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International recruitment agencies 5 things to avoid when using one


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Like local recruitment agencies, international firms carry risks. With so many to choose from, how does one identify the good from the bad? Continue reading this article for 5 things to avoid when using one...

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International recruitment agencies 5 things to avoid when using one

  1. 1. International Recruitment Agencies 5 Things to Avoid When Using OneTechnology has allowed business owners to expand their operations, advertisement and profits acrossmultiple countries, without leaving their Head Office. Operating in multiple countries adds theaccompanying task of staffing in multiple countries. Enter International Recruitment Agencies, which actas a conduit for employers to build successful teams.Like local recruitment agencies, international firms carry risks. With so many to choose from, how doesone identify the good from the bad? Here are 5 basic things to avoid when using one:1. Recruitment Agencies that are Actually Sales people in disguise!In a competitive market place, recruitment agencies hire sale people to drive their business. What youneed, however, is a recruiter (go figure). Beware of sales people working as recruiters who push for yourbusiness to reach their own goals, not yours. Dont you want to hand over responsibility for recruitingyour next rock star, to someone who is as passionate about this project as you are?2. Adjustable RatesWhen considering the international array of recruiters, consider the benefits of flat rate fees. If you lockinto a service agreement with adjustable rates, you will likely feel more pressure to just get the hiringdecision over with, lest you watch the rate grow as time goes on. Especially considering that you arerecruiting in another area of the world – one that you may be unfamiliar with – making an informeddecision can be a lengthy process.3. Poor listenersAvoid recruitment firms that dont get you. Filling this position is important; but filing it with the rightperson is more important. If the recruitment firm you are considering operates on quantity over quality,its time to stop considering them! Go with a recruitment agency that takes the time to understand yourindustry, your company and the position you want to fill.4. Poor communicatorsCommunication is the key from writing a job ad to a shortlisting service. You must find a recruiter orrecruitment agency that is able to communicate with you efficiently, according to the definition you giveto efficient. If things are unclear, you want a recruiter who is going to let you know and ask thequestions they need to ask. Watch out for recruitment services that fail to properly communicate withyou.5. Lack of expertiseInterview your prospective international recruitment agencies. A good recruiter is a good interviewer;and a good interviewer must be a great interviewee. Ask your prospective recruiter about theirbackground; about why they have chosen their current field; and why they are the best recruiter for
  2. 2. you. Ideally, you are seeking a recruiter who is passionate about recruiting and who has expertise in theindustry you operate in.The post industrial era has seen the growth of a Global Market Place and with that, InternationalRecruitment Agencies. Watch out for these red flags when selecting the one for your business.Discover how an Australian recruitment agency will hire you the right person the first time by