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Intro to Facebook Commerce (F-Commerce or Social Shopping)


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A short presentation on Facebook Commerce (F-Commerce.) Created by Savitrii (Kiki) Rizki, Twitter handle: @savrizki

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Intro to Facebook Commerce (F-Commerce or Social Shopping)

  1. 1. * * *Social Shopping By Savitrii (Kiki) Rizki @savrizki November 9, 2011 CRAFTFor SocMed100: Social Media in Business PCE FAIR
  2. 2. Content Mix F-Commerce|Introduction Four Types|Table Spotlight|Complete Selling, Payvment SWOT & Recommendations|Q&A CRAFT FAIR
  3. 3. CRAFTFCOM 101: Introduction to F-Commerce FAIR F-Commerce: (n.) The art of selling through Facebook. Four Types Evidence 1 Evidence 2 Conclusion F Stores Web Stores Already aBiggest brands sell directly. Conversion Conversion viable retail(by fans) 3% 3.4% platform 76% of retailers 24% have not Industry plan to use F- adoption is Commerce accelerating 29m 50% of mobile 44% plan for Future-proof 36m internet traffic FB product retail launches 26m
  4. 4. Comparisons to E-Commerce2-way F-Commerce Free fromconversation Facebook• Start a poll E-Commerce • Uncluttered with by Facebook friends Ads• Creates advocates Complements • Separate channels • Not replacements CRAFT FAIR
  5. 5. Overview of F-Commerce TypesFacilitated Fb Initiated Selling iFrames v. Fb AppsOn-siteAmazon’s “Tap into JCPenny Lady Gagayour Friends”Social plug-ins (8) Storefront on 520 v. 760 pixels(i.e. the Like button) Facebook Browse on Simple: iFrames - create Facebook & maintain own content Redirect to site CRAFT More difficult: Apps , also expensive FAIR
  6. 6. Complete Selling The fourth branch of F-Commerce & certainly the most interesting CRAFT FAIR
  7. 7. Complete Selling CRAFT FAIR What is it?  Never takes user away from Facebook Example: Mark.Girl  Select products, delivery options, pay makeup & share without interruption  Tools: 8thBridge, PayvmentExample: Delta Airlines ticket sales
  8. 8. 60,000 active sellers | 80% of F-shopping | Palo-Alto based “Truly social – Not a copy of E-commerce” Payvment Mission Payvment is the #1 social commerce platform on Facebook. Our goal is simple: to connect people, products, and conversations in new ways to reinvent online shopping. CRAFT FAIR
  9. 9. Complete Selling with Payvment CRAFT FAIR Store front: Set up shop, upload products with no fee. Fb & Payvment doesn’t take a cut of sales revenue Mall: Pulls together individual shops for one- time checkout • Like Amazon! Discovery, recommendations, intro to small boutiquesUpgrades$29.99/month: Analytics dashboard, schedule posts, coupon codesPayvment Platinum: Custom, automated promotions
  10. 10. Recommendations S W O T Strength Weaknesse Opportunitie ThreatsAnalysi s • Privacy & s s Facebook’s s • Slow page • 48% of • Social millenials flawed loads reputation reinforcement (aged 20-33) • Smaller page • A browser tab • Facebook is want to the size due to away expected to opportunity ads & reach 1 billion to buy navigation users directly from FbStrategi Perfect & Faceboo Target Good es Promote k R&D Millenials Design • Drive FB users • Make pages • F-commerce • Good design & to F-stores • Complete selling load faster developers should target CRAFT incentives to stay on • Delete ads or • Use Payvment hide options millenials’ Facebook FAIR favorite • Educate users on companies privacy changes
  11. 11. References Web Pages 1. - Facebook Commerce Guide: 2. – Facebook Commerce is the New Black: 3. - 4. Developer’s Page - 5. - F-Commerce Statistics Roundup: 6. – Social Media: Selling on Facebook: 7. – Facebook Approaches a Billion Customers: 8. – Talking F-Commerce with Payvment: CRAFT FAIR
  12. 12. Thanks for Listening! Enjoy the next presentations and have a restful evening! CRAFT FAIR
  13. 13. Shopping is Social Questions Anyone?Again! CRAFT FAIR