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Mamata banerjee violation of human rights in west bengal

Mamata Banerjee, is a gross violater of human rights, of Hindu community and political opponents. The recent elections (in 2018) show the magnitude and brazenness of the violations. For long time, her minority appeasement policies has literally cleansed Hindus from across several Muslim majority districts in West Bengal.

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Mamata banerjee violation of human rights in west bengal

  1. 1. Hindu American community is outraged at Mamata Banerjee invited as ‘Guest of Honor’ by Vedanta Society on Aug 24th, 2018 event in Chicago!!!
  2. 2.  In recent times West Bengal has witnessed grave violation of human rights, mass killings political opponents and subversion of democracy, under the complete control of Mamata Banerjee, using her Administrative Control!!  This murder of democracy has affected millions who see ordinary citizens’ sufferings under her dictatorial regime!We present to you the following facts with reference from authentic media sources!!  We are providing some of these horrible pictures of murdering of democracy in recent West Bengal elections…. Where Mamata's appeasement policies have been causing major displacement of Dalit and backward caste Hindus across several districts in West Bengal caused by Islamists riots!!!  Many minor Dalit/BC Hindu girls are enticed and either discarded after having children or worse sold into red light districts because of Islamist agenda. In fact, after a hapless father was desperately trying to save his daughter we held protests across multiple cities in United States and forced Mamata Government to take action. During that time, when Mamata visited UK, activists initiated legal action to arrest her for human rights violations. Our homeland USA is an epitome of democracy and it feels really strange that our beloved city Chicago would choose such a personality, with a backdrop of major murder of Indian democracy…… Synopsis
  3. 3. The hands and legs of the political opposition party (CPIM) candidate (Debu Das) and his wife were tied and burnt alive!! blamed-2614810 asks-ec-to-intervene-5175976/
  4. 4. Women members of the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) were heckled, molested, raped and made to wear garlands of shoes and do sit ups publicly as punishment…. office-5183775/ trinamool/story-xEyxs644ZSoFEw0GCngpMI.html
  5. 5. 26 people were killed in election-related political violence under her watch!!
  6. 6. One third of the seats won by her party Trinamool Congress (TMC) without the opposition being able to put up candidates due to extreme fear mongering by the ruling administration and the party…. history/articleshow/63965895.cms RnbSM6KyJX49yF7smHGJwI.html banerjee-5157184/
  7. 7. The presiding officer conducting the election was picked up from his office and body chopped into pieces!! officer-found-1235130-2018-05-17 newsbhar/mamtakillsdemocracy+polling+officer+of+wb+panchayat+election+found+dead+on+railway+tracks-newsid- 88036141
  8. 8. Ballot papers with votes in favor of the opposition were found in a pond and the video went viral!! pond-118051400381_1.html 4RDuvg0si4GfMu13QeBM7L.html
  9. 9. Mass scale rigging reported with videos of mass stamping of the ballot in favor of ruling party candidates going viral …. camera-1854222
  10. 10. ISIS style killing has started against opposition where 2 opposition party (BJP) supporters were kidnapped and hanged to death in one of the district name Purulia!! stuck-on-back-calls-it-punishment-1821538.html message/story-iT7dGczwwQcGqlmVwkspeM.html 2621284
  11. 11. Mamata Banerjee – Terrorism, Human Trafficking and Ethnic Cleansing for power!!
  12. 12. Ethnic Cleansing of Hindus and supporting Jihad…..
  13. 13. Can American Politicians who pride themselves in promoting democratic institutions throughout the world and stand for fundamental human values, align themselves with a political leader, under whose eyes serious human rights violations are taking place and fundamental democratic rights of ordinary citizens have been subverted…..