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  1. 1. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I am sincerely thankful to Amity Business School, Noida for providing me with the opportunity to write a research paper in the form of a dissertation on the topic “Global Branding”. I am also thankful to Dr. ATK Raman for guiding me in every stage of this research paper. Without his support it would have been very difficult for me to prepare the paper so meaningful and interesting. I am also thankful to the librarian and the computer lab in-charge of Amity Business School, Noida who have helped me during the course of this research paper in different ways. Through this research paper I have learnt a lot about the branding and the considerations kept in mind while going global. It has helped me analyze how global branding can be achieved and its advantages and disadvantages. I hope that this research paper will help all those companies which plan to step up the multinational ladder or are already in the stream.