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Old Photo Effects Photoshop Actions


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Photoshop actions to generate nondestructive old photo effects.

Published in: Art & Photos, Technology
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Old Photo Effects Photoshop Actions

  1. 1. How to Use Old Photo Actions It is very easy to use actions and I prepared in advance video on YouTube which will explain you everything you need to know to sucesfully run actions. To load actions in Photoshop, just double click on Old Photo.atn file. Here are some additiona informations which can help you: Althogh you can change every aspect (filter, adjustment) included in final effect I do not suggest you to change Gradient Map adjustments layer. Color values used to map colors to shadows, midtones and highlights are picked from real old photos so it is desired to keep them as they are. Do not run actions with layered in name in documents other then RGB color space (Adobe RGB (1998), sRGB IEC61966-2.1, Apple RGB...). To change color space go to Image > Mode > RGB or from Edit > Convert to Profile. Note: you can not use actions with 32bit per channel images. Here is list with changes made using Selective Color adjustment layer so you can easily find them in case you want to change something: Old Photo 1 / Yellows Old Photo 2 / Yellows Old Photo 3 / Neutrals and Whites Old Photo 4 / Reds and Yellows Old Photo 5 / Neutrals Old Photo 6 / Neutrals Old Photo 7 / Neutrals To open Selective Color Properties in Photoshop just double click icon in the Layers panel. Click on Colors drop-down list then choose: Neutrals, Reds, Yellows...
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