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Mini folio.2013

  1. 1. TOTAL FILM
  2. 2. CUT
  3. 3. J   ASON, HOW WAS IT that point, I felt the scale had WHAT ABOUT THE BODY to sit on the sofa and not be a I f**king hate the green screen ON THE SET WITH changed from the first movie, COUNT? WERE YOU part of it? I’ve made movies that acting [the CGI stuff they do ALL THESE AGEING because there was Arnie! KEEPING SCORE OF WHO were a bit of a headache, but in an empty room]! I’d pay ACTION HEROES? WERE THERE ANY BIG GETS THE MOST KILLS IN this is not that. This is a bunch significant amounts of money A lot of fun. Everyone was WEIGHTLIFTING THE FILM? of good guys getting together. to never have to do it again. messing around and making COMPETITIONS? Ha! I’m sure I have second We all love making action You can’t be yourself against wallies of themselves. You need Have you seen the size of that billing in terms of a body count. movies. That’s what we do. a green screen – you cannot a bit of light relief from all the guy Terry Crews? You can’t lift Actually, maybe third or fourth SO IT WOULD BE FAIR TO fake adrenalin! punching and shooting! more than him. His arms are 25 – further down than some of the SAY YOU ENJOY YOUR FINALLY, A NEW JAMES SO YOU DIDN’T GET inches wide! With those chaps other chaps, anyway! DAY JOB, THEN? BOND MOVIE IS COMING STARSTRUCK? and Sly around, you can forget WAS THERE ANY ON-SET It beats what I used to do: UP. EVER THOUGHT Well, they’re just a bunch of the weights contests! BRAINSTORMING ABOUT selling perfume and jewellery ABOUT BEING 007? normal chaps – but just a little SO YOU WEREN’T ALL A THIRD EXPENDABLES on the street! That’s not really Sure. Who wouldn’t want to bit bigger than the average guy! PUSHING EACH OTHER IN MOVIE? as glamorous as running play James Bond? It’s the best They like fooling around, so THE GYM? Sly has an insatiable appetite around in a big blockbuster film role in the world, so I don’t think they are no different from No, everyone does their own for more, so I’m sure he’s with the likes of Stallone and there’s a working actor who friends who I’ve got. Although thing. Although I will say Scott thinking about the next one Schwarzenegger, is it? There wouldn’t. I’m British, and he they are slightly more Adkins is probably one of the – and the one after that! are a lot of perks. There are the stands for something I grew up recognisable. greatest on-screen fighters WOULD YOU BE negatives, too, but that’s life in on. I’ve seen more Bond movies YOU CAN SAY THAT there is. He had a bad knee INTERESTED IN DOING general, right? than anything else, so there has PICS: Allstar, Wire Image AGAIN… injury when we had our fight A THIRD ONE? AND WHAT ARE THOSE to be something in that… My very first day on set was scene and was due to go for an Yeah, of course.  Do I want NEGATIVES? with Arnold, when we pull a bag operation, but he did the fight off his head and there he is. At anyway. He’s amazing! TA LK TO ZO O ! TERRY CREWS: “HAVE YOU SCOTT ADKINS: “FOUGHT ME SEEN THE SIZE OF HIM?” WITH A BUSTED KNEE – AMAZING!” “YOU CAN’T COMPETE WITH THESE GUYS IN THE GYM!” FLIP THE PAGE FOR DOLPH LUNDGREN! 48 WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/ZOOMAGAZINE WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/ZOOMAGAZINE 49 Treo & hand ler Dave Heyh oe becam e so good David Heyho e and his canine , Treo, s in device at sniffin g out explos ive enemy target ... Afgha nistan , they thems elves becam e the “When you think about the Tre o sni ffin g damage one device can do and the out dea dly IED s number we found, I honestly think we’ve saved hundreds of lives” nyone who has ever the Taliban knew of their work. off chickens in Afghanistan!” is one of the most dangerous plus all the others we found, enemy positions using Dave That’s all I could have asked for. owned a dog will “They wanted to kill or maim By the time they got out to jobs in Afghanistan, and sadly Daisy chain I honestly think we’ve saved and Treo as a decoy, which I don’t need a shiny medal!” understand the old us,” proud Mancunian Dave, the