The Insider’s Guideto Savings AngelLet My Experience MultiplyYour SavingsBy Rayven PerkinsPermission is granted to distrib...
About the Author                                   Rayven Perkins is the author/webmaster of                              ...
Let’s get started with a little game of pretend. We meet at the local grocery store on aSunday morning and I tell you that...
If you aren’t sure about taking Savings Angel as your partner in savings, use my adviceand experience to help you make tha...
I don’t miss as many local deals or fall out of couponing nearly as often now, and thatmainly has to do with my use of Sav...
Once I print my list, I know exactly what stores I want to hit, what I want to buy in eachstore, what coupons I need for e...
This system offers the best of both worlds. You understand how to get savings withcoupons and could do it on your own if y...
Once you sign up for the service, you take the first month to learn your way around thesystem and start putting it to use....
You don’t have to be a paying member of the service to “like” their page and take part inmany of their fun promotions. Thi...
I know what it is like to feel overwhelmed with other things in life and push couponingoff. When I get my weekly newslette...
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Extreme Couponing 101 Website, Savings Angel, Offers an Insiders Guide


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Extreme couponing 101 website, Savings Angel, offers an insider’s guide on how to best use is an exclusive membership site that gives the community the ability to print their own grocery coupons.

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Extreme Couponing 101 Website, Savings Angel, Offers an Insiders Guide

  1. 1. The Insider’s Guideto Savings AngelLet My Experience MultiplyYour SavingsBy Rayven PerkinsPermission is granted to distribute this publication to your friendsor associates as you see fit as long as you do not change or alterthe document in any way.DISCLAIMER AND/OR LEGAL NOTICES:The info in this ebook expresses the views of the author at the time it was published. Because conditionschange (rapidly), the author reserves the right to alter/update her opinion as time goes by. This report isfor informational purposes only, and should not be substituted for legal advice. If needed, please contacta legal professional in your jurisdiction for legal advice. Every attempt has been made to verify allinformation contained in this report, but the author is not responsible for any inaccuracies. Make sure youare aware of any laws regarding business transactions and practices in your city/state/country. 1 © 2012, Rayven Perkins, All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. About the Author Rayven Perkins is the author/webmaster of a website which focuses on the three critical strategies to surviving off one-income in a two-income society:  Reduce Expenses  Stretch Your Dollar  Supplement Income Rayven has stayed home with her children for over 11 years. She is a webmaster, wife, work-at-home, homeschooling mom to two preteens, four-time surrogate mother, network marketingprofessional, and online instructor where she teaches a course showing peopleworldwide how to create websites, like hers, that work.Her flagship website, Stay a Stay at Home Mom, features a variety of resources that aredesigned to help each mom find her unique path towards staying home.From Extreme Couponing and Frugality to Mystery Shopping and Direct Sales, momscan feel confident that the information contained on the site, presented in a no-nonsense, honest way, can help them achieve their goals.Sign up for updates from Stay a Stay at Home Mom and receive free information onways to save money and make money in order to stay a stay at home mom: 2 © 2012, Rayven Perkins, All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. Let’s get started with a little game of pretend. We meet at the local grocery store on aSunday morning and I tell you that I just got my free fifty dollars from the newspaper.You look a bit confused, so I inform you that you could go buy a paper and get fiftydollars free as well. You rush across the store and find the newspapers, peeking intothe middle section to verify that in fact fifty dollars in cash is tucked inside. You buy thepaper and collect your groceries from the aisles. Rather than paying a $150 at theregister, you only have to pay $100.If this were to really happen, what would you be doing every Sunday after our meeting?Probably buying a paper to see how much free money you could collect for anotherweek of groceries, right? That is exactly what I hope will happen from us meeting heretoday. I hope to turn my years of couponing experience into enhanced savings for yourfamily.While this is just a fun game of pretend, you can in fact find free money sitting in thenewspaper every Sunday. In fact, if you are really ambitious you can actually find a lotmore free money online. You just have to find it and print it out!If you guessed that the free money is in the form of coupons…you are very smart! I seecoupons as cash. They are free money handed out every single week for those whotake the time to find them and use them. If you learn how to match those coupons upwith sales and discounted prices offered through your local stores, you could make outeven better than in our pretend meeting above. You could perhaps spend $150 thisweek and only pay $30 at the register. You could get that $100 cart of groceriescompletely free next week.Don’t write it off until you have tried