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Mini-Portfolio from Sawyer Design
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SDA Portfolio

  1. 1. south shore housing development corporation “ Sawyer Design worked with us to design a tremendous Annual Report last year that told all our supporters in a very compelling way about our organization’s2010 Annual Report reemergence from a difficult period. I received unsolicted praise for the AnnualChallenge: Great Project + Limited Budget = Creative Solution Report from several colleagues and supporters which said to me that the Report really got our message across. Diane is not only a gifted designer, she is also a pleasure to work with.” —Carl Nagy-Koechlin, South Shore Housing Executive Director “We need to have the housing at all income levels to support growth. South Shore Housing’s work with us toward this end has been very valuable.” Jack Hunter, Town Planner, Carver MA “With the encouragement and support I received from Joanne and the Family Self Sufficiency Success Stories program, I reached a lot of goals that were just dreams back then.” South Shore Housing is committed to Sherri Strickland, FSS program participant With programs including financial literacy and foreclosure counseling, low and enhancing the quality of life for emergency moderate income people by providing and homeless shelters, as well as low income housing, SSH is addressing some of decent, safe and affordable housing, the most pressing needs on the South Shore. helping families move toward economic and social independence; and assisting “Without the hard work and individuals to reconnect with their We proposed to build the annual around successcommunity. , theirs and their clients. stories dedication of the HUD counselor at SSHDC I do not know if I could have made it through the long Building on the concept “There’s No Place Like Home” we created a small slipcase and confusing process of my loan modification.” Anonymous program participant to enclose the brochure, which serves as a metaphor for housing. Cut-out windows provide glimpses into the lives of clients and partners. Once open, the brochure With help from the bank and South Shore Housing, expands out into 14 panel piece. Personal success stories and intimate photography this couple was able to buy a home in Plympton. “Its just where we want to be, and its a beautiful fit communicate the unexpected breadth and depth of the organization’s services. for us. We are so grateful.” John and Donna Barry, new home owners 14 panel brochure and slip case Folded Size: 5.5 x 8.5 While this piece was produced within a tight time frame and limited budget, Ink: 4/4 process plus SGV there was no compromise on the content, photography, and execution. SSH is thrilled Stock: 80# Rolland Enviro 100 Cover Bindery: score, trim, fold, saddle stich & die cut with the final product and are receiving rave reviews from their constituency. Back to projects >
  2. 2. south shore housing development corporation “ We worked closely with Sawyer Design on our 40th anniversary gala. They designed a beautiful invitation that properly set the tone for the40th Anniversary Gala publicity and materials celebratory event. They also designed several pieces for the event itselfChallenge: Create a branded look that works with, rather than competes with Whaling Museum. that effectively and attractively highlighted our history and our vision. We now have these materials displayed prominently in our office.” —Carl Nagy-Koechlin, South Shore Housing Executive Director “We need to have the housing at all income levels to support growth. South Shore Housing’s work with us toward this end has been very valuable.” Jack Hunter, Town Planner, Carver MA To celebrateWithsupport I received “ its 40th anniversary, SSH planned to hold fundraising gala and the encouragement from Joanne and the Success Stories at the New Bedford Whaling Museum. In keeping with their mission Family Self Sufficiency program, I reached a lot of goals that were just to South Shore Housing is committed to support families through the turbulence of the recent recession, dreams back then.” Sherri Strickland, FSS program participant and enhancing the quality of life for low and as a nod to the historic setting, we built the gala publicity around moderate income people by providing decent, safe and affordable housing, a old image of a dramatic lifeboat rescue. Our tag line for the event was All Hands helping families move toward economic on Deck! and social independence; and assisting “Without the hard work and dedication of the HUD individuals to reconnect with their Both print and electronic publicity for the event centered on the theme counselor at SSHDC I do community. not know if I could have made it through the long of weathering the storm. We