Luck, lean and letting go


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Slides I gave in a talk about how luck and chance play more of a role in our business lives than we all care to acknowledge

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Luck, lean and letting go

  1. 1. flux[x] LUCK, LEAN AND LETTING GO Playing the percentage game in product development[x] fluxx
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  6. 6. “General agreement among researchers that nearly all stock pickers, whether they know it or not – and few of them do – are playing a game of chance.”[x] fluxx
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  19. 19. flux[x] Letting go…[x] fluxx
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  22. 22. "The alternate name we came up with for 500 Startups was fail factory,‘…... "Were here trying to manufacture fail on a regular basis, and we think thats how you learn. Getting used to that, bouncing back from that, being able to figure out what people hate and turn that into what people love...if youre not willing to take the risk of failing and not experience failure, youre never going to figure out what the right path is to success."[x] fluxx
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  24. 24. “…….people don’t want to acknowledge the role played by accident in heir lives, there is a reason for this, the world doesn’t want to recognise it either”[x] fluxx
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