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Biz Craft Brochure

  1. 1. Savvysouls Softlab Presents A complete solution for business management BROCHURE call us at 0091- 044 - 32453360
  2. 2. BizCraft ERP Savvysouls Softlab is proud to introduce its complete solution for small and medium businesses. BizCraft is comprehensive web/windows based Modules: Business Management Solution. It has been designed for better interaction and controlled functioning of marketing, sales & support, store, Customer Relationship production & management departments. Management Payroll Inventory The software being centralized database based Account can be accessed from any system in the network or around the globe* , which enables the point of Logistics sales, distributors, production house, store and management to be in touch with each other at all Textile times. Point of sale *if implemented for internet. If you have any queries please contact us at or Call us at 044 - 32453360
  3. 3. CRM – Customer Relationship management BizCraft CRM Module includes prebuilt applications for customer relationship management (CRM) ranging from sales force automation to partner relationship management, marketing, and customer service. CRM modules: Sales Force Automation BizCraft CRM provides separate interface and Marketing Automation different features on the basis of Customer Support A. Sales Force Automation Management B. Marketing Automation Inventory Management C. Customer Support Management D. Inventory Management Process Analyst E. Process Analyst
  4. 4. A. Sales Force Automation BizCraft ERP empowers the sales force, executives, and management with sophisticated sales management functions such as: lead generation & qualification, sales pipeline analysis, sales stage & probability analysis, competitor Sales force analysis, real-time sales forecasting, sales quota automation modules: management, sales reports & dashboards and other useful metrics. These functions give a business an opportunity to completely focus on Lead Management customer life-cycle (lead generation - acquisition - Opportunity Management conversion - retention - loyalty) rather than sales process, thus increasing sales revenue. Account Management Contact Management BizCraft ERP has sales force automation modules Activity Management such as: leads, potentials, accounts, contacts, and sales-forecasting. You can accurately track all Sales Forecasts business opportunities and close more deals in Sales Quotes less time. In addition, you can identify bottlenecks in the sales process in advance; thereby effectively utilize existing customer data for future cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. 1. Lead Management 2. Opportunity Management 3. Account Management 4. Contact Management 5. Activity Management 6. Sales Forecasts 7. Sales Quotes
  5. 5. A. Sales Force Automation 1. Lead Management Manage leads end-to-end (from creating leads to converting them into opportunities) Import leads from external sources, such as Web downloads, trade shows, seminars, direct mail, and other types of campaigns Set up lead assignment rules to automatically assign leads to the sales force in your sales organization Qualify leads to next stage based on the information captured in lead details. Once leads are qualified for prospecting stage, convert them into sales opportunities, accounts, and contacts with a single-click Customize lead management process (B2B and B2C business scenarios) as per organization sales process Standard reports and dashboards bundled for a fast learning curve. You can also create fully customizable lead reports and dashboards. Export leads data to spreadsheet software for further data analysis
  6. 6. A. Sales Force Automation 2. Opportunity Management Track all sales opportunities end-to-end in a sales cycle Import Potentials from other Business/CRM solutions and services Associate opportunities with accounts, contacts, activities, and other modules to have a better visibility on the opportunities (360 degree view) Track competition on each business opportunity Intuitive Sales Funnel chart to analyze the pipeline and eliminate any bottlenecks in the sales cycle Alert the intended audience in your organization when a big deal closes (big deal alert) or is nearing completion Set up sales escalation process through Workflow rules to reduce the bottlenecks in the sales cycle Export opportunities to spreadsheet software to analyze the sales pipeline and quickly identify the bottlenecks if any.