created table tents that focused on and confusing process of my loan modification.” Anonymous program participant cities and towns the organization serves, which included statistics and facts about the communities, their challenges, and services rendered. We designed and installed a focus exhibit called Success Stories, With help from the bank and South Shore Housing,Materials Produced: which featured photos and quotes from the annual report. We also this couple was able to buyInvitation—print and electronic a home in Plympton. “Its just where we want toProgram created banner stands that detailed SSH’s history, and services, a slide be, and its a beautiful fitSignage for us. We are so grateful.”Exhibit pop-up displays John and Donna Barry, new home ownersSlide showTable Tents show and other collateral. The fundraiser exceeded its goal by over 50%. Back to projects >
  3. 3. simmons collegeSIMMONS Alumni Magazine “Going Green”Challenge: Save money and resources without compromising on quality. As part of its increased commitment to sustainability, SIMMONS decided to switch its alumni magazine to an uncoated sheet with more recycled content. After researching alternatives, we specified Roland Enviro100, manufactured with 100% post-consumer waste. The inaugural issue, aka the GREEN issue, is chock full of stories on all the initiatives that Simmons has undertaken to be more environmentally-conscious, and improve their carbon footprint. In addition to saving 176 trees, eleven thousand pounds of waste, and over 100 thousand gallons of water per issue, this paper change saved the college 8.5% in paper cost on the first issue alone. Throughout the pre-press and printing process we worked closely with the FSC certified printer to make sure that the images were optimized to print as vividly as possible on the new recycled sheet. The magazine printed beautifully, and we all love the new look. SIMMONS Magazine Goes Green Simmons goes green In response sustainability efforts at the  From recycling water bottles and plastic cups from the Fens, to a new “green certified” College, the data to the left illustrates what  academic building and a study of sustainable business models, Simmons is well on its the SIMMONS magazine is doing to help  the environment. Starting with this issue,  way in “going green.” the magazine will now be printed on  This special section will give you a glimpse into the College’s green movement, 100% recycled paper, which is made from  100% post-consumer waste. From saving  starting with a look at environmentally friendly administrative initiatives and student trees to conserving energy, the magazine  sustainability efforts. Beyond that, you’ll read about impressive faculty, students, and is doing its part! 176 trees   11,209 lbs.   105,794 gallons   70.9 lbs.   24,614 lbs.   25,650 cubic feet  alumnae/i who are making valuable green contributions — and who may even inspire preserved for   of solid waste   of water saved  of waterborne  of air emissions  of natural gas  calculations to demonstrate the environmental the future  not generated  particles not   prevented (energy) saved benefits of using 100% post-consumer recycled fiber you to make a green change yourself! created  in lieu of virgin fiber from cascades eco calculator What’s making SIMMONS “Green”? Plenty. Here’s a look at some recent sustainable actions: > onstruction of the new School of Management C The College has established energy efficiency Last year, Simmons signed the American College and Several study-abroad courses are sustainability-related, and Academic Building, as well as the Beatley standards in all classrooms and meeting spaces University Presidents Climate Commitment (ACUPCC), including one led by Biology and Ecology Assistant Pro- Library renovation and the Fens expansion, such as controlling climate based on room joining more than 450 other colleges and universities in fessor Vlad Douhovnikoff. Last year, Douhovnikoff led a incorporated many sustainable building practices occupancy, controlling interior lights through a pledge to neutralize greenhouse gas emissions and to two-week course to explore the diverse natural ecosystems such as energy-efficient kitchen equipment, cork room sensors, and controlling exterior lights accelerate climate-related research and education efforts. of California, visiting sites including the vast Sierra Nevada flooring, and special bathroom faucets that use 0.5 by photo cell (a device that detects and Simmons is now working to implement the ACUPCC Mountain Range. The trip allowed students to examine the gallons of water per minute versus the standard measures light). requirements, which include taking immediate steps to wildlife, plant life, and physical environment of the various 2.5 gallons of water per minute. reduce greenhouse