Article Marketing! Yes, It Really Works!


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Article marketing will get you backlinks [incoming links to your website] that improve your search engine PageRank [a formula developed by Google] which leads to the big kahuna. . . TRAFFIC!

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Article Marketing! Yes, It Really Works!

  1. 1. SavvyBizBuilder
  2. 2. Article Marketing! Yes, It Really Works!
  3. 3. Whether you are a beginner or an expert to article marketing hereis some amazingly unparalleled information you need to know:Who should use article marketing?Anyone who wants to reach new audiences. Alexa (computes traffic rankingsby analyzing the Web usage) ranks as one of the mostpopular sites on the Internet. Your articles will be sent to over 400+ niche dailypermission-based email alerts indicating new articles are available that matchtheir unique interests.
  4. 4. What should you publish?Before you create anything new repurpose content you already have. Take alook at your archives for past newsletters, blog post, comments from forumsor blogs, how to documents, checklist and ebooks or books. Articles shouldbe 400-750 words and must be original content you wrote.
  5. 5. Where can you get backlinks? offers you two unique ways to obtain those preciousbacklinks with tons of link-juice. First, in your author bio you can include 3business links, 1 personal link, 1 blog link and links to your LinkedIN,FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter and FriendFeed page. Second, in your resourcebox (the area at the bottom reserved to brand yourself, your business, andyour website) you can include two links. As an added bonus, you can have upto 3 pen names each with their own author bio and as many as 3 resourcesboxes for each name.
  6. 6. When will you know its working? offers some amazing account statistics with printablereports. They provide a visual graph of your 7 most viewed articles with thecumulative total number of views by visitors. Other statistics include numberof times the following links have been clicked; EzinePublisher, a link in thebody or resource box, “Forwarded To A Friend”, amount of comments for eacharticle, number of ratings and number of times this author’s Expert and ExpertBio pages has been viewed.
  7. 7. Why use are many reasons why you should use howeverthese two blows the competition completely out of the water.1. Keyword generation – You can now see which keywords and keyphrases were used to help find your EzineArticles! This is critically important data that can immediately help you improve the quality of your articles.2. FREE article writing & marketing training – These training series are fullof helpful tips and strategies for successful article writing and marketing. Youhave the option to listen and learn with audio, download PDF’s or receive thetraining series via email.
  8. 8. How can you get even more exposure?Visitors can subscribe to your updates. You can show your latest publishedarticles own any website with their handy widget. But this next one isHUGE… will automatically syndicate your new articles intoyour Twitter account so every time they accept a new article, it’s automaticallyupdated on your Twitter profile.
  9. 9. Bottom lineWith this feature rich site and at the low cost of FREE, its clear EzineArticlesoutperforms the competition by leaps and bounds. Want more traffic? Articlemarketing works like magic!
  10. 10. Thank you forwatching!
  11. 11. For more Savvy Online Business Building Tips Visit