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Comprehensive Guide To ITIL Certification


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Today, organizations in both the public and private sectors are making ITIL Certification practically mandatory for their IT professionals. This makes it even more critical than ever that you’re fully prepared and confident when taking your exams. Learning Tree ITIL training ensures that you will be.

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Comprehensive Guide To ITIL Certification

  1. 1. ITIL® Training Achieve Your ITIL® Certification Goals Learning Tree offers these courses to help you achieve ITIL® v3 ITIL v3 Certification: Expert ITIL v2 Practitioner Certificates (3.5 credits each) 188 ITIL® v2: Change, Configuration and Release Management Managing Across the Lifecycle - 983 189 ITIL® v2: Service Desk, Incident and Problem Management 193 ITIL® v2: Practitioner Agree and Define (IPAD) Certification SS SO ST SD CSI OSA RCV PPO SOA ITIL v3 Managers Bridge ITIL v3 Managers Bridge (5 credits) 198 982 991 992 993 994 995 996 997 998 198 ITIL® v3 Managers Bridge ITIL v3 Lifecycle Modules ITIL v3 Capability Modules ITIL v3 Foundation Bridge Certificate (0.5 credits) ITIL v2 ITIL v2 Practitioner 192 ITIL v2-v3 Foundation Certification Bridge ® Managers Certificates Certificate ITIL v3 Foundation Certificate - 197 188 ITIL v3 Foundation Certificate (2 credits) 189 193 197 ITIL® v3: Achieving Foundation Certification ITIL v3 Foundation Bridge Certificate ITIL v3 Capability Modules (4 credits each) 192 995 ITIL® v3 Intermediate Qualification: Operational Support and Analysis 996 ITIL® v3 Intermediate Qualification: Release, Control and Validation 997 ITIL® v3 Intermediate Qualification: Planning, Protection and Optimization ITIL v2 Foundation 998 ITIL® v3 Intermediate Qualification: Service Offerings and Agreements Certificate ITIL v3 Lifecycle Modules (3 credits each) 982 ITIL® v3 Intermediate Qualification: Service Strategy 991 ITIL® v3 Intermediate Qualification: Service Operation 992 ITIL® v3 Intermediate Qualification: Service Transition LEGEND 993 ITIL® v3 Intermediate Qualification: Service Design SS – Service Strategy OSA – Operational Support and Analysis 994 ITIL® v3 Intermediate Qualification: Continual Service Improvement SO – Service Operation RCV – Release, Control and Validation ST – Service Transition PPO – Planning, Protection and Optimization Managing Across the Lifecycle (5 credits) SD – Service Design SOA – Service Offerings and Agreements 983 ITIL® v3 Intermediate Qualification: Managing Across the Lifecycle CSI – Continual Service Improvement All Learning Tree Course numbers are in italics. 17 credits are required to take the Managing Across the Lifecycle Examination Questions? To discuss your ITIL Certification path, call us at: 1-800-843-8733 See full course descriptions online: CA ITIL DETAIL Based on ITIL V3 Qualification Scheme Diagram © OGC's Official Accreditor - The APM Group Limited 2008 (3.04.09)