emissions and developing a compre- ecosystems, and to examine strategies to manage them as hensive climate neutrality action plan. natural resources. Erin DeCurtis ’08SM interned at Simmons last fall, working with the College’s Climate Change Committee to The Sustainability Committee is a group of 20 students ad- vised by Philosophy Professor Sue Stafford, who work with Folded Size: 8.375 x 10.78 address the longer-term actions required by the ACUPCC. the College to coordinate recycling programs on campus. Ink: 4C process Using information gleaned from the SOM course “Sustain- ability Analysis,” DeCurtis completed an assessment of all Project Move Out, started by Laura Smith ’09, collects green efforts at Simmons and a greenhouse gas inventory. items left behind by students moving out of residence halls at the end of each semester. The items, such as small Nearly all buildings on the academic campus have convert- appliances, batteries, books, and clothing, are donated ed to compact fluorescent lighting. Each energy-efficient bulb can last up to five years, and over its lifetime prevents to Boston-area nonprofits, including domestic violence shelters. Stock: Rolland Enviro100 white the release of 1,000–2,000 lbs. of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. ecycleMania is a 10-week competition in which more R Students initiated the College’s first recycling program in 1999, working with the Office of Business Affairs than 400 U.S. colleges and universities compete to collect the largest amount of recyclables per person. In its first year, 2008, Simmons ranked 10th out of 57 in the paper Bindery: Saddle stitch to promote paper recycling on the academic campus. category, and 13th out of 56 in bottles and cans. By the end of that first year, 15 tons of mixed paper were collected. he “Switch Your Bulb” program provides compact T fluorescent light bulbs free of charge to students on When the School of Management relocated to the main the residence campus. campus from 409 Commonwealth Avenue, much of the Commonwealth Avenue building’s contents were recycled and donated to area non-profits. 10  simmons spring 2009  11 Back to projects
  4. 4. simmons collegeSIMMONS Alumni MagazineChallenge: Create an alumni magazine with five editions per issue. Simmons College requested a fresh new contemporary look for their alumni magazine. At the same time, a communications survey revealed that graduate students were interested in more news specific to their major. We developed a new magazine format using clean lines, and a clear yet flexible grid to create a sense of openness and organization. The first five pages of each edition were designed to contain college specific news. The box form is used throughout the magazine to house icons, information or photos. Other components include an implied rule, use of white space to allow breathing room, and a sophisticated color palette. The resulting publication features distinct sections, but is unified into a single, extraordinary whole. Folded Size: 8.375 x 10.875 Ink: 4C process Stock: Galarie Art White Silk Text Bindery: Saddle stitch Back to projects
  5. 5. simmons college SIMMONS Vision and Values Challenge: Share Simmons’ vision and values as articulated at their fall convocation. After their fall convocation, Simmons asked us to create a piece to capture the vision and values expressed there. We combined their words and images in a small intimate format that folds out into a poster. Simmons was so happy with the result that they expanded the scope of the project, mailing the brochure to the entire community, creating two additional size posters to be framed and presented to faculty and staff, and adding wall displays throughout the college that echo the theme.“ I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sawyer Design for more than 10 years now. I find their approach to design to be very thoughtful and refreshing. They don’t simply assume that a client will give them the information that Is needed for an effective marketing piece—They ask Flat Size: 11 x 17 inches tough questions that help focus our ideas so that the end result is both Folded Size: 5.5x8.5 inches Ink: 4/4 + OSV collaborative and meaningful.” Stock: 80# Anthem gloss text —Allyson Irish, Marketing Communications Director Bindery: Score fold Back to projects