  7. 7. A. Sales Force Automation 3. Account Management Track all accounts and related contacts, opportunities, cases, and other details from a common repository Specify parent-child relationships between accounts and their subsidiaries or other divisions Generate quotes, sales orders, and invoices for the accounts Track purchase history of the customers and analyze opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling in future Identify referrals from accounts and contacts for promoting new products and services Store account and contact-related notes and documents in the account history Export accounts to spreadsheet software to analyze the buying patterns of a customers and set up loyalty programs
  8. 8. A. Sales Force Automation 4. Contact Management Track all contacts and related opportunities, cases, activities, and other details from a common repository. Manage hierarchy of contacts within your customer company to have a better coordination while dealing with customers. Import contacts from external sources CRM and other business applications. Set up contact assignment rules to automatically assign contacts to the sales force in your organization. Export contacts to spreadsheet software for further data analysis. 5. Activity Management Log all important customer-related emails into your CRM account for a quick reference in future. Store all the details of customer meetings and calls in an intuitive calendar. Invite CRM users, leads and contacts for public events. Set up recurring events with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly frequencies.
  9. 9. A. Sales Force Automation 6. Sales Forecasts Estimate how much revenue you can generate in each fiscal year. Identify the sales persons who met their targets for fiscal quarter/year. Predict the revenue generation for the forthcoming quarters. Create fully customizable forecast reports and dashboards. 7. Sales Quotes Track outstanding sales quotes from your prospect Accounts. Add line items to the quotes and update subtotal, taxes, adjustments, and grand total amounts. Select different prices for the same product as per your customer segmentation. Create printer-friendly sales quotes and send to the prospects through BizCraft ERP inbuilt email service. Avoid duplicate work by dynamically displaying the billing and shipping addresses of the prospect. Customize sales quotes as per your organization's requirements.
  10. 10. B. Marketing Automation As part of the marketing automation, BizCraft ERP provides Campaign management, E-mail marketing, and Lead generation through various sources (such as Web-to-Lead forms, import lead Marketing automation data and others), specifically useful for integrating modules: organization's sales and marketing activities. Campaign Management With the BizCraft ERP campaign management Lead Generation features, you can effectively plan marketing expenditure and thereby improve the quality of E- mail Marketing lead generation process. In addition, campaign management integrated with leads and opportunities modules helps your organization in measuring the campaign performance and effectiveness. 1. Campaign Management 2. Lead Generation 3. E-mail Marketing
  11. 11. B. Marketing Automation 1. Campaign Management Plan marketing activities and develop campaign hierarchies by outlining the marketing campaign objectives. Define the campaign success metrics and measure the campaign effectiveness (ROI) by linking directly to the leads and potentials. Track all customer inquiries related directly to the campaigns. Track sales force closures related directly to the campaigns. 2. Lead Generation Setup personalized Auto-response email messages based on the type of customer inquiry. Approve leads captured through Web sites and assign to the right sales persons in your organization. Customize Web-to-Lead form as per your organization lead generation process. Import leads from the external sources, such as Web downloads, trade shows, seminars, direct mail, and other types of campaigns. Qualify leads to the next stage based on the information captured in lead details.
  12. 12. B. Marketing Automation 3. Email Marketing Manage mailing lists based on the existing data related to leads, contacts, and potentials. Create mass email templates with rich-text HTML editor directly from the BizCraft ERP system for a better email marketing campaigns. Set up email opt-out process in compliance with CAN-SPAM act using unsubscribe forms. Schedule mass email campaigns from the selected leads and contacts. Manage Drip Campaigns (Scheduled automatic mailing) using series of auto- responders for leads and contacts.
  13. 13. C. Customer Support Management BizCraft ERP provides the Customer Support & Service management (Help Desk) features such as Cases (Trouble tickets), Solutions (Knowledge Base), Case Assignment & Escalation through Workflow rules for capturing customer-specific Customer support cases through Web sites. management modules: Cases and Solutions functionality can be used to Case Management streamline organization-wide Customer Support Solution Management process and enable a better integration between Sales & Customer Support processes in a single system. Integration between Sales and Post-sales support management helps organizations in resolving the customer-reported cases in less time thereby enhancing the customer satisfaction, cross-selling and up-selling opportunities in future. 1. Case Management 2. Solution Management
  14. 14. C. Customer Support Management 1. Case Management Track all the customer-reported cases end- to-end as per organization's customer support process. Automate the case routing process using the case assignment rules so that all the cases are assigned to the right support agents in your organization. Set up case escalation process using the Workflow rules for a better case resolution and enhance the customer satisfaction. Customize the Cases module as per your organization-wide customer support process, which includes adding more custom fields, modifying page layout through drag & drop customization, and changing the order of 360 degree views (related list views). Customize the case-specific reports and dashboards.
