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Football World Cup 2010 strategies


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Football World Cup 2010 strategies

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Football World Cup 2010 strategies

  1. 1. The English Plan Depending on the wind, the striker’s position may vary…
  2. 2. The German Plan Radical, efficient, unstoppable… (ball’s speed may reach 297 km/h)
  3. 3. The Italian Plan Iron defense, small ideas in midfield, passes to striker..and…Penalty
  4. 4. The Brasilian Plan … no comments!
  5. 5. The Swiss Plan They manage to lose the game by themselves, no help needed.
  6. 6. The French Plan In their plan, they try all possible hypotesis. Shit! They forgot the goal
  7. 7. The Turkish Plan Note: the red dot is not the ball, it’s the referee.
  8. 8. The Saudi Plan WALLAHI… NO COMMENTS AT ALL!
  9. 9. The Egyptian Plan No Plan…but we are trying hard!!!
  10. 10. The INDIAN Plan Stay at home and watch the others on TV!…...