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Building a Budget and Securing a Match by Brad Ryan


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Community-Based Watershed Management, March 2012, Juneau AK. Southeast Alaska Watershed Coalition

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Building a Budget and Securing a Match by Brad Ryan

  1. 1. Building a Budget: Finding the match, developing fully loadedrates, and navigating state and Federal granting requirements Brad Ryan, Executive Director Takshanuk Watershed Council, Haines, AK
  2. 2. Fully Loaded Rate• Don’t Go It Alone – How much for a mark recapture study on Hooligan – River Cleanup – Composting school lunch scraps Make Contact Copy!
  3. 3. Budget-Project Scope• What does the Agency expect to award?• Look at past giving – Amount – Type• Appropriately and for longevity• Build in Contingencies• Consistent Format
  4. 4. What Gets Forgotten Office Maintenance
  5. 5. What Gets Forgotten Employee Motivation
  6. 6. What Gets Forgotten Contingencies
  7. 7. Table 1. Example budget template for Takshanuk Watershed Council. Federal Local Request Contribution Total PersonnelScientist Trap and torcher fish $20/hour for 100 hours $2,000 0 $2,000Total Personnel $2,000 $0 $2,000 FringeScientist 15% Fringe including taxes and workmans comp $300.00 0 $300.00Total Fringe $300.00 $0.00 $300.00 Travel 10 trips to Lutak Beach and back at 20 miles per tripMileage for a total of 200 miles. Reimbursed at $0.50/mile $ 100.00 $ - $ 100.00Total Travel $ 100.00 $ - $ 100.00 SuppliesChainsaw TWC will supply a chainsaw for three days at a rental rate of$0.00 $50/day $150.00 $150.00Total Supplies $0.00 $150.00 $150.00 EquipmentFor most grants equipment is anything valued at over $5,000. I try to never have equipment. OtherInsurance The Haines School Insurance $300/semester $ - $ 300.00 $300.00Total Other $ - $ 300.00 $ 300.00Total Direct Charges $ 2,400.00 $ 450.00 $ 2,850.00Indirect Federally negotiated indirect rate of 10% $ 240.00 $ 45.00 $ 285.00Total Grant $ 2,640.00 $ 495.00 $ 3,135.00Total Match 15.8%
  8. 8. Finding a Match
  9. 9. Match / In-Kind• Agency Contribution (AKSSF) – Grant Request $100,000 – Match 30% $30,000 – Total Project Cost $130,000• Total Project Costs – Grant Request $100,000 – Match 30% $42,000 – Total Project Cost $142,000
  10. 10. Finding A Match• Supplies
  11. 11. Collaborate With Your Community• Remember Your Projects Are Fun – Choose the good stuff – Hire the guy with the snow machine – Get them out of their office – Always use the expensive stuff – The more the bigger the match
  12. 12. Navigating the Grant Requirements Reach Out
  13. 13. TWC Grants and Contracts• AKSSF (3) • Chilkat Valley Community• DEC ACWA Foundation (2)• DEC BEACH • Chilkoot Indian Association (2)• World Trout • American Bald Eagle• Frick Foundation Foundation• USFWS (2) • Haines Borough (2)• State of Alaska CAPSIS (2) • National Forest Foundation (3)• Patagonia • ACF• ACF • Costal Code
  14. 14. • Policies and Procedures• These policies and procedures are provided to assist principal investigators (PIs) and their organizations as they carry out AKSSF projects. Our policies are updated periodically, so please check back often. For guidance on issues not covered, please review federal reqiurements, Department of Commerce Financial Assistance Standard Terms and Conditions (External PDF - 215 KB), or contact AKSSF staff.• Guides• Invoicing Policies and Procedures (PDF 42 kB)• Non-Federal Match Guidance (PDF 62 kB)• Match Forms for In-Kind Donations, Volunteers, etc.• Please review the Non-Federal Match Guidance (PDF 62 kB) document for match information and to determine which of the following match forms to use:• Match Forms for Sub recipients• AKSSF Indirect Match Form (PDF 511 kB)• AKSSF Subrecipient Consumables Match Form (PDF 534 kB)• AKSSF Subrecipient Equipment Match Form (PDF 573 kB)• AKSSF Subrecipient Non-Consumables Match Form (PDF 575 kB)• AKSSF Subrecipient Services Match Form (PDF 537 kB)• AKSSF Volunteer Match Form (PDF 538 kB)
  15. 15. • Match Forms for Third Parties• AKSSF Third Party Equipment Match Form (PDF 513 kB)• AKSSF Third Party Non-Consumables Match Form (PDF 538 kB)• AKSSF Third Party Services Match Form (PDF 537 kB)• AKSSF Third Party Supplies Match Form (PDF 534 kB)• AKSSF Donated Personnel Match Form (PDF 534 kB)• Policies• Administrative and indirect costs• Davis-Bacon• Equipment purchases• Food and alcohol costs at meetings or workshops• Foreign travel• Funding to federal entities• Items excluded from indirect• Programmatic funding• Contracting/Subawarding• Revision or extension requests• Change in Key Project Personnel• Scholarships and education stipends
  16. 16. Wrap-Up• Don’t Go It Alone• Match-You have a lot to offer• The agencies are your friends-Make it Personal
  17. 17. Finally ThanksBrock Tabor Neil Stickert John HudsonKathleen Dowd-Gailey Barbara WyckoffBill Thomas Jessica Kayser Peter BangsBeverly Schoonover Mary Mitsos