  15. 15. C. Customer Support Management 2. Solution Management Manage product-wise solutions (knowledge Base articles) in an easily accessible centralized location for a better case resolution in the least possible time with less effort. Periodically update the solutions based on customer suggestions & feedback. Customize the solutions module to suite your organization-wide knowledge base requirements which includes adding custom fields, modifying page layout through drag & drop customization and changing the order of 360 degree views ((related list views).
  16. 16. D. Inventory Management BizCraft ERP extends beyond the traditional CRM functions and enables complete sales cycle management features by integrating Order Management features such as Products, Price Books, Vendors, Sales Quotes, Orders, and Inventory Management Invoices with the Sales related modules such as Leads, Accounts & Contacts, and Opportunities. Product catalog Sales Quotes With the BizCraft ERP- Order Management features you can achieve the seamless integration Orders between pre-sales and post-sales accounting activities in a single application. In addition, you Invoices can also procure goods/services from the selected list of vendors. Inventory Management Modules 1. Products Catalog 2. Sales Quotes 3. Orders 4. Invoices
  17. 17. D. Inventory Management 1. Products Catalog Manage organization-wide products catalogs and associate each product catalog with other modules for a 360 degrees view. Customize the products page layout, fields, and related list views as per your organization's requirements. Attach product-specific documents such as collateral, license agreements, and others. Export product details to spreadsheet software such as Microsoft® Excel®, OpenOffice®, and others for further analysis. Create multiple Price Books as per customer segmentation and associate products with the Price Books. Offer flat or differential type volume discounts while generating invoices for customers. Procure products from the selected vendors list.
  18. 18. D. Inventory Management 2. Sales Quotes Track outstanding quotes from the quotes list view. Add line items to the quotes and update subtotal, taxes, adjustments, and grand total amounts. Select different prices for the same product as per customer segment. Create printer-friendly Sales Quotes and deliver to the prospect customers through inbuilt E-mail service. Create Sales Order or Invoice with a single click from the Sales Quote. Avoid duplicate work by dynamically displaying the Billing & Shipping addresses and terms & conditions while creating quotes. Customize sales quote templates as per your organization's requirements.
  19. 19. D. Inventory Management 3. Orders (Sales Order/Purchase Order) Track outstanding orders from the Orders list view. Procure products from the best available Vendors, Manufacturers, Resellers list in BizCraft ERP. Manage up-to-date stock position by seamless integration between order fulfillment and available stock in your warehouse. Customize Purchase Order (PO) and Sales Order (SO) templates as per your organization requirements. Create invoice with a single click from the Sales Order. Add line items to the Orders and update subtotal, taxes, adjustments, and grand total amounts automatically. Create printer-friendly Order (PO/SO) and deliver to the Vendors/Customers through inbuilt E-mail service. Periodically notify the stock position to the parties concerned in your organization so that stock is always available to fulfill the pending orders.
  20. 20. D. Inventory Management 4. Invoices Track outstanding invoices from the Invoices list view. Customize Invoice print layout and manage multiple invoice templates for different product lines. Add line items to the Invoice and update subtotal, taxes, adjustments, and grand total amounts automatically. Avoid duplicate work by dynamically displaying the Billing & Shipping addresses, and terms & conditions while creating invoices. Send printer-friendly invoices to customers using inbuilt email service.