  6. 6. boston university school of public healthDean’s Report 2010 “ Diane Sawyer’s design work on our annual reports has poignantly conveyed the feeling of the school with understated elegance. Her visual elements are powerful and captivating. Her graphic designChallenge: To convey the powerful impact of BUSPH’s research helped us set the tone that we were striving for with our readers.”on communities at risk both here and abroad. —Robert Meenan, Dean, BUSPH We have been creating Dean’s Reports for the Boston University School of Public Health for the past 10 years. We find these projects to be a wonderful opportunity to communicate the power of creative ideas to create change. The 2010 edition of the BUSPH dean’s report focuses on their commitment to community-based participatory research (CBPR), a research methodology that “involves the community as partners, not only in choosing what to study, but in finding solutions, mounting responses, and evaluating results.” From Haverill, Framingham, Chelsea, Roxbury and South Boston, the report profiles researchers and communities working together addressing issues from youth empowerment, to accessing health Folded Size: 8.5 x 11 Ink: 4C process with bleeds care, to measuring and combating pollution, and supporting healthier Stock: 100# Garda White Silk cover and text Bindery: Saddle stitch lifestyles. Back to projects
  7. 7. boston university school of public healthDean’s Report 2008Challenge: Create a unified and visually exciting presentation of five areas of research. This Dean’s report focused on the work of five researchers whose work under- scores the core mission of BUSPH. To illustrate the diverse subjects, we combined full body studio portraits with images of the real-life issues that each addresses. “ SDA has a knack for seamlessly combining school-specific photography and high quality stock art in a way that helps us hold down design costs without sacrificing visual impact. Diane is extremely creative and is one of those rare designers who reads the copy and listens carefully to the clients while developing a concept. We are consistently impressed with her ability to take our sometimes vague ideas and give them form and definition in designs that always hit the target.” —Sharon Britton, Director of Communications and School Relations, BUSPH Folded Size: 8.5 x 11 Ink: 4C process with bleeds, SGV cover and text Stock: 100# Garda White Gloss Bindery: Saddle stitch Back to projects
  8. 8. johnson wales universityJWU Alumni Magazine “ Diane’s creativity and keen sense of how to convey our changing identity through a clean, sophisticated design was a critical pieceChallenge: Redesign alumni magazine, and build the university’s brand of our entire rebranding project.” —Patricia A. McLaughlin, J.D. Senior Vice President, Institutional Advancement, JWU Using a flexible grid system we created visual rhythm, organization and hierarchy. Department spreads highlight their 4 campuses and range of undergraduate and graduate programs. Features “break-out” of the grid with dynamic layouts and imagery. We changed the trim to an off-size and specified a matte stock. The overall look is clean, colorful and sophisticated. Finally, we renamed the magazine. For years the school has affectionately been called jwu (pronounced jay-woo) by its students. Adopting this nickname as the magazine’s title resonates with both current students and alumnae. Folded Size: 9 x 11 Ink: 4C process with bleeds Bindery: Saddle stitch Back to projects
  9. 9. johnson wales universityTransforming the Landscape of Culinary Education “ When we needed to create a case statement for our largest capital cam- paign, we asked Diane to take us to this uncharted territory. Not onlyChallenge: Tell a complex story in a readable and compelling manner did she take us there with thoughtful design but captured every com- ponent of the complex project. Her award-winning design captured all of these aspects, and has proven to be a successful campaign tool.” — Patricia A. McLaughlin, J.D. Senior Vice President, Institutional Advancement, JWU Award: The Pinnacle Award (1st Place), Corporate Identity Category, Printing Industries of New England JWU’s new Center for Culinary Education is built on a former industrial waste site that borders the Naragansett bay. In building the case for supporting this innovative and environmently progressive building, we focused on the concept of transformation. JWU is transforming the landscape, by working with Save the Bay to restore this blighted site to its natural beauty. They are trans- forming culinary education by continually improving standards, training, lab spaces, and offering opportunities for advancement. They are transforming Folded Size: 16 x10 the state of the art, through the construction of this environmentally progressive Ink: 4C process LEED certified building. Stock: cover: Neenah Environ- ment classic laid 120# duplex cover, 30% pcw, text: LOE cream 100# dull coated text weight, 30% pcw, overlays: Glama Natural 36# vellum, 30% post consumer waste Bindery: diecut, emboss, foil stamp, wiro-bind, 14 leaves plus cover Back to projects
