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Dr drum audacity - purchasing dr drum beat making software choices

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Dr drum audacity - purchasing dr drum beat making software choices

  1. 1. Dr Drum - AudacityThere are many different options out there for programs that claim to let youmake your own beats and music, but at the end of the day the majority ofthem are completely useless in the hands of anyone but an audio engineertrained specifically to use that program.One of the keys to Dr. Drum is that it has been designed with the new user inmind. Professionals can use it to make amazing and high quality beats, butamateurs can do it too--anybody can, after just a few minutes ofexperimentation with the software.Other programs like Audacity are okay for making modifications to existingbeats and music, but if you want to make a new song from scratch, you canforget about it. Creating a hot track with Audacity from the ground up is justabout impossible, even for people who have a complete understanding of theprogram. Just making slight modifications can be a horrible and frustratingstruggle if you don’t have a ton of experience. Not like Dr. Drum, whichmakes it all come naturally.Download Dr.drum here - are the kinds of things that Dr. Drum does best. You can’t beat theintuitive interface, and the way it just feels right when you work with it.Everything is laid out in a way that will make sense to you right from thestart, and have you creating your own beats in minutes, with none of thatfrustration. The struggle is over.There is something to be said for style, as well. When you look at theinterface for something like Audacity, it’s quite boring and overly technical,and this is definitely an example of software designed by engineers, forengineers. How can you be creative when you’re working with something sodreary and uninspired?Dr. Drum has a slick, black interface designed not only to be easy to use, butto stir your creative juices and put you into the right head space. This is aprogram that will work with you, not against you, and it feels awesomewhen you open it up. It’s like stepping into your own modern music studioevery time.
  2. 2. There is just nothing that even compares to what Dr. Drum is capable ofdoing, and the style with which it can be done. This is the hands downwinner when what you want to do is make good music.Download Dr.drum here -