front line, they had become several dogs and their handlers discovery hundreds of lives.” Dave was totally at ease with. With Treo now enjoying mantra, “Man’s best now 43, tells ZOO. “They didn’t a seriously useful team, which Dave knew have been killed in Working with the Royal Irish Unfortunately, being good “Bring it on! If the Taliban a well-earned retirement, has friend.” But have they ever want this dog team going out is just as well. “A lot of the time, action. As there are never more Guards in Sangin, Dave and at this job is guaranteed to thought we were a threat, it the celebrity status gone to his spent every day risking their and finding what they’d taken Treo and I were right at the than a few metres between the Treo soon racked up a series irritate one group of people: the meant we were doing our job.” head, or is he still a hard case? life alongside their canine time to put in the ground!” front of the patrols, because animal and his master, both are of crucial, life-saving finds, the Taliban. And thanks to the “In the Army, Treo bit quite chum, just to save the lives of we needed his nose to make constantly at risk. pick of the bunch being the interpreters assigned to British Going big time a few people because he was other people around them? If Fronting up sure there were no IEDs there “Yes, I was scared,” admits discovery of a daisy chain – troops, Dave learned Treo had It’s no real surprise Treo picked a little grumpy,” says Dave. not, they should probably listen Treo – a black Labrador-spaniel to kill our guys. Dave. “But I used that fear to five IEDs linked together. become a Taliban target. up a variety of awards when he “But since he got the award, to what Dave Heyhoe has to say cross – was first handed to the “I would know we were make sure neither of us “It was what we call a “We were getting orders for returned home. But the big one he’s gone all big-time! about his furry friend, Treo, Army by a family who couldn’t on the verge of finding became sloppy. Even so, collapsing circuit,” explains an operation and they kept was the Dickens Medal – the “He gets hugs and kisses PICS: Courtesy of Dave Heyhoe, Marco Di Laura/Getty Images before uttering those words handle him. With Dave, though, something because Treo’s every time we went out Dave. “If someone was to clip talking about this person they animal equivalent of the and rolls around on his back. again. it was instantly a good fit. temperament would totally on patrol, I’d still be one wire, the others would go were going to use as bait. It Victoria Cross. Only 63 have You see him thinking, ‘Yeah Back in 2008, Dave and Treo “It was love at first sight! If change. He would suck thinking, ‘Is this up around him. That would wasn’t until the end they asked, been awarded since its creation baby!’ All I’m thinking is, ‘What were out in Afghanistan. Treo I hadn’t joined the Army, harder on the ground going be the last have killed an entire patrol. ‘Are you OK with that, Dog?’ – in World War I. So, it was for happened to the Army dog?’” was an arms explosive search I would probably have ended up and his body would go one with my I remember an American which is what everyone called both of them, right? dog, and Dave was his handler. in prison. Treo was the same; rigid, as he entered best mate?’ officer looked round and said, me! For the past two weeks “No it’s for animal gallantry,” It’s All About Treo: Life WORDS: Richard Innes They sought out Improvised when I met him, he was like what we call the Because ‘Sh*t man, the dog just found a they’d heard enemy chatter says Dave. “Treo got the and War with the World’s Explosive Devices (IEDs) that an 18-year-old tearaway of the ‘scent picture’.” Treo was collapsing circuit!’ When you saying, ‘The black dog’s out!’ Dickens and I got nothing! But Bravest Dog by Dave Heyhoe wound or kill British troops. doggy world! You could see that Being at the my best think about the damage that because we were so successful.” my reward was retirement and is out now, published by And they were so good, even when he was ripping the heads front of a patrol mate.” one device could have done, It meant they could flush out to have my best mate at home. Quercus at £18.99ZOO 52 WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/ZOOMAGAZINE WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/ZOOMAGAZINE 53