  21. 21. E. Process Analyst BizCraft ERP enables fully customizable reports in all the modules with more flexible options such as cross-linking modules, arithmetic operations, different types of layouts, Multilevel-level column grouping, public/private folders, scheduling Process Analyst: reports generation and delivering to the intended users including non-BizCraft ERP users through email. Report Viewer Dashboard In addition, standard reports are packed in various modules which can be used as a ready reference and enhance the learning experience. Dashboards give a real-time snapshot of your organization's key metrics. Using dashboards you can easily visualize comparisons, patterns, and trends in sales, marketing, support, and inventory related data. In the BizCraft ERP solution dashboard comprises of different types of two- dimensional/three-dimensional (2D/3D) charts, which are generated dynamically built over the Macromedia Flash technology. The unique chart is Funnel chart, which can be used to visualize the sales pipeline at various stages intuitively. 1. Reports 2. Dashboards
  22. 22. E. Process Analyst 1. Reports Standard reports in sales force, marketing, customer support, and order management modules. Ability to have cross link reports spanning multiple modules. Store reports in different types of public/private folders and enable access to the users according to their access privileges. Schedule the report generation mechanism and send printer-friendly reports to the specified users including non-BizCraft ERP users. Export reports data to various formats such as XLS and PDF. Drill down to report data from dashboards.
  23. 23. E. Process Analyst Dashboards Flash-based, interactive dashboards with an aesthetically pleasing layouts and fast loading capability. Fully customizable dashboards with different types of Bar, Funnel, Pie, and Line charts. Drill down charts for further data analysis
  24. 24. Role Based Security BizCraft ERP provides an Enterprise-grade Role- based security to control the access rights of users while working with CRM data and modules such as leads, accounts, contacts, potentials etc. The Role-based security includes Profiles, Roles, Role Based Security: Data Sharing Rules, Field-level security, and Groups. Profiles Roles Using profiles, you can define fine-grained access Users rights to the CRM modules, data administration tools, CRM records, and fields within each Groups module. With the Roles and Data Sharing Rules, you can set up multi-level organizational hierarchy and control the data-level access rights as per user's role within organization. Groups (also called as Teams) allow you to extend the data-level access to other users with similar job profile, working in the same department or project, or sharing the data among common geographical location.
  25. 25. Role Based Security 1. Profiles Manage module-level permissions for Sales, Marketing, Support, Inventory and other job profiles. Manage permissions to access the data administration and other CRM utilities. Role Based Security: Profiles Control the access rights to fields using field-level security so that users can access Roles fields that are relevant to job profile. Users Groups 2. Roles Share CRM data with users as per their job role (CEO, Vice President, Manager etc.,) in an organizational hierarchy. Define common access rights, such as private and public read/write permission for accessing the CRM data across the organization. Set up data sharing rules to extend access rights to the other roles, roles & subordinates, and groups in an organization. Enable sharing of the data among Peers so that user with a same role can access other user's data.
  26. 26. Role Based Security 3. Users Manage individual user’s information. Assign profile and roles. Role Based Security: 4. Groups Profiles Manage groups (teams) based on job Roles profiles, departments, or location of the users. Users Groups Assign users, roles, roles & subordinates, and sub-groups to the groups. Setup data sharing rules for groups so that users associated with the groups can have access rights on common data.
  27. 27. Common Features Import/Export Database synchronization Data archiving Back up Log Tracing Instrumentation Method for Performance Testing User Defined Unit testing User tracking Role based Security Records security
  28. 28. Technical Details Specifications Details Architecture Multi Tire Implementation OnLine/Offline Database support MSSQL/Oracle Operating System All Windows (Above Xp) Platform Dotnet framework 3.5
  29. 29. Contact Us Savvysouls Softlab 5/6C Rao’s Srikanth Complex Jagjeevan Ram Colony Selaiyur Chennai-600073 Tamil Nadu E-Mail: Office: (044) 32453360 Visit us at