it! It seems too good to be true, but it has happenedto me and it could happen to you. Coupons are cash. Never forget that.Most people would make a point to track down the coupons if they were in fact crispgreen bills, but only the true bargain hunters who want to save as much money aspossible will take the time to find the best coupons and match them up to the bestbargains at local stores week after week. If you would like to be one of those truebargain hunters but don’t have the time to do all of the coupon hunting, clipping, andbargain shopping every week, Savings Angel will become your partner in savings.I know what it is like to be a coupon beginner. I know what it is like to feel thatdesperation to cut back on expenses so you can stay home with your children, or soyou can simply feed your children every day!I also know what it is like to be a devoted bargain hunter and coupon clipper. I know thatfeeling of tracking down a good deal and the elation of walking out of a store withhundreds of dollars of products without actually paying for them—and without beinglocked up for theft because it is all legit! 3 © 2012, Rayven Perkins, All Rights Reserved
  4. 4. If you aren’t sure about taking Savings Angel as your partner in savings, use my adviceand experience to help you make that decision. I learned how to save with coupons thehard way, but I don’t want you to have to do that. That is why I put together this list often insider tips on Savings Angel. I hope my experience with couponing in general, andthe program specifically, will help you decide whether this is the Angel you have beenlooking for or not.#1: Savings Angel transforms coupon shopping from scrambled eggs to awell formed omeletBefore I started using Savings Angel, coupon shopping was much like makingscrambled eggs. I had to “scramble” for ten or more hours some weeks just to find thebest bargains in my community, locate coupons to match up to those bargains, and thenorganize all of those coupons so I could get in and out of the store without diggingaround like the crazy coupon lady.Don’t get me wrong. I am not above holding up the line while the cashier scans awhopper load of coupons into the system. I just like to save as much of everyone’s timeas possible by having my coupons neatly organized and ready for that scanningmarathon. It takes time. I am never going to lie about that. It just doesn’t have to takenearly as much time when you use Savings Angel for coupon management.In those days, there were many periods of time when I fell out of couponing completely.Life was simply too busy and complicated to be scrambling eggs!When I first found Savings Angel, I was offered free access in exchange for aprofessional review. I had my doubts as to whether the world really needed anothercoupon management system, but I was impressed with what I found. I think of thesystem as taking all of those loose scrambled egg pieces and pressing them togetherinto a neatly folded omelet.Omelets are much easier to eat, because the messy parts are contained inside. SavingsAngel is like the egg that holds all the messy parts of couponing together.You don’t have to scramble around to find the best deals in your local area, becausethey do that for you. You don’t have to find coupons to match up to those deals,because they tell you where the coupons are. All you have to do is fetch the couponsand organize them for your shopping trip. The scramble has been taken out of theequation. 4 © 2012, Rayven Perkins, All Rights Reserved
  5. 5. I don’t miss as many local deals or fall out of couponing nearly as often now, and thatmainly has to do with my use of Savings Angel. I prefer my coupon omelet to the olddays of scrambled eggs!#2: I have never seen a service as inclusive as Savings Angel.One of the things that impressed me right away was the number of stores covered bySavings Angel. I was able to find all of my favorite stores in their system, except for onelocal store that is not nationwide. This means they can scout out the deals from all of myfavorites, while I just keep track of that one store on my own. How convenient!Whether you like to shop at little stores like Walgreens or big grocery chains like Kroger,you will probably find most of your favs in their system as well. I have scouted out manysimilar programs, and I can affirm that there are no other services with this selection ofstores. If you know of one that has a better selection, let me know!You may even find out about new coupon-friendly stores in your local area once youstart looking through the directory offered at Savings Angel. Rather than looking throughall of those stores on your own each week, you let the Angel do it for you. How manyhours could that spare you in a month? That is an interesting question to ponder.#3: Lists are a girl’s best friend.Diamonds are great, but lists have officially become this girl’s best friend. I have been inthis amazing love affair with the printable listing feature included with Savings Angel forquite some time now, and the passion isn’t dying out!I can quickly pour through all of the bargains they have found for me, click the box nextto the ones that I want to take advantage of, and then allow the system to compile aconvenient list that I can print out. This is a great organizational tool that saves me tonsof time every week. This one feature has taken the hassle and scramble out ofcouponing for me.The system generates a list that includes all of the following:  Store Names  Specific Deals  Matching Coupons  Expected Savings 5 © 2012, Rayven Perkins, All Rights Reserved