  4. 4. MH PROMOTION MH PROMOTION Mh promotion LIQUID SCIENCE BROTHERS IN ARMS Jon and Graham are busy men in very different ways. Jon, a project Top fitness expert manager for an engineering firm, does a nine-to-five and has a social Jamie Baird explains life that will probably sound familiar: how NeuroSport and “I have a few drinks two or three NeuroSonic will help you Jon and Graham times during the week, then enjoy reach your peak in the go head to head a lively Friday and Saturday.” His at Stars Gym brother Graham is a chef, so has gym and at work the stress of unsociable hours W hether you’re about to hit the weights, are deep to deal with, not to mention the in training for an event, or have an important drinking culture associated with the afternoon meeting, today’s results-driven world restaurant industry. “I take my job demands that you are firing on all cylinders. We all know very seriousy but I like to relax with about the importance of nutrition in reaching our full a few beers on my day off. I want Jon potential but overlooking proper hydration will scupper your to do well... I just want to do better.” best intentions. Studies have shown that dehydration by as quatiunt aut elese little as 2% of your body mass can significantly undermine que mo tene physical and cognitive performance*. That’s why the brains at NeuroDrinks have developed two drinks specifically designed to support your body when it needs it most. Even if you’re not working out, your body can still suffer Race for the prize: from dehydration – modern air-conditioning doesn’t care about your cellular balance. NeuroSonic is the perfect LOOK OUT Speedy shoppers at the for the results in Manchester Arndale Centre antidote to the 2pm mind-walk. It contains caffeine, are on the right track in . taurine and Siberian Ginseng for an immediate pick-me- our August issue the Bolt Speed Test up, Acetyl-L-Carnitine for faster mental processing, and Plus, check out / numerous B vitamins which are vital for neurological and nd-the- cognitive function. equator for behi phy NeuroSport is a vital piece of ammo in your training scenes photogra of the shoot JONATHAN GRAHAM U armoury. Not only does it deliver the hydration your body BRADBURY, 29 BRADBURY, 29 sain Bolt is the fastest man on the planet, WHERE you can craves, but it also contains a unique blend of 12 minerals “I really want to find “This is a lifestyle and this summer Puma is giving you the GET InVoLVED and electrolytes, without which your mitochondria – the out how to fit the change for me. chance to follow in his footsteps. Think A NEW BALANCE engine room of your cells – cannot function at their peak. gym around my I want my results Alexander Stadium you’re fast on your feet? It’s time to take on the So don’t be undone by dehydration – keep a Neurodrink at work and social life to last longer than Birmingham 2-3 June Bold Speed Test. hand if you want to perform at your best throughout the day. and whether cutting eight weeks. I’ll still Bedford International out alcohol will help have a few drinks Athletics Stadium Find out more about the range at CLoCk yoUr Top SpEEd MH is challenging a pair of twins to get into great shape me stick to my workouts.” but I want to lose my belly, too.” In the year that the lightning-quick Jamaican Bedford 16-17 June in eight weeks. We want to find out whether new beer- attempts to smash his own Herculean records, Westfield MENTAL ELECTROLYTES style drink Equator could be the key to a fit body and a the folks at Puma are giving you the chance to Stratford 6-8 July ALERTNESS join a nationwide sprinting challenge. On specially SMART Contains four vital healthy social life Acetyl-L-Carnitine ENERGISING minerals that enable your NO COMPROMISE designed tracks at multiple venues across the uK SOLUTIONS Y speeds up mental (see right), you’ll dash four