  10. 10. hadassah-brandeis instituteJewish + Female+ Athlete, Calendar and ExhibitChallenge: Create a clean, contemporary design to showcase the historyof Jewish women in sport “ Diane is a seasoned designer with immense creative talents. She brings to the table a keen ear, a willingness to fully explore many different design solutions until the best is identified, and a strong command of design that advances communication and marketing objectives. The team of design professionals at SDA ensures that projects flow smoothly, deadlines are kept, and communication is transparent.” —Nancy Vineberg, President, NormanLouis Consulting When the Hadassah-Brandeis Institute (HBI) first discussed featuring world-class Jewish Women Athletes on their calendar, people asked, “Are there any”? The problem soon became how to choose among the many candidates identified from all over the world. Contemporary athletes were featured along with others that “paved the way” in a simple elegant format that allows the photos to be the main focus. The calendar attracted lots of excitement everywhere it was sold. The companion exhibit, built of fabric panels stretched on a metal grid Folded Size: 12 x 12 (shown above), is still traveling around the country, to great acclaim. Ink: 4C process with satin coat Stock: 80# cover Primalith Matte, 100# text Primalith Matte Bindery: Wiro-bound Back to projects
  11. 11. brandeis universityThe Hadassah-Brandeis Institute Mailer “ At Brandeis University I worked with Diane on several large- scale design projects, including “Fresh Thinking.” I am always impressed by how her ideas both reflect and further my ownChallenge: Create a low-budget, high-concept piece to promote the HBI vision for the project at hand.” —Nancy Vineberg, President, NormanLouis Consulting The Hasdassah-Brandeis Institute’s mission is to promote new ways of thinking about Jews and gender. They asked us to develop a piece that they could send out to explain their mission that would have a longer shelf life than the average mailer. We developed the concept for this piece: “Fresh Thinking,” in conjunction with our client, who wrote the copy. The package includes a calendar of Jewish holidays, information about the HBI, and five two-sided post cards. On one side of the enclosed cards we show a famous Jewish male along with the words Conventional Wisdom. On the opposite side, we show a lesser known, but extraordi- nary Jewish woman in the same field with the tag line Fresh Thinking. Folded Size: 6 x 6 By making the inserts postcards, we encourage people to share them, and Ink: 4C process + spot colors add their own thoughts. Stock: 100# Finch Superfine Bindery: Diecut folder and cards, score and fold, package and wafer seal. Back to projects
  12. 12. harvard extension school (hes)Identity system, concept and ad campaignChallenge: Strengthen and define HES’s visual brand. Create a campaignthat generates excitement and builds recognition for the program. In order to define an identity system for the Extension School within the large varied Harvard identity, we did a survey of fonts and typography in other schools and colleges within the University. We then chose a serif and sans serif font that recurred frequently, and developed typography and standards for the school name. In addition, we developed an overall marketing concept and campaign that was flexible enough to be applied in many different ways. We later applied this overall look to print collateral, including program brochures, and course catalogs. HES Environmental brochure Folded Size: 6 x 9 Ink: 4C process Stock: Chorus Art Silk Cover Bindery: 4-panel roll fold Award: UCEA 2009 Bronze Back to projects
  13. 13. the winsor schoolAlumnae Magazine designChallenge: Create impact with black plus one PMS. “ Sawyer Design came highly recommended, and has lived up to our expectations. They’ve made the magazine not only more visually cohesive and appealing but also more thoughtfully structured. We value their intelligence, creativity, and collaborative style. In our ongoing work, we continue to appreciate their respon- siveness and sensitivity to our unique identity.” — Joe Broughton, Director of Communications, Winsor School The biggest challenge in the redesign of this alumnae magazine for an independent girl’s school in Boston, was to keep the 2 color interior exciting and fresh. We want the design to reflect the energy and joy of learning so evident in the school environ- ment. We continue to produce the magazine three times a year. A layered effect is often used with duotones contrasting ghosted halftones to add dimension to the page. Folded Size: 8.5 x 10.875 Ink: Cover: 4/4 plus SAQ; Inside: 2/2 Stock: Text 80# HannoArt silk text Cover 80# HannoArt Silk Bindery: saddle stich Back to projects
