings Includes Nobel laureates on its board of directors to serve Current Awareness Services Retrospective Search Current Content Services Other Miscellaneous Services 21-02-2016 5
  6. 6. CORE SERVICES Citation Index & Analysis : It maintains citation databases covering thousands of academic journals Published multidisciplinary citation index Produce yearly citation index to all the scientific literature Current Content Services : Provides weekly contents-page coverage of 6 different disciplinary areas Weekly Subject Indexes for literatures in life sciences, clinical practices etc. Science Citation Index (SCI) : Includes multidisciplinary files of 3.2 million sources 36 million cited items Online remote search for 4 weeks of the database which is updated weekly Permuterm Subject Index Continued…. 21-02-2016 6
  7. 7. CORE SERVICES Social Science Citation Index ( SSCI ): Includes citation of social science journals Provides Permuterm Subject Index Arts & Humanities Citation Index ( AHCI ) : Includes citation of Arts & Humanities related journals Index Chemicals Registry System ( ICRS ) : A monthly computer –tape service to the literature of Chemical compounds that permits searches by compound family, specific substances etc. A weekly abstracting service i.e. Current Abstracts of Chemistry & Index Chemicus to chemical literature A monthly printed substructure index ( Chemical Substructure Index ) SDI Service ( Automatic New Structure Alerts – ANSA) for chemical structure literature 21-02-2016 7
  8. 8. ISI HIGHLY CITED ISI Highly Cited is a database of "highly cited researchers"— scientific researchers whose publications are most often cited in academic journals over the past decade, published by the Institute for Scientific Information. Papers in the upper first percentile with respect of their year of publication are called highly cited papers Papers in the upper first percentile based on citation counts of all articles indexed in the Scientific Citation Databases and published in a single, fixed year consider for this Categories includes subjects like Agricultural Sciences, Clinical Medicine, Biology & Biochemistry, Social Sciences – General, Plant & Animal Science, Economics/Business etc. Publication list and biographical details supplied by the researchers are freely available online 821-02-2016
  9. 9. PUBLICATIONS Annual Journal Citation Reports : list of an impact factor for each of the journals that it tracks within the scientific community Publishes Science Watch : a newsletter which identifies every two months one paper published in the previous two years as a "fast breaking paper" in each of 22 broad fields of science, such as Mathematics (including Statistics), Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics Publishes a list of highly cited researchers ISI’s Journal Citation Reports A journal-analysis service that includes various types of citation statistics to provide an objective view of the subject citation of journals & their relative importance as source of review A list of over 14,000 journals is maintained by the ISI which includes list over 1100 arts and humanities journals as well as scientific journals 21-02-2016 9
  10. 10. ISI TODAY Acquired by Thomson Scientific & Healthcare in 1992,under the name Thomson ISI business of Thomson Reuters Now is part of the Intellectual Property & Science business of Thomson Reuters Web of Knowledge : One of the key feature of Thomson Reuters It is suite which encompasses various databases like Web of Science Today ISI is part of Web Science & delivering all its citation & indexing services worldwide 21-02-2016 10
  11. 11. Thank you…