G.H.O.S.T. Matrix


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7 step process to understand goals and objectives to set social business strategy

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G.H.O.S.T. Matrix

  1. 1. G.H.O.S.T. Matrix ™ Understanding Marketing and Communications ROI “It is of the highest importance in the art of detection to be able to recognize, out of a number of facts, which are incidental and which vital. Otherwise your energy and attention must be dissipated instead of being concentrated.” Sherlock Holmes, “The Reigate Puzzle,” 1893 Q4 Q3 Q2 Q1 Current Goals Hosts Objectives Strategies Targets Current Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Develop conversations relating to brand values Cinema – long form ad e.g. reach Brand awareness Allow stakeholders to shape the brand Radio e.g. reach Brand equity Communicate brand Number of brand values Outdoor e.g. reach partnerships Broadcast Accurately reflect internal culture Print e.g. reach NPS Brand Marketing Brand awareness in product cycle lows TV e.g. reach Brand recall Change / improve / reposition brand Internet e.g. reach Category preference Emotional connection with brand Mobile e.g. reach Sales (all channels) Optimise ATL campaign creative Editorial inserts e.g. reach Endorsement e.g. reach Margin Sponsorship e.g. reach Direct marketing costs Target specific customer segments Product placement e.g. reach Offline PR Visitors Develop more individual, (all media b/e/o) tailored communications Awards e.g. number of Visitors (earned media) Build / improve a loyalty programme Direct Marketing New store openings e.g. attendees Average revenue per user Build / improve customer database Product demos e.g. reach Basket size More effective website Employee engagement e.g. number of users (e.g. personal buyers) Lifetime value Optimise media buying Packaging e.g. reach Material Customer acquisition cost Point of sale e.g. reach Samples Marketing related Improved understanding e.g. reach Natural search rankings of relevant topics Search Marketing Print vouchers e.g. redemptions Develop more effective Direct Reduce paid search costs content for SEO Loyalty e.g. lifetime value Phone prospecting e.g. sales Make affiliates more effective Number of affiliates Customer support in e.g. Number of issues Improve communication social networks resolved Affiliate Marketing with affiliates Affiliate traffic Augmented reality e.g. App usage numbers Provide affiliates with more engaging content Geo location services e.g. Number of check ins Social gaming e.g. Active users Identify brand advocates e.g. Number of E-vouchering redemptions Address negative issues more effectively Group buying e.g. Size of orders Increase visibility of advocates e.g. Number of Buying clubs participants Platform Make stories more ` engaging Presence on personal e.g. Number of active social networks users Increase influence over impactful earned media Presence on business e.g. Number of social networks participants in forum Seed stories across Advocacy Influencer impactful earned media Presence on micro Marketing blogging e.g. Retweets Brand visibility on Share of voice (PR) impactful earned media Fast publishing e.g. Number of embeds (video, text, audio, webinars) Create / nurture advocates Maintain wiki e.g. Unique visitors Identify and track topics Product / audience e.g. number of active Begin / improve campaign discussion community users pre-testing Crisis management e.g. drill readiness Communicate stories (protocols / content) faster and better Social bookmarking e.g. Downstream traffic Manage reviews Conversation e.g. Conversion rate of intervention capability traffic Respond / manage e.g. Conversion rates Improve customer service reviews products with reviews experience Contact waiting time Develop “application e.g. Number of new Service customers in labs” capability applications Process channel of choice Return rates e.g. Number of visits Create visible advocacy on Content curating Customer resolved issues e.g. Number of Cost to serve service Flash mobs Develop customer service attendees self-serve mechanism Response times e.g. Number of resulting Meme tracking Positive customer service live ideas mentions # self-serving Crowd source NPD e.g. Number of Customer service platform actionable ideas satisfaction Online community e.g. Number of active research group participants Forum for self-serve e.g. Number of resolved Increase stakeholder customer support queries Time to market participation in NPD Product personalisation / e.g. Products in gallery Product development customisation Improve existing products cost Product 3D printing e.g. Products created Use NPD to develop Participation in NPD Development advocacy e.g. Number of product Recruit users to beta test Insight into product use & fCommerce likes products perception e.g. Basket size Outside Marketing Negative mentions of Understand future mCommerce product customer requirements gCommerce e.g. Dwell times Technology Integrate social features e.g. Number of users Improve metrics and into physical stores reporting IM chat e.g. Basket size increase Communicate more efficiently internally Length of meetings Social elements in existing e.g. app usage Define roles of existing ecommerce social media resource Employee satisfaction sCRM into technology e.g. Fractal breadth scores Create integrated stack database campaigns Share price Build and maintain API e.g. Calls per day Employee satisfaction Become more data driven scores Create integrated Operations e.g. Number of Headcount campaigns Social Q&A Understand threats and questions posed ops better Aggregated / “to e.g. Conversion rates Marketing budget ROI Maintain marketing > purchase” analytics from off platform links comms > content plans Integrate reviews into e.g. Product conversion Employee retention rates Develop community owned media rates management processes Maintain measurement scorecard Guidelines / policy / crisis management protocolsAll © Human Digital 2011 www.human-digital.com