  14. 14. the winsor schoolDevelopment MaterialsChallenge: Balance tradition and vitalityAlumnae FundWe created a suite of alumni stationary, including letterhead, envelopes, and cardsfor the school to use in its annual appeal. The alumnae base is extremely loyaland committed to the school. The use of photos of current students adds emo-tional weight to the ask, while the image of the historic building grounds the piecein tradition. This suite of materials gave the appeal a more professional brandedlook, and enabled the development staff to produce a series of letters targeted to-ward varied audiences.125th Anniversary LogoWinsor requested a logo that could be used to promote events celebrating their125th anniversary year.. They wanted a look that celebrated both the historyof the school, and captured the energy and vitality of the student body. We cre-ated a calligraphic treatment of the 125 that is equally at home ona T-shirt and a formal invitation. Back to projects
  15. 15. fowler printing and graphics40 Tips TricksChallenge: Go wild! Create a piece that people will keep as a resource and serve as apromotional give away to celebrate Fowler’s 40th anniversary. To celebrate their 40th anniversary, Fowler commissioned Sawyer Design to create a give-away for their customers. They wanted a piece to promote their printing capabilities that was so special clients would keep it. We sharpened our pencils and came up with our favor- ite 40 printing and design tips and tricks, and 40+ images to showcase them. In addition to design, it was also a chance for us to indulge in some creative copywriting. The whole studio got involved brainstorming for the cover text listing things that have changed in 40 years. A few of my favorites: “from Snoopy to Snoop Dogg. From Ozzie and Harriet to Ozzy Osbourne. From MM to Eminem.” Tips included information on duo and quadtones, paperstocks, PMS vs. process color and special folds and inks. Size: 9 x 9 Pages: 30 plus fold out covers Ink: 4C process + spot colors, tinted, gloss and dull varnishes Stock: Various Bindery: Diecut, foil stamp and emboss, special folds, full and short pages, wiro-bound Back to projects
  16. 16. beth israel deaconess medical centerLeading Edge NewsletterChallenge: Create a striking new format for a donor newsletter that pushes the envelope. The BIDMC Development office asked us to create new and different format for a newsletter that would both recognize gifts to the hospital and outstanding achievements by members of the clinical staff. BIDMC is the official hospital of the Boston Red Sox, so it seemed natural to lead off the first issue with a story on the “Sox Doc”, seated in historic Fenway Park. Dr. Arun Ramappa is the orthopedic consultant to the team. From the intimate scale of the folded mailer the newsletter expands to a colorful tabloid format. Targeted at donors, staff and hospital visitors, Leading Edge communicates the energy, innovation, and personal approach that has made BIDMC a stand-out hospital in the Boston area. Folded Size: 8.25 x 8.25 Ink: 4/4 process + SGV Stock: 80# Garda Silk Bindery: fold, saddle wire Back to projects
  17. 17. Partial List of ClientsExplore. Create. Ignite. EducationSince 1990 SDA has been working primarily with non-profits in Advent Schooleducation, healthcare, and human services. Our mission is to Boston Universitycreate dynamic communication pieces that challege and inspire. Brandeis UniversityOur clients count on us to ensure that their resources are well Derby Academy-Summer Artsspent, their materials are beautiful and effective, and their Harvard Business School Harvard Universitydeadlines are met. Johnson Wales UniversityOur process? We listen, and ask questions to understand your New England School of Lawneeds and goals. We explore possibilities, and create concepts that MIT Sloan School Simmons Collegecapture the imagination and convey your message powerfully and The Winsor Schoolclearly. We are easy to work with, responsive and flexible. We work hEalthcarEhard on every project we accept, and follow it to completion, work- Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centering closely with vendors to make sure it is done right, on time, and Brigham and Women’s Hospitalon budget. Boston University School of Public Health Boston Medical CenterAs a central part of our practice we support many organizations Friends of Deaconess Hospitalworking for positive change, seeking better solutions for issues Massachusetts General Hospitalaffecting us all. From creating new partnerships in public health, Partners HealthCare System, building affordable housing or sustainable communities, these non-profitorganizations challenge us to reinvent a better future. Discovery Schoolhouse First Parish Church MiltonHow can we help you? Friends of the Milton Library MassEquality Second Helping South Shore Housing Development South Shore STARS Day Care St. Boniface HaitiIdeas made visible! Sustainable Milton Town of Milton Recycling Program Back to projects