  6. 6. Once I print my list, I know exactly what stores I want to hit, what I want to buy in eachstore, what coupons I need for each store, and how much I will save from each store.On those occasions that a store will actually pay me to take the products off their hands,my list will tell me how much I should make on that deal.Forget about scrambling eggs, right? I don’t have to scramble around to put all of thistogether myself, because Savings Angel will do the scramble for me and present it in aconvenient list that prints and slips into my pocketbook quickly. That’s like the garnishsitting attractively on the plate next to my omelet!#4: The insider secrets are on blast with Savings Angel.It is expected that a system like Savings Angel would offer instructional videos on howto use all elements of their service. Every coupon management system wants you tounderstand how to use the system. Otherwise, you won’t remain a customer of thesystem for long.What took me by surprise with this particular system is that they don’t just offerinstructions on how to get the most from their service. They also want to make sure theircustomers have confidence walking into their local stores to claim their bargains. Inorder to feel that confidence, you have to understand how couponing works.Savings Angel does a lot of the work for you, so they don’t have to take that extra stepto make sure you understand what they are doing. They could, like so many of theircompetitors, keep that a secret so you will not get the idea of doing it all for yourself andcutting them out of the deal. Yet, they don’t do that. They offer complete training on howcouponing works so you understand what you are doing when you walk into the storewith that weekly printout and your coupons.There is no such thing as insider secrets with Savings Angel! They put the secrets ofsaving with coupons on full blast, so all of their customers are in the loop. Theircompetitors might not like this, but I love it.This is something I wish I had access to when I first started using coupons. I would nothave made so many mistakes and lost out on so many great deals had I known whatSavings Angel is teaching about the coupon industry.For those just starting out with coupons, I think their coupon primer is enough reason onits own to sign up for Savings Angel. You will waste weeks if not months of your timesearching for this information online at various websites. Why do that when you canlearn it all in one place and then allow the system to do the majority of the scramblingfor you? 6 © 2012, Rayven Perkins, All Rights Reserved
  7. 7. This system offers the best of both worlds. You understand how to get savings withcoupons and could do it on your own if you had the time and desire. Yet, you get all oftheir help so you don’t have to do it on your own.#5: You are never on your own with Savings Angel.I have already admitted to having my doubts about this service when I first heard of it,but all of that doubt was wiped away the moment I learned of their Angel Mentorprogram. I signed up for the service and took a look around, and was impressed just onthe merits of the listing system and the amount of training material they provide forthose new to couponing. So, it was a complete surprise when a very friendly girl namedRae called me up a few days later.Rae is my Angel Mentor. It was her job to welcome me to the neighborhood and makesure I knew my way around. Not only was she available to answer any of my questionsabout the service, but she was open to answering questions about couponing in generalas well. I had never seen anything like this offered from competing services, and it cameas a big surprise. I wasn’t charged anything extra for this courtesy call, or for any of theother conversations I have since had with Rae.Every new Savings Angel customer is matched to an Angel Mentor. For someone whohas been using coupons for years and just wants the organizational and time savingbenefits of using this type of service, the mentorship program may not seem like such abig deal. For someone who is just getting started and needs to learn more about theprocess of couponing, the mentorship program is a valuable gift.It is inevitable that you will have questions after going through the training informationprovided through Savings Angel. Rather than sending an email to a random person andwaiting for a response (if you even get one), you can just ask those questions directly toyour mentor. You get instant answers without searching anywhere else to fill in theblanks.#6: Entrapment is not the name of the game.Have you ever signed up for a service and later felt like you were entrapped? I knowthat I have in the past! They make it so difficult to cancel your membership that youalmost want to just keep paying so you don’t have to waste your time jumping throughthe hoops. This is always something I think about when I sign up for any new service,but it is not a problem with Savings Angel. 7 © 2012, Rayven Perkins, All Rights Reserved