metres as hard as you A combination of caffeine mitochondria to deliver the ou work. You train. You relax. Those are physical gains and, if you have one too many, it With 0% alcohol, calories The low fructose processing and Siberian and taurine provides a optimum nerve response, the basic components of a successful leaves you less than 100% at work the next day. and sugar, Equator is can to clock your top speed. Your time and photo THE FAAS LANE Ginseng increases will then be uploaded to the leaderboard at Created to a reggae soundtrack at Puma’s content of resistance to physical, potent hit of stimulants so you can train even harder man’s day-to-day. But they’re far from So if you want to look good and be at your very the new premium drink for NeuroSonic and to reboot your brain Faas Lab in Jamaica, the Faas 800 is the chemical, and easy to balance. A long day in the office leaves best, you have to cut out your social life, right? any man who wants to take There’ll be prizes galore for the first of its kind: a stability trainer with a Sport means the* SOURCE: WWW.JACN.ORG/CONTENT/26/SUPPL_5/542S.FULL biological stress no time for exercise; an evening of socialising It’s the only way to stay on top. care of himself while still fastest runners, you’ll get the lightweight one-piece midsole. Ideal for end for sugar means a late start tomorrow morning and by Well, there is another option. Equator is enjoying the crisp, opportunity to try the new mild to moderate pronators, the minimal crashes, and with spending all your time in the gym the world a UK first – a 0% alcohol, calories and sugar refreshing taste of beer. Faas 800 – and all participants design guides the foot into a neutral only 37 calories B VITAMINS outside passes you by. Each 24 hours presents beer-style drink. We took a pair of twins and Equator is now available will qualify for a 10% discount position, while the unique geometry-driven per bottle your The full range of B vits MINERALS REHYDRATES a new challenge and keeping a healthy balance set them a challenge: to get in the best shape exclusively at Tesco. on the entire Faas range at stability offers a comfortable and training won’t be will improve cognitive A unique combination of Ensures your body gets means making the right choices, all day long. of their lives in just two months and enjoy No more compromises. Sweatshop in-store and online responsive ride. Want to channel your compromised. performance while 12 minerals maintain water the fluid it needs to themselves while they do so. Graham, in the red, ( inner usain Bolt?, think Faas. supporting your balance, nerve function perform at its peak COMPROMISE will drink beer as normal. His brother Jon, in the metabolism and oiling One choice, at least, has been made easier. blue, will drink Equator. Both will do the same and blood sugar levels and recover faster your nervous system A refreshing drink is a just reward after a hard day at the office and giving your all at the gym. gym routine with the same trainer and follow identical nutrition plans. FiNd oUT morE ABoUT THE ToUr AT mENSHEALTH.Co.Uk/pUmA The NeuroDrinks range is available from selected Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and WH Smith But the empty calories in beer can hamper your Only one will win. It’s all in the balance.Men’s Health Promotions
  5. 5. THE LATEST
  6. 6. THE SHARPEDGETHE SHARP EDGE IF YOU CAN’T WRITE A POP SONG I N T E L L I G E N T, G R O U N D E D T H I N K I N G F O R T H E E N T R E P R E N E U R W I T H D U N C A N B A N N AT Y N E ISSUE 09 JUNE 2007 £3.25INTELLIGENT, GROUNDED THINKING FOR THE ENTREPRENEUR WITH DUNCAN BANNAT YNE SHIFTING SANDS Libya opens IN 10 MINUTES for business IT’S NOT A GOOD POP LOOK SONG The New Romantics were a fleeting but influential group of bands that revitalised music FASHION and fashion in the face of the dour days of punk. SPECIAL Hugo Greenhalgh catches up with one of the SHARP key figures of the age now head of a multi- I’d bumped into Caplin a few weeks earlier at a country house spa deep in the Cotswolds. We’d met over late-night million pound tech