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Big Data Day LA 2016/ Big Data Track - Apply R in Enterprise Applications, Louis Barjuk-Yorhan, Sr. Director, Product Management, TIBCO


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Prototypes are typically re-implemented in another language due to compatibility issues with R in the enterprise, but TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R (TERR) allows the language to be run on several platforms. Enterprise-level scalability has been brought to the R language, enabling rapid iteration without the need to recode, re-implement and test. This presentation will delve further into these topics, highlighting specific use cases and the true value that can be gained from utilizing R. The session will be followed by a lively, open Q&A discussion.

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Big Data Day LA 2016/ Big Data Track - Apply R in Enterprise Applications, Louis Barjuk-Yorhan, Sr. Director, Product Management, TIBCO

  1. 1. Lou Bajuk-Yorgan July 2016 Applying R in Enterprise Applications
  2. 2. Big Data Analytic Challenges for Enterprises • More and more data…and the expectation to do something valuable with it • How do you get Value from Big Data? • Deeper insights into Big Data—Visualization and Advanced Analytics/Machine Learning • Smarter Decisions—Provide insights to wider community beyond Data Scientists • Faster Decisions—both human and automated • Agile response to evolving opportunities and threats • Answers (and the questions to ask) change rapidly
  3. 3. Multiple paths from Data to Decision and Action Advanced Analytics/Machine Learning help deliver smarter, faster decisions
  4. 4. • • Build predictive models on data in Spark and Hadoop (~10 models) • Mllib • Build predictive models in Spark (~20 models) • In-database algorithms • Vertica, SQL Server, Teradata Aster, Oracle, etc. (varies, ~10-20 models) • Python • Larger set of analytic methods…not designed for Big Data (A few of) Many Options for Machine Learning on Big Data
  5. 5. © Copyright 2000-2016 TIBCO Software Inc. • Most popular and powerful language for Data Science • The lingua franca of statistical computing • Rapidly growing • Almost 9000 user-contributed packages available on CRAN, and growing exponentially • Community supported by the R Consortium • • TIBCO a founding member
  6. 6. • Agile • Easy prototyping of new models and analysis • Deeper insights • Huge array of analytic methods available • The “best” method to solve a given problem is likely available • Performance • Not designed for real time or Big Data applications • Broader usage • Hard for non-Data Scientist to use directly • Challenging to integrate into enterprise applications • Performance, commercial support and Intellectual Property concerns • Compromises which impact Agility • Recode in a new, less agile, more analytically limited environment • Rewrite, use specialized R packages to solve one problem better R can help…R can help address Big Data Analytic Challenges… …but it has it’s own challenges
  7. 7. What would the ideal solution look like? • A single environment that would allow you to prototype in R, and deploy to production in R • Without recoding, without delay, without compromises • Enable agile response to changing opportunities and threats Requires • Analytic flexibility, power and breadth of R • High performance, scalable, robust platform • Easy to embed in Business Intelligence, Real time and custom applications • Fully supported for mission critical applications • Allows R users to continue to work in their preferred development environments (e.g., RStudio)
  8. 8. TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R (TERR) • Unique, enterprise-grade engine for the R language, built from the ground up by TIBCO • Based on TIBCO’s long history and expertise with S+ • Better performance and memory management than open source R • Designed for R language compatibility • Wide range of built-in analytic methods • Compatible with thousands of CRAN packages (dplyr, data.table, etc.) • Designed for commercial embeddability • TIBCO licensed & supported product • Not GPL, not a repackaging of the Open source R engine • TERR extends the reach of R in the enterprise • Develop code in open source R • Deploy on a commercially-supported and robust platform • Without the delay and cost of rewriting your code • Embed in Data Discovery, BI and real time applications • Leverage existing R ecosystem in Hadoop, Spark, in-db analytics.
  9. 9. © Copyright 2000-2016 TIBCO Software Inc. Embed in Business Intelligence and Visualization tools • Decision Support Embed in real-time Data Streams • Decision Automation TIBCO’s approach: Easy deployment of the R language to production
  10. 10. Embed R in Business Intelligence and Visualization tools • Spotfire: Data Discovery and Visualization platform for Business Users and Analysts • Separate analytics platform, independent of TERR/R • Easily enhance Spotfire analyses and applications with R language scripts • Extend the impact of the Data Scientist/R by making their analytic insights available to a wider audience Write R code directly in Spotfire; TERR executes locally or on server Manage TERR analytics locally or in Server to reuse across community Deploy TERR-powered applications to the web
  11. 11. Illustrating the power of embedded Advanced Analytics
  12. 12. Advanced Analytic Applications in Spotfire Customer Churn: • Retain your most profitable customers • Increase upsell, decrease churn Fraud Detection: • Reduce losses due to fraudulent transactions Supply Chain Optimization: • Anticipate peaks and lulls • Optimize distribution centers HR Planning: • Predict employee attrition and optimize retention
  13. 13. Spotfire, TERR & Hadoop • Putting it all together • Drive complex, advanced analytic workflows in Hadoop from intuitive Spotfire applications • Initiate, parameterize and visualize Map Reduce operations from within Spotfire templates via TERR • Spotfire Customer application received Cloudera Strata Data Impact Award for Advanced Analytics • Multinational manufacturing client • Use data visualization and modeling tools co- developed with TIBCO Spotfire, analysts for the client are building mathematical models that can predict when a manufacturing stoppage might occur.
  14. 14. • Real-time advanced analytics • Apply predictive model in response to some triggering event  Sensors on industrial equipment trending negative; customer walks into your store or purchases online, etc. • Trigger the right decision in response  Extend a mobile offer to a customer; stop a fraudulent transaction in process; alert the equipment operator or shut down the equipment Embed R in real-time Data Streams
  15. 15. • Oil & Gas Extraction • Maintenance Downtime and Equipment failures are costly • Engineers track sensor data to find leading indicators • Temperature, vibration, etc. • Engineers usually use ad hoc rules on leading indicators • R/TERR used to develop predictive models for preventative maintenance • Deployed in real-time systems, alert when maintenance recommended Predictive Maintenance for Oil & Gas © Copyright 2000-2013 TIBCO Software Inc.
  16. 16. • Port Congestion Detection • Real time system triggers TERR • Analyzes port congestion • Recommends reduction of speed if no berths available • Maritime Abnormality Detection • Based on Automatic Identification System info, TERR calculates likelihood of deviation from normal sailing routes • Alerts carrier & operator Transportation and Logistics Optimization
  17. 17. Use TERR in your familiar tools RStudio IDE • Free, open source IDE widely used by the R Community • Fully compatible with TERR Developer Edition KNIME • Free, open source workflow tool for data management and analysis • TERR fully compatible with KNIME Interactive R Statistics Integration nodes
  18. 18. TERR is R for the Enterprise • Develop code in open source R, deploy on commercially-supported, and robust platforms • Without recoding, without compromises • Save time & money, quickly respond to new threats and opportunities • Tightly & efficiently embed R language functionality • Extend the power of R to a wider audience, more applications
  19. 19. • TERR Community at • Resources, Documentation, R compatibility, FAQs, Forums • Predictive Analytics overview and resources • Free TERR Developer Edition • Full version of TERR engine for testing code prior to deployment • Supported through TIBCO Community, download via • Spotfire Free Trial: • Spotfire and Big Data • R Consortium Founding Member Learn more and Try it yourself