Market scoping and analysis of financial investments and


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Market scoping and analysis of financial investments and

  1. 1. Market Scoping and Analysis of Financial investments and loans Products Presented by: Umesh.R. Yadav
  2. 2. Introduction to company IIFL (India Infoline Finance Ltd.) was founded in 1995 by Mr. Nirmal Jain(Chairman and Managing Director) as an independent business research and information provider. It gradually evolved into a financial services solution provider. IIFL has a network of 3000 business locations spread over more than 500 cities and towns across India. IIFL is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange(BSE) and the National_Stock_Exchange_of_India (NSE) for securities trading; with MCX, NCDEX and DGCX for commodities trading; and with CDSL and NSDL as depository participants.IIFL is registered as a Category In merchant banker and is a SEBI registered portfolio manager. India Infoline (IIFL) group, is a brokerage firm dealing in retail brokerage, institutional brokerage, consumer lending, institutional lending, realty and wealth management.
  3. 3. IIFL have a presence in: • Equities • Derivatives • Commodities • Insurance • Fixed deposits • Mutual fund • Asset Management • Wealth management • Loans
  4. 4. Products In Gold Loan Branch • Gold Loan • Housing Finance • Mutual Fund • Fixed Deposits • Insurance
  5. 5. Objective of Study • To study and analyzing the awareness level of customers regarding different financial investments and loan products. • To measure satisfaction level of customers regarding different products. • The main objective of this project is to understand what is gold loan, to study the gold loan process at branch level. • To find out the competitive position of India Infoline, and the ways and means to improve on the service by India Infoline Finance Limited.
  6. 6. Project Profile I was allotted IIFL Vashi sec9, Branch The branch at large deals with Gold Loan. Have more than 900 customers. More than 40-50 customers daily visiting the branch For enquiry, pledging the gold, interest payment., etc. Where I was give different role to perform Such as: • Helping branch in there day to day operations. • To conduct market survey to know about the awareness of customer regarding different financial products through financial awareness survey form. • To conduct marketing activity with the help of staff.
  7. 7. Research Design Type of design: Exploratory research design. Sources of data: Primary data & Secondary data. Research Equipment: Questionnaire. Sampling technique: Non probability technique-convenience sampling method. Sample size: 100
  8. 8. Are you aware about concept of gold loan?  Yes - 66%  No - 34
  9. 9. How many times in year you have emergency requirement of money? a) 0 05% b) 1 15% c) 2 35% d) 3 25% e) 4 12% f) 5 5% g) 6 3%
  10. 10. How do you manage when you require money?  Relatives 53  Friends 10  Loan 30  Savings 7
  11. 11. What according to you is the safest instrument of Investment & Saving? a)Banks Saving A/C 31% b)Insurance 7% c)Real Estate 18% d)Stocks & Shares 9% e)Fixed Deposit 19% f)Post Office 16%
  12. 12.  Gold market shares  Muthoot finance 21.10%  Indian overseas bank 14.80%  Indian bank 11%  Mannapuram 7.40%  South indian bank 6%  Muthoot fincorp 5.90%  India Infoline Finance Ltd 3.75%
  13. 13. Findings • Among all the respondents 80% are aware about different Financial services provided by IIFL and remaining 20% are not aware about the same. • According to the survey most of the customers of India Infoline ltd says that the rate of interest charged by IIFL satisfactory. • Many people know the concept of gold loan in spite of that they don’t take Gold loan. • People want to invest their money in insurance, Fixed deposits and mutual fund. • IIFL targets there gold loan customer for investments.
  14. 14. Suggestions • Create awareness using mass media. • Provide the facility of free demonstrations for all. • Some promotional activities are required for the awareness of the customer. • Improvement in schemes is required. • People at young age should be encouraged to invest in Mutual fund as well as Insurance.