  8. 8. Once you sign up for the service, you take the first month to learn your way around thesystem and start putting it to use. You get to see how it all comes together and howmuch time it saves you. If you decide that it is a great service and you fall in love withthe community as I did in my first month, they give you the second month of serviceFREE! You get to stick around and hang out with us in the forums, but you don’t have topay again until the third month.If you decide that you aren’t saving enough time or money by using the system, thenyou are free to cancel and get a full refund on that first month of membership. There areno questions asked and no hoops to jump through. It is very easy to cancel themembership, recoup the money, and go on your merry way.This is something I really love about Savings Angel. They are completely open andhonest with their policies. They are not trying to rope in customers with deceptivetechniques and they don’t hold anyone hostage. If you decide you don’t want to remaina member of the family, then the family releases you right away. You have the integrityto decide what is right for your money, and you can come or go whenever it suits you.#7: There is a large, very active Savings Angel community waiting withopen arms.This is something you wouldn’t ordinarily find out about until you officially became amember, but I wanted to fill you in on it right now. There are many other people usingSavings Angel, and they have formed a lively community connecting daily through theSavings Angel forums. I felt welcomed right into the family when I first joined, and havegained tons of valuable information over the years of my membership.I am still very active there, and I love answering questions and helping new membersdiscover their passion for couponing. If you become a member, you may see mearound…be sure to say hello! I would love to be among the first to welcome you into theSavings Angel community.#8: The community goes viral.The Savings Angel Facebook page is just an extension of the family meetings that takeplace in the forums every single day. I love Facebook and am on there for personal andbusiness reasons all the time. I especially love to network with Savings Angel becausethey offer special promotions and contests that provide entertainment and occasionallya prize. 8 © 2012, Rayven Perkins, All Rights Reserved
  9. 9. You don’t have to be a paying member of the service to “like” their page and take part inmany of their fun promotions. This is a great way to get familiar with some of the biggestnames in the community and learn more about what the service could add to yourbargain hunting adventures. If you are thinking about signing up even a little, start byhitting that like button and seeing what they have to offer on the networking front.Once you become a paying member of the community, you can also use yourFacebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networking accounts to take advantage ofthe next insider tip to follow below.#9: Refer your friends and save even more.The referral program is something easy to overlook, but I suggest you work it just asyou would work a stack of coupons. Turn the program into even more savings. Youcould end up with a free membership to Savings Angel, imagine that!When you print out that weekly list of savings for all of your favorite stores, there will bea section on the bottom with all of your membership details. You can tear that off andhand it someone else in the grocery store, and if they sign up it is payday for you! If youcan get enough people to sign up, then you can have a completely free membershipwhich saves you even more money.You would be surprised how many people are ready to start saving more money, even ifit means clipping coupons. If you are interested in a program like Savings Angel,imagine how many other people out there would be interested in it as well.You can also promote Savings Angel through your social networking accounts, and youknow how many of your friends and colleagues could use a time and money savingprogram like this. Brag about it a little and you may be shocked to see how many othersjump on board with you.#10: Savings Angel is my motivator!I saved this for last, because it might not resonate with everyone. If you ever just need abit of motivation to get up and find those bargains, I believe Savings Angel will give youthat kick in the rear end when needed. 9 © 2012, Rayven Perkins, All Rights Reserved
  10. 10. I know what it is like to feel overwhelmed with other things in life and push couponingoff. When I get my weekly newsletter from Savings Angel and see all of the amazingdeals happening at stores around me, I am energized and ready to bargain shop. I amreminded that couponing is a great opportunity to provide for my family without stressingout the bank account.Not only does Savings Angel provide that motivating weekly newsletter detailingbargains I could be out taking advantage of, but they also give me sneak peeks at dealsthat may be coming up next week. I can always depend on this service to help me finddeals that I am sure I would miss on my own.Whew! I have officially told you everything that I know about using Savings Angel tomanage your couponing activity and make sure you never again miss a great deal.Take a deep breath. Get the kids happy with their toys or down for a nap. Poursomething to drink and get comfy in your chair, the couch, or the front porch swing. Goback over my insider secrets if you feel the need, and then head on over to SavingsAngel to see what you think.I do hope my insider information on this service will make it easier for you to decidewhether it is right for you. Yet, I know that my opinion is only secondary to your ownfirsthand opinion. Give it a try for the first month, and see what you think. If you decide itisn’t right for you, remember entrapment is not the name of the game! You are free tojump out of the community and get your money back…or you are also free to stickaround and take your second month FREE!Start Your Trial Month at Savings Angel Now 10 © 2012, Rayven Perkins, All Rights Reserved