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10 Weirdest & Wackiest Themed Restaurants

Tired of the same old dining establishments and menu items? Looking for a bit of a thrill while eating out? Here are our top ten choices for dining locations that combine the bizarre and the beautiful in their ambiance.

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10 Weirdest & Wackiest Themed Restaurants

  1. 1. 10 Weirdest & Wackiest Themed Restaurants Tired of the same old dining establishments and menu items? Looking for a bit of a thrill while eating out? Here are our top ten choices for dining locations that combine the bizarre and the beautiful in their ambience.
  2. 2. Calico (Kya-ri-ko) Cat Cafe, Tokyo Feeling the need for some feline cuddle-time? One of the first of Tokyo’s cat cafes has the fix! At the Calico Cafe, open since March 2007, you can order a tea and bury your fingers in some delicious…cat fur, on the side. Boasting of seventeen different breeds of cats and bookshelves lines with cat-related paraphernalia, Calico has achieved staggering popularity since it opened its doors. Reservations recommended!
  3. 3. Modern Toilet Restaurant, Taiwan We aren’t sure about the toilet humour of this wacky restaurant concept. The owners began by selling ice-cream in toilet-bowl shaped containers, and gained such popularity that they were able to expand into a throng of fully- fledged themed restaurants all over Taiwan and Hong Kong. Guests are seated in mock toilet-bowls, wash their hands in basins designed to look like toilet-bowls…you get the drift.
  4. 4. Dinner in the Sky, Belgium Want a truly exceptional dining experience? The folks at Dinner in the Sky can make your event a heart-thumping adventure by hoisting your party of a maximum of 22 people plus three waitsaff 50 metres off the ground in any public place, golf course, historical site, race-track, castle. or vineyard. Thus suspended in mid-air, you can have the breakfast, lunch, dinner, meeting of your life!
  5. 5. Chillout Cafe, Dubai As if an indoor ski resort in the middle of the desert weren’t enough, Dubai also boasts of a lounge entirely made of ice. The Chillout Cafe is lit by neon lights shining through cut-ice chandeliers and furnished with carved ice couches covered with fur, all maintained at 21F. Patrons are given appropriate winter gear to wear as they literally chill out, away from the desert heat.
  6. 6. ‘s Baggers, Nuremberg Tired of sloppy service and want a taste of the future? ‘s Baggers offers diners a futuristic and entirely automated dining experience right from ordering meals via touchscreens to the roller coaster-style delivery mechanism which bears the food from the kitchen on the second floor to the tables below. The kitchens however, are staffed with real people, making everything with fresh ingredients and from scratch.
  7. 7. Dans le Noir?, Paris The concept behind Dans le Noir?, dining in pitch black, assisted by visually impaired waitstaff, has been replicated the world over, including in Bangalore, with various degrees of success. The restaurant chain offers the disconcerting experience of feeling your way through dinner, relying solely on taste, smell and touch, to appreciate the food and drink. They even have a surprise menu option for the adventurous! We wonder though, about the mess patrons are likely to make, trying to eat without being able to see the wine glasses or the cutlery.
  8. 8. Clothing Optional Dinners, New York Started as a dining club by nudist activist John J. Ordover, Clothing Optional Dinners take place once a month at a different Manhattan restaurant. Diners have the pleasure of stripping down to nothing to enjoy their meal–without hot soup, just in case. The establishments chosen cover the windows to offer privacy, and the waitstaff remain fully clothed to adhere to health regulations, so you can relax and enjoy the specialities of the house in your birthday suit!
  9. 9. Waterfalls Restaurant, Villa Escudero, Philippines Want a more low-key, soothing dining experience rather than the hijinks of the other themed restaurants we’ve covered? Dine on traditional Philippine cuisine at the base of the Labassin waterfall, with your feet dipped in a few inches of the cool, refreshing runoff as it flows under the bamboo tables set right under the natural falls. A relaxing feast for all the senses!
  10. 10. Tree Pod Dining, Soneva Kiri Resort, Thailand The six-star Soneva Kiri resort is located in a pristine, almost uninhabited island, and the best views of the ancient rain forests and the spectacular shoreline can be had while dining on gourmet meals suspended in a bamboo pod 6 meters above the ground. For added drama, the acrobatic waitstaff delivers your food while swinging through the tropical foliage on zip lines!
  11. 11. The Fat Duck, Bray, UK Often voted the best restaurant in the world, Heston Blumenthal’s three-michelin- star restaurant is sure to blow you away with its focus on quirky pairings and molecular gastronomy, which produces incredibly delicious meals critics and patrons swear by. Items on the menu have included snail porridge, egg and bacon ice-cream, and leach, oak and tobacco chocolates.