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Experiments with water


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Experiments with water

  2. 2. ● This experiments were made by children five to 7 years old. ● They used their knowledge about water to make predictions. ● Some times their predictions were right, some times were wrong. ● They recorded their discoveries in worksheets ● We related the experiments with nature facts, like water cycle, river pollution...
  3. 3. This term we have learned many things about water. Let's see...
  4. 4. Tap water is a liquid: it has the shape of the container The glasses are different but the amount of water is the same
  5. 5. When you put water in the freezer it becomes ice. Ice is solid.
  6. 6. You can't take liquid water in your hands, but you can take ice. It's cold!
  7. 7. When you heat water on the fire, you get steem. Water steem is vapour
  8. 8. If you cover boiling water with a cold dish you can get rain in the kitchen.
  9. 9. You can't hold water steam. It flies into the air. Water steam is hot
  10. 10. Some things float on the water and some sink
  11. 11. The cork, the wooden spoon, the pencil and the plastic ruler float. The metal spoon, the sharpener and the rubber sink. Some materials are lighter than water some are heavier.
  12. 12. Some things mix with water, some not. We checked several things:
  13. 13. Sawdust doesn't mix with water
  14. 14. Oil never mixes with water, you can stir, and stir... but it always goes up. It floats on the water.
  15. 15. Oil is very difficult to clean when it reaches rivers or the sea.
  16. 16. Vinegar mixes with water
  17. 17. You can mix honey with water, but after a while it settles down
  18. 18. Sugar melts in water and it disappears
  19. 19. Salt also melts in water and disappears.
  20. 20. This way you get salty water
  21. 21. If you put an egg into fresh water, it sinks.
  22. 22. If you put it into salty water, it floats.
  23. 23. We put a few drops of food coloring into fresh water
  24. 24. Then, we poured the coloured fresh water onto the salty water. What happened? The fresh water floats on the salty water because it is lighter.