company... drinks, both coming to the conclusion that the spa was I appalling. I’d asked what line of work Caplin was in. “I run a tech firm,” he’d answered. So far so normal: Caplin t’s a hoary old question, but at times it does pay off to ask, Systems has developed a real-time web facility that has “Whatever happens to old pop stars once they fade from been developed to provide many asset managers with real- sight and glory?” Not the old troupers, the Elton Johns or time online trading facilities. But as the whiskey flowed Rolling Stones still touring, or the middle-aged pretenders Caplin’s past as one of the key figures in the New Romantic Boy George (of whom more later) and George Michael movement had come spilling out, sequins, rouge, Marilyn ENTREPRENEURS IN STYLE buoyed by regular scandals and sporadic work, but those whose success was fleeting but significant. and all. With a background in mathematics and a high profile inJUNE 2007 Perhaps a qualification should be made before I reveal today’s IT world, Caplin is perhaps not your archetypal ex- the name of the band: if you are aged under 30 stop reading pop star. But back in 1979 he dropped out of a Maths PhD at REGGAE PARTY ON now for you will have no idea of the brief butterfly glory that was the post-punk, avant-garde band Haysi Fantayzee. Cambridge to play keyboards in a band called Animal Magnet. Greg wears suit STEADY Made up of Paul Caplin, Kate Garner and Jeremy Healy They had one major hit: Welcome to the Monkey House, a and shirt by London’s hottest the band held the music world in thrall during the glorious/ rather good piece of electro synth with a chorus that goes: Susannah Hall; shoes by Carré COOK appalling* years in the early 1980s when the Blitz Kids held “I’m going to be rich tonight. I’m going to be huge. I’d like to club promoters Ducker court. “Our contemporaries were Spandau Ballet and Steve be rich tonight. I’m going to be na-na-na-na, etc...” Levi Roots Strange,” laughs Caplin when we meet for lunch in London. “It was all rather pompous stuff.” “It was very trendy at the time,” claims Caplin. “These were the very early days of the New Romantic movement, › gets saucy 60 THE SHARP EDGE THE SHARP EDGE 61 01_SE_cover_June.indd 1 11/5/07 5:44:02 pm Levi Roots and his spicy barbecue sauce fired up at least one dragon REGGAE STEADY COOK EVI ROOTS IS A GREAT BEAR OF A MAN. All dreadlocks and hangover at 10:30 Levi Roots shot to on a Monday morning he’s still glowing fame when he wowed from last night’s performance at the Brixton Academy in front of 5,000 the Dragons’ Den people. “They introduced me and the crowd went wild,” he says, smiling at audience with his the memory. “It was electric. It’s just nice to know I’m still appreciated.” Reggae Reggae Sauce More than that, Roots’ career is song. But, as he tells experiencing its third or fourth shot in the arm thanks to his appearance Hugo Greenhalgh, it’s on Dragons’ Den. But this time Levi Roots, Mobo Music Awards Best not his first brush with Reggae Performer Nominee in 1998, fame in a life that has founder of the highly influential roots group Matic16 (named after the M16 - already encompassed this was Brixton in the 1980s after all), was coming back as an entrepreneur. James Brown, Nelson “I was headhunted,” he laughs when I ask him how on earth he ended up on Mandela and one very Dragons’ Den. He’d gone along to a real tasty sauce food market in London to try and drum up some business for his Reggae Reggae Sauce – a spicy barbecue › 34 THE SHARP EDGE THE SHARP EDGE 35 SHARP EDGE 34_SE_LEVI_June.indd.AS 1 11/5/07 3:46:26 pm 34_SE_LEVI_June.indd.AS 2 11/5/07 3:47:26 pm
  10. 10. REAL PEOPLE B magazine
  11. 11. World’s best-selling running magazine complete guide to complete guide to running running ✓ Frommarathon finish steps to a your very first line Burn fat, firm up & get in ✓ the best shape of your life ✓ How to run forever & stay injury-free strong £9.99 5 022163 000241 ✓ Over 1000motivation &on nutrition, expert tips more Training plans to get you ✓ race ready for any distanceTOMMY’S CHARITY RUNNER’S WORLD TESCO BABYCLUB