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Portlandfin al


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Portlandfin al

  1. 1. Air fare is Rs 58,703 for single adult with United Airlines. Date of departure is 2nd December from IGIAirport , new delhi. And date of return is 13th December, 2010.
  2. 2. Day 1 Stay is at lucia hotel. This hotel is offering 15% discount on all kind of rooms and food services till 31st December.
  3. 3. Our room type is going to be premium king. This will cost USD 173.
  4. 4. Portland hills is a one day sight seeing spot that is a 4 hour drive from main city.
  5. 5. Pearl district is famous for shopping and alcohol. Many alcohol fests are organized here.
  6. 6. Maine in Portland is famous for jet skiing. It is a famous tourist spot.
  7. 7. It takes around 2 days to visit all the parks and explore the wildlife of Portland.
  8. 8. Taxi fare in Portland is $2.30/ mile. So our total fare will come out to be $ 500( approx).
  9. 9. Downtown in Portland is famous for nightlife. EXPENDITURE: AIRFARE: $1249 HOTEL FARE: $173 TAXI FARE: $500 OTHER EXPENSES LIKE SHOPPING ETC: $500 TOTAL: $2422